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03 July, 2008

07 03 2008~
{{{ 依然是他 }}}

School life is boring as usual. Mum came to school today to collect my record card since I was absent during the Open Day last week. I was waiting for Mum at the corridor, and I was about to call my Mum when Pn. Koek [that’s the exact spelling of her sur name] suddenly came towards me. How I frightened if she saw my phone LOL. And I met the bad guy there xD, he helped Mum to open the gate so that she could go down LOL. Then after school, he kept insulting me with my mum thingy =.=”… When I asked me bout *her*, he refused to answer me. And honestly he only finds me during exam, exam and exam time ONLY. How bout the other days? Well, world is realistic, nobody needs you when you worth nothing.

I feel sick these days, I mean I am not really feeling well--- cough and flu, and feel left out from the outside world. I couldn’t on my MSN anymore; hence I have never contacted this person anymore. I mean it’s weird right if I suddenly sms him/her just to chat? Moreover, I don’t wish any misunderstandings to happen between us… Aww… When I meet someone in school, who was once my friend [which means we used to talk last time], he/she just passes by without a glance at me. Do they ever notice me? Sigh* I don’t want people to talk to me when they want me to help them only. I know, bestie has told me that I should change my way--- of everything. And I will change =’(

During duty today, my precious item almost got snatched--- yes, my phone. Yes, snatched by teacher. Banana was sending songs from mine to his cell phone, and he acted nothing happened when teacher approached him. Hence, teacher took both phones of us. Then he asked this Pn. Norazlina to give him a chance--- so we can have our phones back once again. I was so scared that time =.=” LOL

By the way, ttttttthanks Spellie today =D
I love you.
Oh ya, bout the last line of my previous post, please DON’T spread it around.

07 02 2008~
{{{ 还能再一次拥有吗? }}}

I was in the bus, my friend asked me bout me and *him*. LOL what do you expect me to say? Everyone knows it, and the reason isn’t what you think =]. One funny thing happened was that he thought Vivian’s recent bf was my ex- LOL how ridiculous =.=” My reaction was, “Har? Impossible larh, me and him not close de…” After class, I suddenly banged into him--- I didn’t even realize that he was there. And yes he said that he thought of going to Kasturi to wait for me =.=” I acted as if nothing happened and continued walking and chatting with him. How kind of you to actually do that =D… But… Ermmm actually you don’t need to wait for me. I mean your meeting ended at 3++ and you should go home. If you scared if your Mum murmurs when she knows that you skipped classes or anything, you still need not to wait for me.

Actually friends are enough that we help each other, share ups and downs with each other, laugh together and the boundary is there. The tasks of waiting for me after class, accompanying me to wherever I go, or doing other *unnecessary stuff* are all NOT the responsibilities of being FRIENDS. I am sorry, I am not trying to offend you, I just want to let you know what I feel of think bout this. And you need not to apologize =] after all, we are still friends isn’t it? By the way, thanks for the advice --- vulgar is bad for health LOL.

Weird thing…
Friends around me are either stalker or fair-weather friend. Which should I choose among them then? =.=” Still, I love besties the mostttttttttttt………..

{{{ Thanks Sir for the number. I won’t spread it to anyone =X }}}

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