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16 June, 2010

Of colours and hues

Location of the day:

121 Tulips Place Pub. Night Clubs/Pubs.
Ground Floor,
Wisma Cosway,
Jln Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

I’m only using a 3.2 MP phone camera to snap these pictures. I was kinda pissed when it doesn’t have macro food so that I can take good pictures of the food!

But anyway the menu is cute right? I really thought the restaurant’s name is Hungry Panda. LOLLL

The restaurant serves customers from offices during the day with its wide range of food varieties. Chinese food, Western food, Japanese food, fruit juice, cocktails; You name it and they will serve you one!

At night, it operates as a juicy bar with customers sitting along the balcony with myriad of lights at Jalan Bukit Bintang. I should try it out some night soon =P

My Japanese fish rice set @ only RM 6.90 nett ♥♥♥

The red-coloured foodstuff is known as ‘pink Japanese pickled ginger’,
by the Japanese as the cold remedy!

Papa’s chicken chop with rice @ RM7.90 nett

I bet you wouldn’t be able to find such reasonable price at any of the Japanese outlets out there.

I will try out their cocktails soon! ;D


  1. If the chicken chop is without rice, much better! =)

  2. I also thought the restaurant is called Hungry Panda. lol! The chicken chop looks really good. :D


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