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31 May, 2021

[REVIEW] It's SIXPACK by Aik Cheong Coffee

Let's brew coffee like a pro at home! 

I have been drinking a lot of coffee at work, and until recently switching to a full work-from-home, I realise I need some good coffee to keep me going every day. That's when I start to stock up plenty of Aik Cheong Coffee because it is just so handy, delicious and comes with a wallet-friendly price tag. 

Do you know that Aik Cheong Coffee has been around since 1955? From being labelled as our grandparents' favourite local coffee, to becoming an innovative beverage producer we see today, I am sure Aik Cheong Coffee has accompanied our family throughout the journey.

Its current product ranges include: 
 Kopi-O (Black Coffee - bag / powder)
 3-in-1 CoffeeMix
 Hainan Coffee
 White Coffee
 Milk Tea (Teh Tarik)
 Hot Chocolate Malt Drink
 Instant Oatmeal Cereal
 VitaFlakes Cereal

IT'S Coffee

Since my first try of IT'S Coffee last year, IT'S Coffee instant beverage has been my to-go cup at work because it is so convenient to enjoy my coffee wherever I want. While the colorful vibrant cup design is sure to cheer up our day, we can choose among 6 delicious flavours according to your mood of the day: 

❤ IT’S Long Black Extra Shot
❤ IT’S Flat White Extra Shot
❤ IT’S Cappuccino Choco Topping
❤ IT’S Teh Tarik Gula Melaka
❤ IT'S Chocolate Marshmallow
❤ IT’S Matcha Latte Nata De Coco 

IT'S Granola

Aik Cheong Coffee has also prepared some healthy snack for us to pair with our beverage. It is so convenient to grab a cup of IT'S Granola anytime anywhere we like, and enjoy the healthy berries or fruits and nuts mix to kill our hunger pangs. 

Available in 2 flavours now: 
❤ Mixed Berries
❤ Mixed Fruits and Nuts 


What's more interesting here is that we can turn our home into a cafe with the *NEW* IT'S SIXPACK series which is available in 4 flavours:

❤ IT’S SIXPACK - Cappuccino Choco Topping
❤ IT’S SIXPACK - White Coffee Salted Gula Melaka
❤ IT’S SIXPACK -  Teh Tarik Gula Melaka
❤ IT'S SIXPACK - Chocolate Marshmallow

With 4 different flavours, it can cater to different times of the day. Life is definitely more exciting when you mix and match while adding some fun into life with Aik Cheong Coffee. 

This instant drink is super easy to prepare - in just 1-2-3 steps! Each box comes with a complete 6 sets (sachet with premix, toppings, and brown sugar), each item individually packed so you can choose to add or adjust the ingredients based on your preference. For instance, I prefer to skip the brown sugar for less sweet coffee. 

True to its name "SIXPACK", each box serves 6 persons well, so don't forget to ask your friends and family to join the party and enjoy the beverage!

IT'S SIXPACK - Chocolate Marshmallow
(Chocolate premix, marshmallow and brown sugar)

Hot chocolate is always best stress reliever ever! Just mix the chocolate premix with 220ml hot water and then let the marshmallow melt in the rich chocolaty concoction. You can adjust the amount of brown sugar according to your liking.

[[ Note: To insert video - ohfishiee_chocolate.mp4 ]]

Here's a quick tutorial on how to prepare a delicious cup of chocolate marshmallow in just 3 steps.

IT’S SIXPACK - Cappuccino Choco Topping
(Cappuccino premix, choco toppings and brown sugar)

Another favourite of mine is the cappuccino which I get to enjoy it at home with a dash of chocolate powder topping just like how it is usually served in cafes. 

[[ insert video - ohfishiee_cappuccino.mp4 ]]

As you can see from the video above, just mix the cappuccino premix with 220ml hot water and garnish with choco topping. If you like a sweeter version of cappuccino, feel free to add some brown sugar.  

IT’S SIXPACK - White Coffee Salted Gula Melaka
(White Coffee Salted Gula Melaka premix and freeze dried coffee)

Something closer to the local Malaysian flavour is the rich concoction of creamy, authentic white coffee and deep smoky caramelised taste of salted gula Melaka. I am delighted that the taste is so well-balanced. Plus, Gula Melaka is a wholesome sugar naturally low in GI, definitely a healthier alternative for coffee lovers. 

[[ insert video - ohfishiee_whitecoffee.mp4 ]]

It only requires 2 steps to prepare - so easy peasy! Mix the coffee premix with 220 ml hot water, stir well and don't forget to add the freeze dried coffee for a burst of coffee flavours.

IT’S SIXPACK - Teh Tarik Gula Melaka
(Teh Tarik Gula Melaka premix and Nata de Coco)

Lastly, IT'S SIXPACK allows us to prepare a good cup of teh tarik with that beautiful layer of foam, in the comforts of our home. It is very interesting to add crunchy Nata de Coco into the teh tarik, as it adds texture to the overall beverage. Delicious! 

[[ insert video - ohfishiee_tehtarik.mp4 ]]

Follow these two steps and you just can't go wrong with the teh tarik! 

Time to shop for Aik Cheong Coffee's IT’S Coffee, IT'S Granola and IT'S SIXPACK series.

Now available at major offline stores such as AEON Big, Giant and Mydin,
as well as online stores such as Shopee and Lazada. 

Don't forget to follow Aik Cheong Coffee on social media for latest updates and news!

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