29 October, 2010

Grasping For Air @ Bentong, Pahang

It was a perfect day to visit my hometown as the everything in KL is seriously driving me crazy. You may say that this is an escape from the reality, =P yes but I enjoyed it :)

It was me, the picture of the day, with a FISH tee shirt ;D

-With the skin-

Mama and I bought this pack of buah berangan
when strolling down the wet market of warm smiles and friendliness from the folks

P/S: it is chestnut in English by the way.


It is awesomely delicious and the sweetest chestnut I've ever eaten on Earth!
Best served when it is still hot :)

Grandma loves this too; But kinda expensive--- Costs me RM10 for 20 pieces = =

*Oh that was only appetizer, here comes our main course ;D

Fish of the day: Steamed cat fish (ikan keli, by the way)
It is my favourite type of fish since young, I have no idae why thou.

四色豆 (Combination of four kinds of beans)

I'm sorry that this isn't halal =/
Marmite pork; It is my first time eating pork after months of living without it!

Grandma is as lovely as the lady in the picture xD!

Fyi my hometown is indeed a kampung house;
Not those brickhouses yet, that's why it brings memories of the old times. How nostalgic.

My grandma's old but super bike (:
It reminisces the ups and downs in the past

Thanks for the memories.

25 October, 2010

FiSh Loves Fish Roe

Greetings to my dear readers! It had been so long since I last updated an entry with my own picture,
so please allow me to camwhore once.

Relax-lah, just one picha niaa =P

Destination of the dae: Sushi Zanmai @ Low Yat Plaza

You know I would certainly order a whole plate of my favourite Ikura

Nope, not one plate, but just a few bits of Ikura in my raw salmon don only ):
Quite enough for a typical girl's appetite, only @ RM13.80

Our appetizer: 6 pieces of crunchy onion shreds and salmon maki

Unagi Don @ RM 16.80
Looks huge eh? But the portion is real small =/

Assorted sushi here ;D ;D

The sushis were shared among all of us (;

It might be a simple, small gathering, but... it's always pleasant to meet up and catch up with you guys. Hope the coming weeks wouldn't keep me too busy to be absent in future outings! ;D

Sorry for the poor quality of pichas again,
No DSLR with me on that dae =/

22 October, 2010


Life recently isn't that good if you've come across my Facebook status each day. I tend to update emo status on Facebook, but didn't try it even once on Twitter.

But one thing that makes me get eventually happier, more excited and drooling over,
is a typical lomo camera.

What is lomo?

I didn't know much too, but it is just awesome, I didn't want any Holga which costs at least RM500.
Just a decent, affordable one will do.
Mama, can I get one? :)

So many cute jelly lens for sale, and it is much cheaper than a DSLR's lens =P
Woah, you see, can also be used on phone! ♥♥♥

How'd I wish to get a whole set of jelly lens home, I bet it is only RM15 each!!
CLICK to know more.
Hearty lomo film, so kawaii right? ONLY RM18 T________T

Out of so many types of lomo camera,
I personally love the wide-angle lomo ;D
This angelic thing costs only RM219, but already kinda costly to me =/

Look at the picture produced by wide angle lens? Awesome right? ;D

This isn't bad too, only RM89 and it can dive into deep sea xD!
Yeah waterproof, the very same one which JiaYeen owns.

Picture source from: Kawaii Store

And this fisheye ;D K200NM FISHEYE @ RM250
The effect is much more different from ordinary camera, even DSLR can't do this without accessories!

Golden Half Chelsea Maika at only RM200, special edition somemore

Best combination: Angel slim wide-angled lomo + Jelly set
It is currently added to my wishlist, so now it is time to save money
*Reduce meal $, reduce movies, reduce everything*

;D One dae I shall own you, darling lomo

18 October, 2010

Latest Singapore Property Website

It is the time when you get involved in buying properties when you reach about 25, have a decent job and decide to spend the rest of your life with your partner. It should be a good start in building your very own place called home.

