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05 January, 2009

01 05 2009~

“Wake up now, or else you will be late for the first day of school AGAIN!”, said Mum. Yea… In 2008, I have broken the record of the year that I was late for school for uncountable times =X So today I must make myself to get up earlier and freshen up before walking to school. “Ahhhh!” I realized that I grew FAT in these two months :( My librarian skirt now become kinda tight fitting, if you notice T_T. My sis even said that I would tear the skirt if I have extreme movement at school =.=

Sent a text message to BestieLimei, wishing her Happy Birthday!!!

Stepped into the school gate right at the time the bell rang. The first person I met was DaddyLoke :D With his presence at the very first moment, I thought it would turn out great on the first schooling day of the year.

DaddyLoke: Hey. How did you enjoy your holiday last months?
Fishyyy: Ermmm I enjoyed myself at Kasturi everyday xD
DaddyLoke: Oh my… are you insane? You mean you had been going for tuition classes everyday in the past two months??
Fishyyy: Ermmm precisely, I went there everyday except Thursday and Friday.
DaddyLoke: Ohhh…how pitiful. You should get yourself a chance to unwind yourself.
Fishyyy: Yea schooldays are the days of me relaxing =X. The other tuition days now will be stressful ones.

The assembly time. I was chatting with SoonYuen non-stop =.=” I knew our voices were loud that time, luckily nobody came to give us warning or something like that =X. *yawn* The VIPs gave speeches, one followed by another. And our new headmistress, Pn. Rohana seemed great :D She looked nice, BUT every teacher was saying that she was strict and serious when doing work.

Finally… back to class, back to the same old place I was sitting for the past whole year. The only thing changed was that there was no more Sunny and Lord sitting behind me. It is now Carol and Joey’s turn sitting there, and there would be more laughter in the year I guessed xD.

Our monitor remained as Mr. Khoo =D I was thinking bout MerV actually, he supposed to sit beside him like last year, BUT too bad… Sadly, Kwan Yew told me that he didn’t miss MerV at all :(

Mervin had left us, and here comes another guy named Amir. He IS smart, everyone in the class knows this. I wanted to approach and talk to him today xD, but I guessed he was a shy, quiet guy… So forget my thought :)

Recess time :D The same old food at canteen bored me =.= The stalls were just like that, nothing unordinary, nothing spectacular…

Civic period bored me the MOST in the entire day. Ms. Vun no longer teaches us this year, and it was replaced by a new, pregnant teacher, Pn. Fazlulaini[long name eh?]. I didn’t really enjoy her presence here =X [You WILL hear more bout her in future, I promised]… Hopefully she would leave us before 27 April [her scheduled date of giving birth].

Finally FREE-d from the boring class = = I went out for a brisk walk, and met Mr. A :D

FiShyy: Cikgu…
Mr. A: Kenape?
FiShyy: Kenape cikgu tak ajar kita lagi?
Mr. A: Kan budak kelas kamu tak suka saye?
FiShyy: Har? Tak de lar =X tapi…cikgu masih ade ajar Bio kan?
Mr. A: Ya… Saye ajar 5F dan 5H je…

T_T He dumped us, when he is still going to teach the other two classes. I know he may not be a great teacher, but he IS better than our current teacher now…

12.00 noon:
History class. Nice meeting her again xD. Since it is new year, she set up a new rule as well LOL. Although she would never remember my name at all, I still got questioned by her at the very first lesson of the year T_T…

Luckily there was no extra class today =X.
The entire school day ended just like that >.<
However it was not that bad I had imagined.
FUN is yet to come, day by day =D

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