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27 December, 2020

[REVIEW] New Coffee Culture by Aik Cheong Coffee

Need a coffee fix? You're at the right place! 

The art of drinking coffee has evolved over the years and nowadays we enjoy a cup of coffee with dessert or brunch at some fancy cafes because it has become part of our modern culture.

Now Aik Cheong Coffee is bringing this culture to our homes by offering a wide range of sophisticated coffee and non-coffee beverages to suit our daily lifestyle.

Have you heard about Aik Cheong Coffee?

If you do not already know, Aik Cheong Coffee is one of the pioneers in the coffee scene in Malaysia. Since 1955, Aik Cheong Coffee has a strong 65 years history of brewing excellent coffee for the locals. Among the local's favourite instant beverage products we often see, the range includes: 

Kopi-O (Black Coffee - bag / powder)
❤ 3-in-1 CoffeeMix
❤ Hainan Coffee
❤ White Coffee
❤ Milk Tea (Teh Tarik)
❤ Hot Chocolate Malt Drink
❤ Instant Oatmeal Cereal
❤ VitaFlakes Cereal

With the ever increasing demand for coffee as part of our modern lifestyle, Aik Cheong Coffee has introduced something younger, trendier and more innovative while staying true to its concept of “Enjoying the great taste of coffee at home”. 

IT'S Coffee

“IT’S more than just” instant beverage line was introduced in June 2019, and gained much popularity since then. In less than a year, it has achieved a whopping 1 million cups sale! Packaged in colorful instant cups, the types of beverages under IT'S Coffee include:

❤ IT’S Long Black Extra Shot
❤ IT’S Flat White Extra Shot
❤ IT’S Cappuccino Choco Topping
❤ IT’S Teh Tarik Gula Melaka
❤ IT'S Chocolate Marshmallow
❤ IT’S Matcha Latte Nata De Coco 

*Now available at 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, myNEWS, Petronas, Caltex, Shell, AeonBig, Aeon, Giant, and The Store.

Personally, IT's more than just a beverage. But it is also a source of fun, excitement and happiness in our everyday life. Wherever we go, we can just grab and go a cup of IT'S by Aik Cheong Coffee, and enjoy it right away. How convenient and affordable! 

Each cup comes with 3-step ingredients (depending on the variant) and a stirrer.

Here's a quick video to show you guys how simple it is to enjoy IT'S Coffee! 

Coupled with the newly improved formula and bright-coloured cups, IT'S is a great companion whether you are studying, working or just relaxing! Perhaps alternating the flavours each day, IT'S willl jazz up our life. 

IT'S Granola

Not only that, you can pair your beverage with IT'S Granola as breakfast or snack too! 

IT'S Granola is a nutrient-packed combination of rolled oats, honey and canola oil that is baked until crisp, then toasted until golden brown. It uses only real fruits and nuts, plus some delicious berries yogurt bites. No added refined sugar or artificial flavour ya. 

A serving of IT'S Granola is great to fuel the day while delivering balanced nutrients, as the pure rolled oat sourced from Australia is a great source of fibre, while the protein-rich nuts help to build up muscles and cells and the yoghurt bites aid digestion.

It conveniently comes with a spoon inside. Good to go as a snack on its own, or enjoy with yoghurt or milk as a wholesome breakfast! My personal favourite is to pair with Greek yoghurt - a small serving can give a good amount of energy and protein boost. 

"BLACK" Drip Coffee Series

Specially for coffee connoisseurs, Aik Cheong Coffee has recently rolled out its newly-developed "BLACK" series, a premium range of single-origin coffee. The drip and dip bag coffee series is available in 6 variants:

❤ Ethiopia Yirgracheffe (Spicy + Fragrant)
❤ Colombia Medellin (Bright + Rich)
❤ Guatemala Huehuetenango (Mild + Pleasant)
❤ Nicaragua Jinotega (Sweet + Deep)

Who doesn't love a filter drip coffee? You can brew like a barista at home and enjoy the unique drinking experience that each variant offers. 

Each box comes with 5 packets of drip bags, which conveniently fits onto any mug for dripping.

As each of the single-origin coffee originates from a single producer, crop, or region in one country, each sip of the coffee feels like transporting us to the country itself as we get to taste the differences produced by climate, bean variety, and production method. 

With the concept of "Black to Basic", this range best expresses the uniqueness of coffee beans for us to appreciate the original characteristics of the coffee. 

How to Enjoy: Pour 150ml hot water and wait for 30 seconds.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to be your own barista at home using
Aik Cheong BLACK series as well as a pour over pot and mug. 

As part of Aik Cheong Coffee's effort in promoting the brand in the international arena and advocating the positive fighting spirits, the brand has engaged Tan Boon Heong, our Malaysian renowned badminton player, as the brand ambassador. 

He has been our local favourite sports icon after winning numerous international titles including the Gold Medal for Men’s Doubles at the Asian Games in 2006, as well as other championships namely The Malaysian Open 2007, All England Championship, The Swiss Open and etc. His exceptional capabilities and persistent fighting spirits are well compatible with Aik Coffee’s business philosophy. 

Please feel free to try out Aik Cheong Coffee's IT’S Cup series and BLACK series.
They are widely available on official online stores and offline stores.

Don't forget to follow Aik Cheong Coffee on social media for latest updates and news!

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