18 October, 2010

Latest Singapore Property Website

It is the time when you get involved in buying properties when you reach about 25, have a decent job and decide to spend the rest of your life with your partner. It should be a good start in building your very own place called home.

Here is my sharing of the day: PropWall; It is Singapore's FREE property resources website with over 100 property analysis articles and 3,000 high quality property photos.

Yes, now we're talking about Singapore.
Can you ever believe that such a small island lies such plentiful of gorgeous buildings?

I personally fall in love with this Marina Bay Residence.
Just a chance for me to stay here for vacation already satisfies me to the fullest.

Monarchy (:

Mansions (:

Lodges (:

As you can see from the above pictures, there are various types of residencies for you to choose from--- the variety starts from apartments, condominiums, dwellings, flats, houses, mansions to residencies!

Other examples of the pictures:

Photo courtesy to Singapore Property.

It is a great website where you can click and choose instead of bumping into one agent after another in search of a new property.

Looking for Singapore property? Regardless of for rent or for sale,
Here is always the best way to go:

Singapore Property


  1. We have a lot of buildings...too cramped in fact...

  2. hahha yeah, for a kampung boy like me, going to singapore was like WHOA! so much different from the flats here in malaysia. they keep their place clean. i love that part about singapore.
    but yeah, too cramped.

  3. haha fish, we go to M'sia countryside and highlands, u come to Singapore buildings :) Are u a property agent?

  4. Malaysian property also not much money to buy some more wanna buy Singapore property meh.

  5. Fish...i have awarded you something :-) Because i love ur blog....do redeem it ok.


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