Here is my sharing of the day: PropWall; It is Singapore's FREE property resources website with over 100 property analysis articles and 3,000 high quality property photos.

Yes, now we're talking about Singapore.
Can you ever believe that such a small island lies such plentiful of gorgeous buildings?

I personally fall in love with this Marina Bay Residence.
Just a chance for me to stay here for vacation already satisfies me to the fullest.

Monarchy (:

Mansions (:

Lodges (:

As you can see from the above pictures, there are various types of residencies for you to choose from--- the variety starts from apartments, condominiums, dwellings, flats, houses, mansions to residencies!

Other examples of the pictures:

Photo courtesy to Singapore Property.

It is a great website where you can click and choose instead of bumping into one agent after another in search of a new property.

Looking for Singapore property? Regardless of for rent or for sale,
Here is always the best way to go:

Singapore Property

15 October, 2010

You Again?

Who did I dislike in the past?

A real good question here ;D Courtesy to dear Nuffnang for allowing me to share my personal experience here to win a pair of tics and even massage vouchers!

This person isn't the nasty classmate who kept stealing my Hello Kitty erasers; She is not the senior who kept stuffing my into rubbish bins. She practically isn't the person who has made my life unpleasant in the past,

but she has certainly made my whole family's life miserable as well!

Brief introduction:
She was my closest neighbour when I was in Primary Year 4. Only one year older than me, but she was way smarter in telling lies, making havocs, stealing, being immoral, etc. Her name is Komala, by the way, if you're interested to know (;

It's impossible to seek truth from her, for every word uttered from her mouth is lie, lie and LIE!

I remembered how she came over my house to borrow crayons from me because her brother had taken hers. Just a little help here, so we just lent a helping hand. But there was no more crayons returning to my house anymore!

When my mum asked her for it, she said,
"Aunty, I've returned it to you that day, don't you remember?
I even thank you, how can you forget?"

What a HUGE lie for a primary school girl!
My Mum even blamed that it was MY fault for not keeping the crayons properly. She gave me a tongue lashing and told me that she wouldn't want to buy me another set of crayon anymore! I was like, "I am not faulty!!!"

It was my favourite set of colors too, and I cried for losing them and being misunderstood by Mama too ));

And the best part is,
I saw her using the very same set of crayons in school,
which she claimed it was hers =.="

Not to say that small, tiny crayon set,
she even 'stole' my marker pens, my Mum's radio and my Sis's scrapbook by 'making silly excuses'!

Confronting her parents was useless, they were on their daughter's side without having to care about honesty and justice! How immoral they were!

I always asked Mum why didn't she have such long nose since she lied so well each day! );
When I finally grew up, I realised Pinocchio only existed in fairytales.

Also, she sweet-talk to both our parents, like apologizing, hoping that we would forgive her since she was only a kid after all, and yet she had been repeating the same mistakes over and over again till the day her family finally shifted away!

Thank God they shifted and no longer become my neighbour after 2 years of ruining my life!
And I could secure all my belongings without such hypocrite ;D

She is indeed memorable in my childhood memories!


If I were watching "You Again", it is impossible for me not to think bout you, your actions in my past, and of course your very good deeds towards my family!

Thank you for your presence in my life,
you should glad that you're that memorable to me!

12 October, 2010

From Black to Chiffon Beige!

As promised, let’s start our hair-dye project now ;D

#1 : Wear gloves and a piece of unwanted clothes.
IMPORTANT: Wear face mask as well, as the smell of ammonia is strong.

#2 : Mix the solution. Do not shake.

#3 : Squeeze the bottle to get foam, and form lather on the whole hair.

#4 : Top up the part where you feel you need more colour.

The whole process takes less than an hour,
and the colour effect (as shown above) depends on your hair itself.

Ta-daa! And this is my result:


From the colour effect,
;D Kao Liese Bubble Foam is really worth buying!

Give it a try, people.
It doesn’t harm (;
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