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23 June, 2019

How to Pack a Cooler For Your Beach Vacation

Summertime is one of the best times of the year when everybody is thinking about heading down to the beach. But talking about a beach vacation, you can’t have an excellent one without a cooler. Have you ever been stranded trying to decide how much of what needs to go into the cooler for your days ahead on the beach? The truth is that there’s an art involved in packing a cooler if you want to have a great time during your vacation.

If you’ve ever packed a picnic only to find that the food you were eagerly looking forward to having has become soggy or warm, then this post is for you. Here’s the ultimate guide to packing a cooler for your beach vacation:

1. Have an Ideal Cooler

I know it sounds obvious, but this is one of the most critical steps. The number of people you will be feeding will determine the size of the cooler. Regardless of the size of the cooler, ensure you get one with hard and thick walls to hold in the cold air. Once your choice of the cooler is made, begin by first washing it before you use it to avoid your food from being contaminated.

Going to the beach is fun, so you want to make the day more enjoyable with a quality cooler. Finding the best cooler can be a challenging task, but with the ultimate Seaside Planet's guide to rolling coolers, you're bound to find the right cooler for your use. It’s vital that you get one that can easily carry everything you need.

2. The Menu

What menu do you want in your cooler? Sandwiches are one of the best snacks to pack. Main course items may include deviled eggs, cold cuts, or chicken salad. For dessert, you can have fresh fruits like peaches and plums which transport well and require no packing.

3. Ice Packs

This is the next step and probably the trickiest. Not enough ice means that your food will melt faster and too much ice, on the other hand, will result in less space to fit everyone’s snacks. You'll need to strike a perfect balance. Add salt to the water you’ll freeze to keep the temperature lower for longer.

4. Packing the Cooler

You don’t want to end up with smashed bread or bruised fruit, so layering is essential. Place some of your ice containers at the bottom and sides of the cooler. Your heaviest items and food to be eaten later on in the day should be at the bottom, then place the fresh bread and loose fruit on the top.

5. Keeping it Cool
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Try to limit the number of times you open the cooler. It’s a good idea to have everyone get something from the cooler at the same time to preserve the cold temperature. An umbrella over your cooler also keeps the sun off. Another tip is to bury the cooler almost halfway into the sand. The sand beneath is always cooler and can help maintain the low temperatures in the cooler.

A cooler is mainly meant for food that must stay cold, so don’t make the mistake of putting warm food into the cooler as it will immediately raise the temperature. You also don’t want to forget your picnic blanket because you’ll need somewhere to sit as you enjoy your food at the beach. I hope these tips on packing your cooler for your vacation will help you get through your next beach day!

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