19 June, 2012

Imperial Chakri Palace @ Suria KLCC

Not a spicy food lover but wanted to try Thai cuisine? Here I show you how! 

Imperial Chakri Palace serves the royal Thai cuisine according to your preference of spiciness. Here the mild, non-spicy food can be as enticing as the tongue-torturing ones!

Located at the top floor of Suria KLCC, the famous royal Thai cuisine, Imperial Chakri Palace has two Thai receptionists on the main entrance and a spacious, dimly-lit dining area inside.

The main color used here is yellow, a symbol of the royals. It is so crowded when I visit this place during a weekday, and I heard that it has a very good reputation among families and business diners. 

For private functions, the exquisite dining hall is ready to serve you and mates. Beautified with fine decoration, Chakri Palace promises you a comfortable, relaxing dining experience.

#1 Fresh Coconut @ RM10.50

The chefs are all ladies here, originally from Thailand, spreading the art of authentic Thailand cuisine. Throughout the dinner, I enjoy the dishes prepared from low cholesterol oil with no MSG!

 #2 Mieang Kam @ RM19.90 

Upon being seated, we're served with the appetizer, a traditional Thai hand roll with seven ingredients. The best part of this dish is the dark shrimp paste which is so thick and rich in aromatic shrimp taste.

All I do is to wrap all the condiments with the fresh raw leaf, and I'm totally smitten!

#3 Chakri Four Seasons @ RM39.90 

Very similar to Chinese 4 Seasons dish, this platter comprises of Thai fish cake, spring roll, sweet and spicy chicken, mixed fruit salad and crispy prawn. I especially love the Thai fish cake as its flavours burst with hints of traditional spices.

#4 Tom Yam Talay @ RM10.50 

How can we miss the signature tom yam in a Thai restaurant? Here's the sour and spicy lemongrass soup with king prawn, seafood and mushrooms. You can choose between a clear soup of Bangkok style or a red soup of Southern Thai style, and here’s the former one. It is so light and moderately spicy, simply delicious!

#5 Gai How Bai Tuey @ RM21 

Comes in 5 pieces, the juicy chicken is rich after marinated for long hours with Thai spices and then wrapped in pandan leaves to keep the flavours going.

 #6 Yam Ma Moung @ RM18.00 

Served along with vegetables and peanuts, this Thai marinated mango salad is tangy and very appetizing for my palate before exploring more spicy food in the menu.

#7 Broccoli Phad Head Hom @ RM26.00 

The platter of stir fried broccoli and shiitake mushroom is more of Chinese cooking as it uses garlic and oyster sauce. It’s good to go mild with this after so many spicy and sour dishes.

#8 Pla Nueng Ma Now @ RM68.00 

Clearly this is the star of the night! I find the sauce of clear lime, chilli and garlic quite light for my flavours. Each mouthful of the seabass is so fresh and sweet! The presentation of the fish is unique and I love the warmth kept throughout the meal.

#9 Gung Phad Choo Chee @ RM20.90 

I always have a thing with peanuts, and this comes just right to fulfill my craving! The stir fried shrimps are light and fresh. Excellent to savour with thick peanut sauce. The prawns are rich in coconut milk along with sweet crushed peanuts!

 #10 Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai @ RM21.00 

Another house specialty--- Thai green curry with chicken rolls out from the kitchen and I can sense its aroma wafting in the air. I don't like those with strong scent of herbs, and Chakri plays well with the herbs here. Thick with coconut milk yet not so strong in taste, delicious!

#11 Khow Ob Sapparod @ RM55.00 

I believe Thai dishes should be accompanied with rice, and here we go for some pineapple fried rice with shrimps. Neither dry nor soggy, the tangy flavour is pretty much enhanced here. Great for sharing around 4 pax while the individual portion is available at RM18.00.

#12 Phad Thai Gung Sod @ RM18.90 

A simple Pad Thai can be so heavenly like the one I have here! It's the Fried Thai noodle with prawns, crushed peanut and chilli powder. The silky smooth noodle is so spiced up, and especially good with a zest of sour lime!

#13 Ai Tim Tab Tim Krob @ RM15.00 

To conclude this simple meal, the homemade red ruby water chestnut, sago, jackfruits and vanilla ice cream, served with icy coconut milk in fresh coconut shell is definitely a must-have Thai dessert! The small red jewels are water chestnut covered with tapioca flour, served with sweetened coconut milk and shaved ice. Giving a very chewy texture, the shredded jackfruit and jellied coconut flesh balance up the sweet dessert. Excellent!

There is a bar at the side of the restaurant, serving all kinds of cocktails and beer of your preference.

#14 Fruit Cuts as Table Decoration

1. Overall, it's a satisfying Thai dining experience of authenticity and quality.
2. Recommended: Steamed Fish with Lime Sauce, Prawns in Peanut Sauce
3. Considering the price, ambiance and premium food, revisiting Chakri is now on my list!

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