18 April, 2008

04 18 2008~

Finally the Library Week has ended. Our main activity held today that is the haunted mansion, is a great success. From the planning of creating a haunted mansion inside the library, then shoppings for the ghostly-like masks and decorations, until the days we do everything in DIY, to cut costs, and finally Friday is the day when our hardwork pays off. I really enjoyed today, pretending to be a ghost, hiding behind the black hanging cloths to scare people off. Dipping my hand into the cold ice water and holding people’s feet with my freezing hand is a nice thing, I love listening to the screams and cries of theirs xD. Then I switch job with others, and I become the scary guide. Besides guiding them the way along in the haunted mansion, I also scare them with the torchlights and hair all over my face xD. What to do, that time we have not enough ghosts marh =/… From yesterday we arranged the tables, chairs and racks and put clothes onto them, until today 4.30pm finally we close our haunted house. It gets a great response from people especially afternoon session people. We are sorry that those little kids have had to cry due to our scariness, but it is fun, isn’t it? Screaming in the dark could be a leisure anyway LOL. By the way, Spell, I didn’t cao your sui larh, touching your leg only marh, no need to be so scared de =X… Everyone gets extremely exhausted late in the afternoon, scaring people is a tough job also actually. But thinking back bout the money we earn today, it is the best part of the worst =D. Just a day to earn that amount of money is totally a great job =], I guess the part that satisfies me most is this. Painting those posters and masks are not easy after all, this shows how much effort we put into this 4-hour-activity lol. Hope to have a better, nicer haunted house in future, maybe in the coming Hari Kokurikulum? >.< hehes

04 17 2008~

I got so sad today, you were complaining too much about me. I have once told you that I am not a good gf. You don’t believe it, and now you are telling me the part you dislike bout my attitude and me. You said that I don’t look like your gf, but what is your definition of “bf+gf”? In my opinion it is totally alright now. Then you complained that I always kept myself in the library, and did not spend a second for you. But have you ever cared and try to know why I always stay in the library these days? Have you ever asked if I need any help from you, since doing the treasure hunt and haunted mansion activities are so tough? And you complained that I didn’t really talk to you, but have you ever thought if I actually have time to talk to anyone else, besides my teammate on our library plans? I don’t even have my time to eat, not to say doing other stuffs. I just don’t get why on earth you are always unpleasant with whatever I am doing. I have my life, you have yours, so stop controlling mine as I have never control yours. When you got pissed off someone, your mood was totally bad that you didn’t even bother to talk to me at all. You got pissed of him/her, not me. Is it my fault also and you have to treat me like that also? All I want is not this. I want to care more bout me, not to blame me for everything before knowing the truth. I want you to keep all your promises, not breaking one after another. I got way too disappointed over it, I am sorry. I hope you will change.

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