22 February, 2014

Fashion Culture Box: Fairytale Series Review

Finally the first fashion box is here in Malaysia! I bet you have long heard about various beauty box brands that select a few beauty samples for you to try each month. I have always been happy with beauty boxes in the past, and now when a fashion box pops out, I go all excited and dying to own one! 

Fashion Culture Box comes in a mysterious black and white box, with 5-6 fashion and beauty items that wow every fashionista or style collector in Malaysia! The first ever Fashion Culture Debut Box has landed on my doorstep exactly a day before Valentine's Day, just perfect for a romantic date.

Each month, there will be 3 exciting themes of style for you to choose from. The style decription is available on Fashion Culture Box website and Facebook page, so you can choose themes that suit you the most. At just RM58 per box (inclusive of delivery), you will receive a box full of fashion accessories and beauty products, tailored according to your taste based on the theme you chose.

Visit Fashion Culture Box's Instagram for the original images.

The February Debut Box Valentine Series comes in two themes: Queen of Hearts and Queen of Fairies. The one on left is bold, hot and sexy, while the latter is girly, sweet and romantic. Now...which is your favourite? How I'd wish I can own both of them! ♥ 

Here's my pick of the month!
Theme: Fashion Culture Fairytale Series (Queen of Hearts)
Price: RM58 per box (FREE delivery)
Content: 1 Handmade Lace Choker, 1 pair of Drop Earrings, 1 pair of Bangles,
1 Statement Ring, 1 Mask, 1 Nail Polish and 1 FC Zine booklet with editorial content

Item #1 Queen of Hearts : Tears of Rose Vintage Choker

What I love the most among all items is of course the choker necklace. It looks so classic and sexy with a touch of mystery from its ruby gemstone. The size is just nice, perfectly wrapping around my neck.

Plus, it's handmade with love! The elegant details are perfect for a romantic look when paired with a tube dress! 

Alternatively, I think a casual outfit with this choker necklace and drop earring looks good too =)

Item #2 Queen of Hearts : Midnight Rendezvous Earring 

Drop earrings are one of my favourite accessories for formal occasions! Look at those shiny diamantes surrounded by black faceted glass beads, aren't they perfect for dinners and special functions?

Item #3 Queen of Hearts : Sun and Moondust Duo Bangle

Best paired with the loud accessories, these glittery gold and silver duo bangles are 
simple and classy. The color combination can easily be matched with any type of outfits!

Item #4 Queen of Hearts : Passion of the Knights Ring 

The vintage ring comes in a royal ruby color that is very close to the choker necklace. The best thing about it is that the size is adjustable, so it fits perfectly in any of my fingers without doubt!

Item #5 Queen of Hearts : Timeless Truth (TT) Snail with Sakura Repairing Mask 

Timeless Truth mask is one of the most popular masks from Taiwan, and I have tried almost the entire TT mask collection. This one with snail extract and sakura is pretty moisturising and nourishing for the skin too. 

Item #6 Queen of Hearts : BLOOP Red Colour Nail Polish 

When it comes to fashion, manicure can add some spark to your outfit. 
How can I not love the entire red and black combination!

Item #7 FC Zine Fairytale Series, February 2014

The fashion box also comes with a mini booklet that contains the product description, and few useful beauty tips and tricks of the month! Now I learn something from there-- Never store your sheet mask in the fridge because it will dry up easily.

My Overall Verdict:

1. Thumbs up to the FC team! I think they did a great job to mix and match the accessories as though they come perfectly in a set to go along with my little black dress.

2. The content not only ensures us to present yourself fashionably, but also pampers ourselves from within. I love the idea of combining fashion with little touches of beauty elements.

3. Pricewise, RM58 for 6 items is definitely a great steal. Plus, every month I will be surprised by different themes. Can't wait for March fashion box!

Hope you love the combination as much as I do! 

For March 2014, there are 3 themes for the Travel Series: Parisian Affair, Beach Holiday and Safari Adventure. Which is your best pick? Or you can't resist the fashionable goodness in it and buy them all? 
Anyway, the March fashion box is open for subcription now. And I have bought a box of Parisian Affair =) Looking forward for my surprise to arrive few weeks later! 

Honestly I love the February debut box's Queen of Fairies theme very much too! Although I've missed it, I still can win the fashion items individually or purchase the individual items at retail price from their online store. Just keep stalking their Facebook page! 

For more information about Fashion Culture Box, 

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