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16 May, 2019

Be Adventurous! 3 Fun Activities to Try Out This Summer

Summer usually means one thing to most people, the grand binge season. Staying at home and watching seasons of TV shows per day and contemplating if you're going to do anything fun tomorrow. Well, this summer it has to be different! No more just laying down in bed and occasionally going over to a friend's house. This summer, it's time for an adventure! But what type of adventure are you talking about? Well, that’s what this article is going to answer.

Here are 3 potential adventures you can go on this summer.

Mountain Biking

What’s so special about just riding a bike though? Well, have you ever tried riding a bike up a mountain? An exhilarating experience that bonds you with all that nature has to offer. Going up that steep path and exploring how the view is from up there along with discovering the different types of trees and animals that exist within is an experience one can never forget. This summer, you can take your bike and ride up those steep slopes and discover nature in its purest forms!


Summer packs a lot of possible adventures within, but when you hear adventure, you think of an exciting, adrenaline-charged experience. Most of the time, you'd find that to be the case; but sometimes you'd have an adventure like kayaking that might not be as adrenalizing, but is every single bit as exciting. You're probably wondering where in the world you'd even get a kayak in the first place- there are multiple places like sports stores or even online.

According to, in recent years, the popularity of fishing from a kayak has increased substantially. Because of that, more manufacturers of kayaks have made it their mission to offer a larger variety of kayaks for just that purpose. Yeah, it's that simple. Kayaking is one of the rare opportunities to sit down and truly feel like one with the water. Exploring the vastness of a lake and also fixing yourself up with some dinner allows you to access your ancestral feeling of being a hunter along with the sweet serenity of the still water in a lake.


What if you live in a crowded city? Another opportunity to avoid the traffic and feel the wind brushing on your face as you glide by the cars and the people on an electric scooter that helps you move around smoothly while keeping you fully engaged and in the mood for adventure. Explore the city on your scooter and find out about all the cool places you never knew existed until you went around and found those gems!

This summer will be way more than the regular

It's no longer just a time to spend doing things you’ve always done before, it's time to expand and to attempt and to explore. When you get back to the regular routine of the academic or the working life and you get asked the question of what you did over the summer, you can guarantee that your answer will always be an answer way better than just the regular “ah, nothing unusual”. There's a lot waiting for you this summer, so get out there and walk down the road that leads you to your very own adventure!

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