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16 April, 2008

04 16 2008~

04 16 2008~

First of all, Happy Birthday KY~
I waited for you down the staircases until almost 7.15am, but you didn’t appear, so I went up. Then I met another KY and grabbed her to give the present to you. But finally you told me that my homemade jelly was fantastic, too bad it’s not mine, but KY. So do thank her, not me. So I stayed at the library after school, planning for the treasure hunt game tomorrow. Darlings, don’t quarrel larh, both of you can cooperate well I believe =]. And I played with the two mischievous kids, running around the dark, spacious library after removing all the tables and chairs aside. At first, we have had fun. Soon KY went home and the gang of Shee Chien went out, so not fun liao lorh coz’ left me alone playing with the two kindergarten boys. Hence I quitted playing with them, walking into the room to help out with girls. But they two are so ‘high’ after playing awhile with us. They followed me into the room, showing their monkey faces all the way. Well kids are super energetic right? So I don’t care a thing bout them doing whatever they want. Suddenly they grabbed the feather duster and ‘played’ with me, sweeping it onto my face. They even bit my leg and slapped me with those dirty things again. I got so frantically frust--- and kept quiet. They continued doing so as if I enjoyed it a lot. Uncontrollably, I was sorry to tell that I yelled at them, asking them to get out of the entire space right at the moment. Luckily Mr. Kevin was there, bringing them back to their mums who were sitting at the canteen, drinking and chatting at that very moment. I really don’t understand why these kinds of teachers can simply dump their child aside, while they were actually so free doing their gossipings. Cute kids are like that, but I promised you that I don’t enjoy the companion of such cute kids. OmG =.= I hate these two handsome cute boys…

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