13 June, 2010


Read Malaysia 2010: An annual event where publishers, booksellers, academicians, professionals, artistes, authors, software and multimedia suppliers as well as educational institutions such as preschool education, colleges and universities meet together.

Cut the crap. Everyone just gathers together here to grab good bargains!

Reached The Mines around 8pm yesterday. Extremely crowded at night.
ALL books are at 20% discount, some even on sale at RM6.90 only!

My fave for now ♥♥♥

I already have a whole collection of Cecelia Ahern, from PS I Love You to The Book of Tomorrow. So now, time to have a slight chance. Am a fan of Sophie Kinsella already =P

I've lost the old brown-colored-cover Da Vinci Code. And bought a new one again.
It is indeed an awesome book that I would read again and again ;D

Sis got herself this. A medic encyclopedia =/

Before leaving, I grabbed the PhotoYou issue that I’ve missed ;D Spring collection

Complimentary gift when buying Photo You.
But.. excuse me, why Mozart? ._____.

;O I can’t believe that I’ve spent hundreds on books todae!

Nang if you love this (;


  1. i luv sophie kinsella n cecelia ahern too! :)

  2. OMGz! are the books there really really CHEAP??

  3. OMGz! are the books there really really CHEAP??

  4. omg!!! so cheap??? argh...wish i were there, there are lots of books i wanted to buy but they are just too exp...

  5. Cecelia Ahern in the bomb, love her books :D

    Too bad I can't go there sobs

  6. cool.. but i always lazy to read =P

  7. i am a big fan of sophie kinsella *loves* =D

  8. ejum ada pegi jgak hari tu...tapi xbeli ape2 ponn...hehe, tapi bgus event ni memupuk niat membaca..wah buku hebat2?..

  9. Whoa... too bad... books and I have a bad history together....

  10. wowow...books really cheap there...thanks for sharing...

  11. OMG! i didnt know there's such place! I really love reading but books are super expensive!

  12. If you like Celia Ahern and Sophie Kinsella's books.. make sure to grab Candace Bushnell's Carrie Diaries.

    It's about Carrie Bradshaw before she went to NY.


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