04 January, 2009

Yep. Tomorrow is the day when we have to start facing the teachers, the same old place, and getting used to all sorts of dramatic scenes once again. And even before school reopens, I have gone for two days tuition classes. Life has gone back to the boring routine--- tuition, school, exams, co-curricular activities, blablabla--- as if I have just being thrown out from the 2 months colorful dreams [Sorry, I colored words AGAIN. I thought this would be a black&white post actually]

No more going to Times Square once a week.
No more going to his house, laughing till get high xD.
No more 'yum cha' at anytime I want.
No more playing outdoors as if the whole world belongs to us.
No more staying up late to midnight.
No more facing the computer for hours everyday.
No more concentrating on Pet Society.
No more blogging everyday.
No more hanging out everyday.
It sound more like NO MORE fun in the year :(

The only things left are:
  • SPM [coming nearer day by day!!]
  • School during weekdays [sounds way TOO boring]
  • Tuition during weekends
  • The high school dramas
  • Tanrumpts of life
  • Gossips ; books ; blaaaaaaas

Oh God, I hope it doesn't turn out as bad as I'd thought...hopefully there will still be laughters in class, sweet smiles from you, the jokes and the pranks xD!! At least I prayed hard not to be Jane the dull girl =X. And most importantly... I'd try my best to love my class once again, although MerV has left us :( I still managed to wish him good luck when I met him just now, he was sad in his heart, I knew. But we should always think bout it positively right? Which means we should ALWAYS wish him all the best, and I believed he will never forget us :)

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