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29 October, 2010

Grasping For Air @ Bentong, Pahang

It was a perfect day to visit my hometown as the everything in KL is seriously driving me crazy. You may say that this is an escape from the reality, =P yes but I enjoyed it :)

It was me, the picture of the day, with a FISH tee shirt ;D

-With the skin-

Mama and I bought this pack of buah berangan
when strolling down the wet market of warm smiles and friendliness from the folks

P/S: it is chestnut in English by the way.


It is awesomely delicious and the sweetest chestnut I've ever eaten on Earth!
Best served when it is still hot :)

Grandma loves this too; But kinda expensive--- Costs me RM10 for 20 pieces = =

*Oh that was only appetizer, here comes our main course ;D

Fish of the day: Steamed cat fish (ikan keli, by the way)
It is my favourite type of fish since young, I have no idae why thou.

四色豆 (Combination of four kinds of beans)

I'm sorry that this isn't halal =/
Marmite pork; It is my first time eating pork after months of living without it!

Grandma is as lovely as the lady in the picture xD!

Fyi my hometown is indeed a kampung house;
Not those brickhouses yet, that's why it brings memories of the old times. How nostalgic.

My grandma's old but super bike (:
It reminisces the ups and downs in the past

Thanks for the memories.


  1. hey . , I love ur T-shirt , and the foods too . ,

    but I'm sorry , I can't eat marmite pork because that food isn't halal . ,

  2. I love your grandma!! sadly my grandma died ady...=P

  3. and bdw!! you camwhored!!! woot woot~ xD

  4. hahaha why need to say sorry, its your blog what. LOL

    yeah, ur hometown give the old classic aura, looking at the pics. ur grandma's old bike reminds me of my late grandfather's car. which has gone long time ago. =/

  5. Small town life is slow and relaxing,is that street in Chamang,Bentong?

  6. its really nice to escape form this busy kl sometimes right.. this make me miss my hometown so much.. huhu

  7. wow....nice pics
    really2 awesome :)

  8. nothing is sweeter than eating home cook food from your loved ones :)

  9. Hi wanzi..

    dtg nk kenal wanzi disini..
    nice to meet u.. :))

  10. @Ladida, sorry for posting nonhalal pict anyway

    @Mag, that wasnt my grandma pict LOL opps another camwhore pict!

    @Danial, yeaps it is kinda nostalgia isnt it? (;

    @thomas, yeaps it is bentong, but i dont think it's chamang?

    @canistal, perhaps u should get some time back to hometown?

    @bieaz, thanks! will further improve on those picts!

    @andy, those aren't homecooked but still, it is warm to eat with them!

    @muslimah, thanks.

  11. hi, i Like your old bicycle pic, very aesthetics..

  12. waaah, I love your picturesssss :D :D !

  13. aww, so nice :) my hometown is here LOL in daerah petaling ==

  14. it was really nice pic.. keep it up! nice words on ur blog!

  15. like the 1st pics..

    p/s: did u put away your sbox?

  16. love ikan keli too..
    but without the head..LOL


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