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24 February, 2014

Kumamono Bear Paw Burger @ Sungei Wang Plaza, KL

Rawr! It's my first time seeing so many bear paws on the table. I believe bear paw printed burger is not a new icon in Malaysia, but Kumamono is one of the newest kid on the block, which attracts me with the colorful bun and thick juicy patty!

Kumamono aka "熊の食" is one of the most popular snacks around Fengjia night market in Taiwan. It takes pride of the bear's palm printed bun, filled with fresh meat and various special sauce that keep us totally smitten. 

The interior of the restaurant is rather quirky, and filled with a series of cute bear cartoons. 
This cheerful decor promises diners to enjoy the meal with a light, happy mood. 

The outlet is also linked to U-Cafe, which is easily noticeable by the roadside facing Sungei Wang monorail station. Diners can enjoy the bear burger along with the wide selection of western and Asian delights from U-Cafe. 
Here are the 5 simple steps to personalize your very own Kumamono bun! 
(1) Bun ; (2) Meat ; (3) Sauce ; (4) Sides and Add-On ; (5) Drinks (for combo set meal)

KumaBun - Milk, Brown Sugar, Whole Grain, Squid Ink, Strawberry, Yam

Comes in 6 flavours, the bun is uniquely shaped like a 5-clawed bear paw prints. Each distinctive flavour is well-infused into the bun, and each bite smells so good! Girls surely could not resist the cute pink bun in strawberry flavour. 

My favourite went to the most basic, Milk KumaBun, which exuded a strong milky scent 
but tasted original and not as sweet as I'd thought. 

After choosing the bun, you have 3 choices for the meat: (1) Karaage Crispy Chicken (卡拉原味鸡腿排), (2) Karaage Spicy Crispy Chicken (卡拉辣味鸡腿排)(3) Oishii Fish Fillet  (鲜味鳕鱼排). The meaty filling is paired with tomato and vegetables for a balanced diet. 

Don't forget to pick your sauce for the burger! 
(1) Tartar Sauce, (2) Honey Mustard, (3) Thai Chilli Sauce, (4) Red Chilli Sauce,(5) Black Pepper Sauce, (6) Lobster Sauce, (7) Nacho Cheese Sauce

Served piping hot from the kitchen, the crispy chicken is really crunchy on the outside while retaining its moisture on the inside. Eat while it's hot along with the melting good sauce and soft fluffy bun for the best enjoyment. 

Whole Grain Bun + Karaage Crispy Chicken + Nacho Cheese Sauce

Yam Bun + Oishii Fish Fillet + Honey Mustard

Whole Grain Bun + Karaage Crispy Chicken + Red Chilli Sauce

My personal favourite goes to the fish fillet, because it is soft and naturally sweet from within.
Drenched in my No.1 Nacho Cheese Sauce, this eye-catching bun definitely tastes good!

In fact, there can be unlimited exciting combinations of bun, meat and sauce that suit your taste!

Besides the basic menu options, Kumamono constantly adds new buns, meat patties and sauce varieties. Newly introduced, Whole Grain Veggie Kumabun is suitable for those who are looking for healthy options. The combo set comes with a healthy Jasmine Green Tea at a price of RM10.90.

 For more flavours, you may add Cheese (RM2.00) and Pineapple (RM1.00) into your bun.
Side dishes are available here too: Plain French Fries (RM4.90) and Cheese Fries (RM5.90).

Signature Beverages:  (1) Passion Fruit Green Tea (百香果绿茶),  
(2) Bear Berry Soda (熊果莓苏打),  (3) Mango Jelly with Mango (芒果爽)

The mango series beverage is blended into thick consistency and tastes extraordinarily refreshing, 
whereas the passion fruit green tea and soda are a tad sweet for my liking. 
For takeaways, Kumamono has another kiosk located at the exit towards Low Yat Plaza. 

The ala carte buns are competitively priced at RM9.90 whereas 16 different healthy fruit drinks range from RM5.90 to RM7.90. Want both of them? The combo value set meal is definitely a great steal, as you just pay one price for two items! 

By the way, Kumamono is pork and lard-free, therefore it suits all ages and races to enjoy such cute food.
1. The concept of the bun is very eye-catching. Love the extraordinary shape, flavours and customizable option!
2. Kumamono is a great dining option, especially for those who prefer food to be served fast, delicious and healthy.
3. Recommended: Whole Grain Bun, Fish Fillet, Nacho Cheese Sauce

LBK1 & C08(B) (2 outlets) 
Sungei Wang Plaza 
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm daily


  1. ahhhh so cute the bear paw! i still havent get to try! come to penang pls! >.<

  2. Wah so many choices!! And the bun really cute :3 Gotta try this sometime, hehe~

  3. So many colours and flavours!! I've tried the brown sugar paw in Taiwan, tastes good!

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