Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Of the next syllable

"It's time to grow up", said my best friend.

I think he told me this few days ago. Yet this phrase was still playing in my mind. I wondered and pondered, if only I can grow up... *deep thoughts* I bet leading a new life in MMU would certainly bring myself to the next stage of life, being more mature and strong.

BabyTigger, my best companion (;

I brought my darling plushtoy along to my hostel. Wtf Winnie The Pooh and Friends are my favourite cartoon characters since I was a kid. Or I should say I'm still a kid now. Was it a little too much? Coz' I didn't see anyone bring any toys along here =.="

Please give me the strength to survive well here.
(; ily

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chapters Of Life

I’m back in updating something really personal about my recent life.

I’m sorry to say this,
Only people who are really concerned about me would enjoy reading this post.
They would certainly finish reading the entire post and all the words here.

Warm welcome to MMU!

Here is the main gate. And the entire place is HUGE. Walking from one block to another is kinda a must-have habit to everyone studying here, as is unavoidable. I hope I can really walk more, and get myself fitter and SLIMMER ;D

Last week, during my registration session, I entered with 50 JPA scholars, who score excellent results in academic and also co-curriculum. People who got all As on Earth and did so well really made me so stressed out! ); I felt like I was the only one who didn’t achieve much in school, when others have thick records of competition achievements.

Then we listened to all sorts of briefings, about the whole university, security, academic timetable and most importantly, the JPA briefing!

They said:
  • I have to serve for the government for 6 years (coz’ I took accounting)!
  • I have to hand in my academic result every semester!
  • I must make sure I get CGPA 3.40 all the time!
  • I must not involve in politics and crimes.
  • And must obey the rules here all the time.

So the first point kinda stunned me, I didn’t expect to serve sooooooo long for this! And my academic result must be good, good and good. The best thing is:

I’ve signed the agreements and there’s no way back now! );

Tomorrow would be the beginning of my second week in MMU. The first week is nothing about orientation at all, we straight away started with classes because the whole course started on 7 June, we missed A LOT! When I enter the first lesson at the lecture hall, the lecturer already entered Chapter 2 or 3, which means I have to study things I’ve missed all by myself.

My hostel block ;D

5-storey flat. The room can be occupied by 2 or 3 persons. Thank God, I’m now having two-person sharing only, and everything is still in a good manner. Spacious and just nice for two (; P/S: I’m not looking forward to the third person to come =P

My bed, wardrobe and study desk inside the hostel are all perfect to me, at least for now (; I took the double decker, so wind wouldn’t be able to penetrate from top and that would be a lil warmer than usual. But at night, I still find it kinda cold, but comfy!

Night view from my hostel window. Luckily I have nice scenery here all the time. Guys here are used to play basketball and hockey here till midnight.

I have a long train of ANTS along my desk all the time!

I tried using the ants powder to kill them, but in fact it attracted even more!
Sigh. Please teach me what to do.

Now, about the food here. This chicken rice costs me less than 4 bucks, and everything here is affordable, only that sometimes the choices are limited and I get bored easily, just don’t hope to eat a lot here =.=”

I am going to have a mid term exam in Week 7, meaning only 3 more weeks to go! WOW, I am here for only a week and exam is already near. Time to chase all my tutorials, assignments and lessons missed! Therefore, there would be less updates in future!

I hope I can get used to the environment, people, and everything here,
so that I can really cope well, study and excel in the subjects each semester (;

Stay tune lovely readers (;

Nang if you love this.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Don’t get mistaken,
I’m not running out of home.


Before leaving, I realize…
I have a very supportive old friend who stays by my side no matter what.

The handmade card from me during his birthday last year.
(CLICK for tutorial)

In return, I got a birthday cake from him on my 17th big day ;D

And now because of my departure,
because we have our own chapters of life,
because we may contact each other lesser and lesser,

He made me this!
Can you believe that a male hand-makes such a cute teddy?!

He even includes me a box of Hello Panda, because it is always my favourite!

And a piece of letter--- Of sincereness, support and all!

He may write awfully, full of strikethroughs and correction tape.
But the content is…
12/10! ;D
Rated awesome.

I’m bringing him along with my diary planner to my new chapter of life ;D

Sit well and buckle up, teddy!

Wish me good luck in my new life, readers!

Nang if you love this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


JPA scholarship Part II

Based on the government’s offer to give me a full scholarship, I’d be sent to MMU Malacca on the 26th of June (Next Friday) (Click if you've missed my previous post!)

I am so glad to say that,

;D The government had made a HUGE mistake!

The latest news is,
I’m going to MMU Cyberjaya on the 22nd of June!
(Nearer place, closer date)

And I’ve accepted this offer!

Thanks Kelyn, JhTham, Moon, Lukey, Henry, Xiao Xin, Simon, Hilda, John, Nigel, Raafik, Spectre, Casley, Lindy, Sarah, Vince, and Tolanic for the support and valuable advice!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of colours and hues

Location of the day:

121 Tulips Place Pub. Night Clubs/Pubs.
Ground Floor,
Wisma Cosway,
Jln Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

I’m only using a 3.2 MP phone camera to snap these pictures. I was kinda pissed when it doesn’t have macro food so that I can take good pictures of the food!

But anyway the menu is cute right? I really thought the restaurant’s name is Hungry Panda. LOLLL

The restaurant serves customers from offices during the day with its wide range of food varieties. Chinese food, Western food, Japanese food, fruit juice, cocktails; You name it and they will serve you one!

