11 April, 2008

04 11 2008~

What an unlucky day in school~ Teachers are all hating us, because of jerks in my class. First of all, Sim 姐 already treated us badly even during the very first class of the year, for no reason. And now she was backstabbing us in other classes, saying that the members of 4G are lc and bla bla… So finally she ‘bursted’ and said that she would change to afternoon session after the change of timetable. It’s always fine if she doesn’t wish to teach us anymore, it’s just that she does not need to do such things behind us, and ‘blacklisted’ us as well. It’s okie if she hates us, but please don’t make other teachers hate us as well. And today she went into our class, and the timetable will change from next week onwards, but she will still be teaching us. Well, I considered this settled already. Then during English class today, Pn. JoJo went into class and today’s topic is past perfect tense. Some people were reading their own thick storybook and she got angry, yelled and left our class. Some of us who just came into class were looking at each other because they just didn’t know what actually happened. And those people who are supposed to be responsible in it are still laughing as if nothing happens. Knowing that she cried because of 4G, we finally went into the staffroom and apologize, so she just acted as if nothing happened and just asked us to finish up the homework. That’s all, but I feel like she will not be happy teaching our class in future anymore, because people will never forget things that had happened, no matter how long is it. Our class members don’t seem to be united after all, because everyone is blaming each other for nothing. No matter whose fault it is, now it is fine again so I hope in future such things won’t happen anymore and spoil our class reputation. After all… 4G sucks…

{{{ Mr. Yew Choon, I will do your tag thingy soon, but not now… Hoping you will be less depressed these days, don’t let him affect your mood =]… }}}
04 09 2008~

I just get to know the truth of the incident of July 2007 today. I remembered that time I was kinda frustrated over it, and sad to know that he actually did it to me. So now I knew the truth, and she told me that he would admit it now if I confront him. Whosoever did it, or whatsoever the process between it, I don’t wish to know anymore. Come on, it happened last year and I just don’t get why you wanna dig and mention this case once again. Perhaps you wish that I will confront him so that everyone knows what he did. A BIG Nono, I assure you that I won’t. For God’s sake, it was already the past, and I have forgiven him for whatever he did in the past. It is always to have a friend than an enemy right? Maybe your point of letting me know bout this is just to treat me at least a bit fairer? Whatever it is, I just wish to let you know that you failed to convince me to do what you want me to. I am not going to confront him, I am not going to make him admit it was his fault, and I am also not going to care about this old, rotten case anymore. (: All I want to make it clear is that I forgave everyone, including you, for God’s sake. I will treat all of you as my friends and there’s not any ‘political conflict’ involving me anymore. Even if it occurs, it won’t happen on me. I just hope that every single one of you could stop making rumours to make me hating someone or vice versa, because I assure that whatever you did, it will never ever affect me. After all, we’re still friends. Just stop being so childish; I love everyone of you with my heart, so stop doing this kind of things towards me.

Please fuck off and stop being so bitchy =/

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