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29 May, 2017

Owning Your Dream Car Becomes So Simple Now!

Have you ever thought of owning your dream car? Well, I am sure you do! At different stages of life, there will be different temptations and urges to change your vehicle... but sometimes do you agree that there are just too many steps to go through before buying one -- Doing research, budgeting, going for test drive etc...

For a typical female like me, this is just too troublesome, and I rather have my other half to decide on the car model, specifications etc for me :P But the good news here is.... I found someone who can do everything for you, within seconds! :D

Stumbling upon, I am wowwed by its feature of being the largest car database where you can find over 400,000 used cars for sale, showing both offline and online search results. 

It also has a large database of new cars which you can search by brand, body type, price, monthly payment etc. It certainly helps reduce the filtering / search time by multiple folds! 

I am not sure if you ladies face the same issue as I do; I just lose interest on comparing the car specifications / features after a while... So, it's good to see this Ladies Vehicle Search Wizard specially tailored for Ladies –  it's the first in the world! 

The steps of this new car recommendation wizard begin with:
(1) Picking Your Style
Design / Chic VS Practicality

(2) Size
Normal 5-seater / Spacious 7-seater vehicle?

(3) Type of Vehicle
Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, MPV and more

(4) Color
A lovely spectrum of shades for you to choose from!

(5) Monthly Commitment
And lastly, the most important point: How much is your monthly budget for car instalment?

And here's the result! I guess, for my current financial position, anything below RM1,000 commitment per month is affordable. With just a few simple clicks, it is pretty easy, simple, and hassle-free for me (and you ladies!) to find a new car based on my choice.

Well, Wheelspine is more than just a database of cars for sale..

Join as a Wheelspine reward member, and you can earn points by contributing to the website's discussions forum or doing just the basic stuff on Wheelspine such as daily logins, comments, responses, sharing and more. Accumulated points will be entitled for gifts in future.

Another feature I like about Wheelspine is the capability of doing any comparison you like! You can compare up to 10 cars side by side (largest in the world!), compare car loans, car insurance and more.  

Here's a summary on how Wheelspine makes your life easier with automotive tools in 2 minutes.

In short, Wheelspine is an all-in-one automotive solution that benefits everyone.
Check it out now if you have not!

For more information, please visit:

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