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12 October, 2010

From Black to Chiffon Beige!

As promised, let’s start our hair-dye project now ;D

#1 : Wear gloves and a piece of unwanted clothes.
IMPORTANT: Wear face mask as well, as the smell of ammonia is strong.

#2 : Mix the solution. Do not shake.

#3 : Squeeze the bottle to get foam, and form lather on the whole hair.

#4 : Top up the part where you feel you need more colour.

The whole process takes less than an hour,
and the colour effect (as shown above) depends on your hair itself.

Ta-daa! And this is my result:


From the colour effect,
;D Kao Liese Bubble Foam is really worth buying!

Give it a try, people.
It doesn’t harm (;


  1. the colour not bad~~ but don't know why i still love your black hair better! xD maybe i'm more tradition LOL. i love traditional japanese woman that having long black hair and i think you got the look haha. > <

  2. the first picture like horror movie punya scene la. =#

    btw, colour quite nice, but u intentionally makes only some of your hairs brown is it?

  3. haha, well, the colour does seem to "shang she" very well. but then i think u didnt put it too evenly, so it looks like highlights :)

  4. yeahh i agree with wenyi and domokun. it looks like you're having highlights and good thing that it's obvious even not under sunlight :D

  5. wah dye hair also got steps ar? hahaha


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