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29 May, 2017

Modern Society Restaurant & Bar @ Damansara City Mall, KL

So I am here at Damansara City Mall, a relatively new mall in the heart of Damansara, to check out this new kid on the block: Modern Society. Well, that's an interesting name it has right? Exuding modernity in its own way, this place is where you can get good Western fusion cuisine, creative cocktails and great music all under one roof.

Modern Society is a two-storey F&B outlet, where I am delighted to be welcomed by the warm, comfortable space upon entering the ground floor. If you drop by on a late evening, the space will transform into a quirky atmosphere that allows you to relax and chill after work.

Inside the outlet, you will enjoy the cool comforts of the modern interior decorated in warm tones of brown.

In Modern Society's soft launching menu, there are numerous starters and main courses to choose from, but I am sure there will be more in future once the business settles down. We also go through the bar menu where an extensive list of cocktails, wines, beers etc is available for those who are feeling thirsty. 

The first thing we try here is the handcrafted cocktail by two professional mixologists at the bar counter. Let's see how do they muddle up amazing cocktails which promise us an unforgettable experience...

Cocktails with interesting names such as "Big Breakfast", "Alice in Wonderland" and "Shenanigans" are among those which have caught my attention. I prefer my cocktail to be bright and fragrant, so the mixologist suggests "Liquid Poetry" instead. 

Liquid Poetry @ RM38
Malibu, Elderflower Liqueur, Gin, Port 

A lovely cocktail to prep our palate before the meal; The taste? Well, the taste of cocktails is pretty subjective,
so I shall leave it to you to truly explore your senses with different types of alcohol here.

As for the food, Modern Society has its own repertoire of a’la carte offerings which range from the simple heartwarming soups and bar snacks to the well-loved Western dishes such as burger and pasta, each injected with innovative touches that bring us new, unexpected flavours. 

Butternut Squash @ RM29.90

We kickstart our dinner with a communal dish (Ideal for sharing among 2-3 pax)—a herb-marinated oven-roasted butternut squash, topped with beef bolognaise and bechamel sauce. It is very well-executed as the butternut squash is sweet, nutty and lightly spiced—about as close to mashed pumpkin as you can get without having to admit that you're eating dessert. 

The generous toppings give the right amount of savoury flavours to balance up the sweetness. And don't belittle the portion, it can easily fill one's stomach due to its gooey texture. 

Chicken Ramen Burger @ RM26.90

For the main course, this popular Chicken Ramen Burger tops the list of favourites in Modern Society—a must try item for first timers! Some may not like buns (especially when buns turn soggy easily), so why not replace them with compressed ramen noodles instead? 

Taking a closer look, the ramen bun is a wide glob of cooked noodles that is pressed into shape, then gets griddle on both sides to form a crust that helps hold the bun together. Texture? Nicely crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. 

The flavour highlight of the whole burger comes from the rich mayo-based sauce, which pairs well with the grilled chicken patty. Overall, a great comfort food with an interesting twist that satisfies our stomach. 

Salmon Wellington @ RM38.90

A fish person like myself would definitely love something oceanic like salmon, but the salmon dish here is totally different—it is a classic American gourmet that we don't usually see in western eateries.

Forking through the crisp puff pastry sheets, we are surprised by a thick slab of fresh salmon perfectly coated with herb marination. Definitely a simple yet extravagantly flavoured dish! It is the epitome of soul food for some- although others may find it a tad rich in herbs.

In this bar cum restaurant, food and music goes hand in hand. After the sumptuous dinner, we have decided not to leave in full bellies and hence chill at the lounge area located on the upper floor of Modern Society.

The spacious lounge area (which can easily fit up to 30 pax) is comfortable, eclectic and welcoming.
Feel free to stay up to 3am if you feel like chilling for the evening.

Liqueurs from the West and East are aplenty here, if you love to explore more. As for me, being rather conservative, I would just go for beers instead. Taking my last sip of this, we head home with extremely stuffed stomach, but a lighter step and a broader smile!

1. If you are seeking for surprises and interesting elements in your food and beverages, here is the right place to visit. 
2. Modern Society has a very inviting ambiance for great cocktails, food and music. Great location for celebrations, parties, or just chilling. 
3. Revisit? Yes, definitely for the unique cocktails. 

Modern Society
Lot L1-10, Level 1,
Damansara City Mall,
6, Jalan Damanlela,
Pusat Bandar Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2771 9710

Business Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5pm – 3am (Mon – Sat)
Closed on Sundays


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