19 June, 2019

The Traditional Medicinal Uses of the "Touch Me Not" Plant and the Unique Benefits of its Seed

We are so used to visiting the hospital when we are feeling unwell. While it is the most advisable thing to do in the modern world, there is a wide range of traditional medicines that have been proven to be effective in treating many illnesses. Herbal medicines also have many advantages over conventional drugs and some have been proven to have fewer side effects, not forgetting that some turn out to be effective when medicines from the hospitals fail to work at times, perhaps due to drug tolerance.

This having been said, Mimosa Pudica is the scientific name given to the “touch me not plant”, which also happens to have many other names, including the shame plant, shy plant, sensitive plant, and the tickle me plant, most of which come from the fact that exposure to touch and light causes it to fold up. The touch me not plant is known to have quite a number of medicinal benefits. In addition to being considered as a good home remedy. Dr. Todd Watts from Microbe formulas (https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/microbe-formulas/an-intro-to-mimosa-pudica) says that its sticky seeds, the stem, the leaves, and the roots have actually been utilized for thousands of years as herbal medicine. Its medicinal use has actually been confirmed by scientists. In this article, we will look at the traditional medicinal uses of the “Touch me not” plant and the unique benefits of its seed.

Relieves joint pains and bone-related pain

Age and joint pains are related, it’s no wonder you will hear most seniors complaining every now and then about stiff and aching joints. It is common for aging individuals to experience multiple joint pains at some point in life and in some cases, children may always be victims. More often than not, the age-related joint pains are caused by arthritis or high levels of uric acid in the body, which causes solid crystals to form in the joints. However, sometimes bone pains are as a result of tragic injuries.

The surprising thing is that the shy plant can help provide relief from joint pains. Tea prepared from the roots of this plant has been known to cure bones and joint problems. Preparation entails cutting the roots into small pieces, smashing them, boiling them, and drinking the concoction warm. The remedy often works well when used twice a day for a period of five days. Tea should be consumed within three days to achieve its purpose or otherwise, it might not add so much value. Alternatively, you can use the leaves to make a paste that is meant to be applied topically on the joint in question. You only have to sleep through the night and wash it the next morning.

Reduces diabetes

Diabetes is a condition related to old age, even though it tends to run through the family (hereditary). It is characterized by bouts of high or low blood sugar levels. The touch me not plant helps the body to release the right amount of insulin, a hormone that ensures proper levels of blood sugar. Drinking the juice from this plant every day of every week can help improve proper body functioning and restore optimal blood sugar regulation.

Prevents hair loss

If there is something that most ladies treasure, it’s their hair. Hair could be lost based on different circumstances, including sickness. The touch me not plant helps to manage the level at which hair is lost. It contributes to the growth of new hair cells. It is advisable to use shampoos made from this plant or directly use its paste, let it stay for a while, and then rinse the hair. Do this every time you wash your hair and you can notice the difference within a short while.

Deals with stomach upsets and intestinal worms

Things that we consume contribute a lot to how our stomachs behave. In cases when our stomachs have decided to give us a hell of a time, the shame plant could be used to calm it down. A paste of this plant is mixed with honey to bring about the calming effect. Intestinal worms are not friendly at all. Many people struggle to get rid of them because they actually bring about health complications. Mimosa pudica seed capsule can be helpful in cleaning up the gut. These seeds are soluble fibers that swell and turn into a sticky gel when they get into the digestive tract. This stickiness allows the seed to get rid of parasites, bacteria, and chemical toxins through the stool.

Heals insect bites and snake bites

Once in a while, we are bitten by insects and even snakes, in the worst case scenario. The shy plant has the capability to fight a snake’s venom and germs from an insect bite, providing quick recovery. In this case, the plant’s roots come in handy. It is the juice from the roots that can provide such a remedy.

Heals wounds and cuts

Even without our knowledge, we find ourselves with cuts and wounds, some of which we even have no idea where we got them from. Ground leaves or juice extracted from the leaves of mimosa can provide healing for such wounds when applied to the affected area. The healing properties of this plant reduce pain, stops bleeding, and heals wounds considerably fast. Within a few days of application, the skin will be as good as new. Powdered seeds are also used in wound healing.

Combats premature ejaculation

The effects of premature ejaculation in a man’s life are alarming. Premature ejaculation is the worst kind of problem that any man could experience. It literally brings them down to the point of hating themselves because it directly interferes with their sexual lives. To deal with this dilemma, the seeds of this plant will come a long way and clear this nightmare. Combined with a cup of warm milk and some sugar, powdered mimosa plant seed can help combat premature ejaculation when taken twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Relieves sore throat

Having a sore throat is one of the most uncomfortable situations, especially in the cold season. Your throat hurts really badly, not forgetting that you may have to constantly cough. When in this situation, the powdered form of the sensitive plant seeds can help provide relief.

Improves sagging breast

Most ladies are worried sick about their breasts and how they appear. They still want to look young. For this reason, most women fight tooth and nail looking for ways to rectify or prevent sagging breasts. Some opt for bras that are made to uplift breasts but this does not help much because the breasts still sag when the bra is off. Others could choose to undergo breast surgery or get breast implants, which can be risky and is quite expensive. But here is what many of these women do not know… that the touch me not plant can help uplift breasts permanently. For the uplifting of breasts, a mixture of a paste made from the touch me not plant with essential oils is applied to the breasts.

Indeed the “touch me not” plant has traditional medicinal uses that cannot be exhausted. Anyone else can use this plant for treatment apart from pregnant women and those with constipation problems. Also, it is advisable that women who are looking forward to having more children be cautious about how often they use this plant as a home remedy. In addition, anything used in excessive amounts is dangerous and so can the “touch me not” plant. To be precise, the benefits are only seen when the right amount of juice or paste from this plant is consumed or used. Mimosa Pudica grows like a weed, but due to its numerous health benefits, many people are now growing it in their gardens.

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