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18 June, 2012

Fatty Mok Yong Tau Foo @ Salak South Garden

Todae's evening meal takes place at Salak South, Kuala Lumpur. From a small hawker stall along a back alley, now the Fatty Mok Restaurant becomes a two-shoplot restaurants specializing in Hakka Yong Yau Foo. Not to mention, perhaps he has grown fatter as well. 

The restaurant is amongst the popular ones in the hawker arena, with its specialty in the ever famous Yong Tau Foo, with over 20 varieties of stuffed fish paste. It will not be any hassle because all yong tau foo offered here can be served in soup or deep-fried.

Similar to other Chinese restaurants, the humble home-cooked dishes ranging from delicate chickens and fishes to pleasant broth of soups can be found here too. I scan through the simple menu while impatiently waiting for someone to take order as the customers easily outnumbers the waiters hired there. 

The ambiance is comparable to traditional coffee shops or hawker food stalls but I'm satisfied with the cleanliness there.

#1 Stuffed Yong Tau Foo in Soup 

These few pieces of yong tau foo stuffed with fish paste are made from securely-guarded traditional Hakka recipes. Priced at RM 1 each, the portion is slightly smaller than I'd have expected.

#2 Deep-Fried Yong Tau Foo

Of all, my all-time favourite is the crispy beancurd sheets (Foo Pei) with minimal filling of fish paste in between. Despite of the oily surface, its crispiness is simply irresistible! 

#3 Curry Noodles

The  sweet-spicy curry with just the right amount of coconut milk is so thick that I can taste every bit of it clinging on the noodles! While the noodles came with clams, stuffed tau foo pok, bean sprouts as well as pig skin, the shop is also generous with the amount of chicken cutlets.

#4 Pork Innards Porridge (猪杂粥)

Also, from the appealing menu at the restaurant, I ordered this bowl of congee with the mixture of pork intestines and liver. Although the porridge is not too smooth and fragrant but the ingredients comes in good amount that makes the congee more flavoursome than ever.

#5 Dried Meehoon with Minced Meat 

I always prefer meehoon to rice, so I've ordered dried meehoon which appeared to be in diluted oyster sauce. I'd probably avoid this in my next visit. 

Overall, this meal is just enough for 4 persons, and it costs only RM28.
What a good bargain!

1. The curry noodle is highly recommended!
2. Initially vying to try the REAL Hakka Yong Tau Foo, but it is yet to be an authentic one.
3. With its fame and prestigious name around the neighbourhood, such good eats housed in such dilapidated shacks are still popular in KL.

Restaurant Fatty Mok Yong Tau Foo
AS-27, Jalan Hang Tuah 3,
Salak South Garden,
57100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7981 4888

Disclaimer: Pictures taken using Samsung Galaxy S Plus.


  1. I love Yong tau foo & curry noodles, the restaurant was nearby my uncle's house. Will go to try it with my cousins! :)

  2. ooo, the curry mee looks very tasty. a lot of cockles in it! :D

  3. I am lloving those gorgeous noodles :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. the size and price of the yong tau fu has gone up and it's not as good as previous anymore.. I used to eat here when they are in smaller scale.. btw, try the satay there, YUMMY!

  5. Yong tau foo, my husband's favourite and our first dating food. hahahaha! I have lots of memory in Yong tau foo.

  6. The restaurant name is quite funny, hehe :D

    I love yong tau foo!

  7. i prefer the one near my area one :3

  8. Oh quite cheap eh? I want the curry noodles!

  9. yup i think the curry noodles is nice..

  10. .... This post just made me hungry... Haha...

  11. Aiya, you didn't take Mr Mok waist measurement to confirm that he had added a few inches to his waistline ah? lol!

  12. Love the look of the curry noodles... Yummmm!!!!

  13. Ya... the curry noodles looks delicious!

  14. I love tofu! Thee.. waahhh nowadays shoot pict using Samsung pulak? But still nice! :P
    My latest Entry :)
    JJCM: Chicken Rice Shop (Wangsa Maju)

  15. The curry noodles look yummy, I love curry serve with "si ham" haha

  16. All the food in your blog are seriously making me hungry!

  17. it's raining a lot in my country a bowl of curry noodle will give a warm happy tummy... one order pls! :)

  18. The curry noodles looks yum!!

  19. I am looking at your blog, then my stomach started to groan... xD

  20. not famous puchong or ampang one?

  21. fatty mok, long time no drop by this place di, it seems that fatty mok is still very healthy lmao

  22. Must ask for the pricing before ordering. This place don't display their price in the menu. I got robbed by asking for additional cockles for my bowl of curry mee just 2 night ago. It came in another bowl, max 10pcs of cockles soaked with the same curry broth and guess how much these robbers charged me? Freaking RM 5 for that few pieces of bloody cockles!! Just so you know, my bowl of curry mee cost me exactly the same price. How ridiculous!! What a freaking daylight robbery this was! I asked for explanation from one of the Chinese girl over the price and she got the cheek to tell me that was market price! I politely told her to F.O.! She must have thought this was the first time I came out to eat and order extra cockles! Swear I won't go back ever again to this con place! So, you guys out there better BEWARE!!


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