30 July, 2008

The unexpected visitor…

I went for Editorial Board candid shots, hence did not attend Mr. A’s class of first period. During the second period, Cheekuan told us that Pn. Bidah was in our class at that moment. I was like, “Oh myyy… why?”. I quickly clipped my hair like an aunty =.=” and went down to the lab. While we were on the way, JJ saw us and told us that Pn. Bidah was indeed next door in our class. Yaya I knew it =X then she told us to ‘pretend’ LOLz, to pretend to be a good girl and be disciplined LOL. So I went into the lab, seeing her ‘teaching’ people to do the experiment.

While others were busy with their own stuff…

Me: Hey why did she come to our class today?
Mr. A: I also don’t know. I was also surprised to see her in my class just now.
Me: [pause] *don’t tell me youuuuu don’t know???
Mr. A: She didn’t say anything to me, and as for me, I also don’t know what she wants.
Me: Err… Is she doing *something to you?
Mr. A: Nono, she is not going to *do that to me. Plus I will be shifting to another school soon. It’s Bukit….
Me: Bukit what?? Bukit Jalil? Bukit Bandaraya?
Mr. A: Oh of course not =]
Me: Aww…

Is he really leaving? Although Mr. A [that’s the name Miss Sim gave to him =X =X] didn’t teach well like other *ordinary teacher, but he still does his job… As what Miss Vun said, we should understand what’s his problem before judging him and giving him so much complaints

*Whatever you say now is no longer important to me anymore... I will never listen to you anymore~

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