12 June, 2010

I’ve survived among 10900 people!

Article from The Star, 11 June 2010

There’re plenty of complaints regarding the scholarships allocation for SPM leavers. Now the government puts up more places for excellent students, to pursue their ambitions.

Thank God, my appeal via MCA really works!


The government is going to sponsor my full foundation to degree-in-accounting course,
which worths RM 56,000! Still excluding my living cost ;D

I was goddamn happy when I checked my result. It was like the best gift ever.
But when I think deeply, I am unsure if I shall accept the offer.

#1 FREE! Who doesn’t want it?
#2 Only 1% burden to my family, 99% happiness.
#3 Independent. Would live alone in Malacca.
#4 Freedom! I love’em.
#5 Job secured. Gonna work for government after that.


#1 Separated from my darling buddies!
#2 MMU isn’t the best accounting school.
#3 Have to wash clothes etc by myself! Back to NS life.
#4 No more joining Nuffnang activities in KL.
#5 Away from home. Not 1 or 2 months. But 4 years!

I don’t know how long would the list be if I continue typing here.
This is my course, starting on the last week of June!

I have to decide by next Friday, only a few days left!
Whether to accept or reject the offer?

In a million of flowers, where shall the truth lies?

Nang if you love this (;
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