At night, it operates as a juicy bar with customers sitting along the balcony with myriad of lights at Jalan Bukit Bintang. I should try it out some night soon =P

My Japanese fish rice set @ only RM 6.90 nett ♥♥♥

The red-coloured foodstuff is known as ‘pink Japanese pickled ginger’,
by the Japanese as the cold remedy!

Papa’s chicken chop with rice @ RM7.90 nett

I bet you wouldn’t be able to find such reasonable price at any of the Japanese outlets out there.

I will try out their cocktails soon! ;D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Barbie reunites with beau Ken!

Remember my previous entry about “My favourite Toy Story 3 toy is Peas-In-A-Pod”? ;D Yes yes yes. I am one of the 50 lucky Glitteratti members who got two tickets from Nuffnang to watch the Toy Story 3 in 3D yesterday!

This picture is messy, I don’t know what am I concentrating at .____.

Meet and Greet Toy Story 3 characters here!

Pay and you can pose with them like this.

This is available in Mid Valley for this whole month.
I wanted to take picture with them.
But.. All I saw were kids posing with this,
So malu-lah if I pose like those kids there T_______T

The exclusive TS3 Popcorn at GSC cinemas.

We were the first few pairs who entered the cinema. The theatre is kinda small, only occupies 100 people. The movie was great, seriously rated

9.5 / 10

Let me introduce you with some of the interesting characters here:

Lots’of Hugging Bear ;D
Looks kawaii right? But he is the most evil character in Toy Story 3 ever!

Meet Buzz here ;D

He is a robot? An astronaut?
No no. He’s an awesome dancer in this latest movie! ;D

The dinosaur who loses its tail, thanks to the mischievous kids in Sunnyside!

If you were to ask whom did I go with, here’s my sister, on the right ;D ;D

Ok-lah, only one camwhore picture k? Love you, readers!

Nang if you love this (;

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Read Malaysia 2010: An annual event where publishers, booksellers, academicians, professionals, artistes, authors, software and multimedia suppliers as well as educational institutions such as preschool education, colleges and universities meet together.

Cut the crap. Everyone just gathers together here to grab good bargains!

Reached The Mines around 8pm yesterday. Extremely crowded at night.
ALL books are at 20% discount, some even on sale at RM6.90 only!

My fave for now ♥♥♥

I already have a whole collection of Cecelia Ahern, from PS I Love You to The Book of Tomorrow. So now, time to have a slight chance. Am a fan of Sophie Kinsella already =P

I've lost the old brown-colored-cover Da Vinci Code. And bought a new one again.
It is indeed an awesome book that I would read again and again ;D

Sis got herself this. A medic encyclopedia =/

Before leaving, I grabbed the PhotoYou issue that I’ve missed ;D Spring collection

Complimentary gift when buying Photo You.
But.. excuse me, why Mozart? ._____.

;O I can’t believe that I’ve spent hundreds on books todae!

Nang if you love this (;

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I’ve survived among 10900 people!

Article from The Star, 11 June 2010

There’re plenty of complaints regarding the scholarships allocation for SPM leavers. Now the government puts up more places for excellent students, to pursue their ambitions.

Thank God, my appeal via MCA really works!


The government is going to sponsor my full foundation to degree-in-accounting course,
which worths RM 56,000! Still excluding my living cost ;D

I was goddamn happy when I checked my result. It was like the best gift ever.
But when I think deeply, I am unsure if I shall accept the offer.

#1 FREE! Who doesn’t want it?
#2 Only 1% burden to my family, 99% happiness.
#3 Independent. Would live alone in Malacca.
#4 Freedom! I love’em.
#5 Job secured. Gonna work for government after that.


#1 Separated from my darling buddies!
#2 MMU isn’t the best accounting school.
#3 Have to wash clothes etc by myself! Back to NS life.
#4 No more joining Nuffnang activities in KL.
#5 Away from home. Not 1 or 2 months. But 4 years!

I don’t know how long would the list be if I continue typing here.
This is my course, starting on the last week of June!

I have to decide by next Friday, only a few days left!
Whether to accept or reject the offer?

In a million of flowers, where shall the truth lies?

Nang if you love this (;

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ishin Japanese Dining

I’ve just got my March and April salary, yes I know it’s kinda late for now. But that’s really my company’s scheme. Salary delayed for a month or more =/

And it’s time to treat myself for a superb meal! ;D

ISHIN is a Japanese restaurant serving genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order. They prepare our meals freshly using ingredient imported from Japan's famous Tsukiji market with the finest ingredients of the season.

Philly roll @ RM25.00
Smoked salmon and cream cheese roll

Nice, unique name it has. But the taste is rather common =/

Pheonix roll @ RM28.00
Fried breaded tiger prawn wrapped in avocado.

This looks like the dragon roll in Sushi Groove. I didn’t know that phoenix and dragon can resemble the same thing LOL.

Soft shell crab maki @ RM18.00
Only 4 pieces per order. But fantastic taste!

Mixed seafood @ RM52.00
Combination of prawn, Hokkaido scallop and salmon teppanyaki.

OMG just a meal for two, and I spent more than a hundred for this. Luckily after the meal, my stomach can become 897564568 times fuller than ever!

Hope this map helps you (;

No. 202, Persiaran Klang, Batu 3 3/4,
Off Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.

For reservation please call
+603 7980 8228 / +6012 268 3576

Join Ishin's Facebook NOW! Promotion ends on 30 June!

Nang if you love this (;


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