Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday to

Mr. Lim Fung Soon~ =DD

*The only and one picture me + you took before :(

By the way, sorry bout the surprise =Xx.
Do enjoy tonight :)

*I skipped tuition classes today xD
And left Mum in the mall =X
The reason is simple x)
I stayed up to 12 midnight last night,
and went welcoming Aunt back in KLIA from Beijing & Guangzhou, China at 4am =.="
now I am pretty exhausted...
Luckily, she bought me lots of souvenirs!! xD
From caps, to shoes...she used 3luggages to pack in everything back to Malaysia =DD
Alright, it is undeniable that things from China are unbelievably c-h-e-a-p.

*The necklace :) Only RM3 x)

*Mine!! But...the weather here is kinda odd for me to wear like this =/

*Aunt's oldies baggie :)

*Scarves :)

* For cousin niece :) kawaii~

11 月 29 日

I went to tuition classes as usual :(
Supposingly I can go for F.I.R's concert,
because Dad has got some tickets from his office.
[ Yea, he works at Genting (: ]
But... too bad, not many people love this artist,
and nobody is willing to go with me
WITHOUT worrying bout the hotel, transportation etc...
So obviously, Dad has had to give out the tickets to other colleagus :(

By the way,
Today's topic of Biology lesson: Living things' H-E-A-R-T

*The cutest FISH drawing I'd ever seen xD!

*Demo-ing on blood circulation =.= wait, you must be wondering who is he?

I know. I know. Everyone obviously couldn't see his face clearly =X. I promised, I'd take a better picture of his xD. Soon. Very soon, hopefully x)
And *yawn* I was not concentrating again when I started texting around bout next week's outing. I don't know if I shall really go for it =/

Okayy. The entire day seemed so so so wrong again.
Hope to have a bliss of laughter soon xD

Saturday, November 29, 2008


我会很怀念那段日子,但绝对不会幻想太多了。=] 请你放心吧。其实你可能从来都没注意到我一直有多在乎他们说的一切。虽然是时隔许久,但我的心还有一些没办法形容的感觉。每次碰面的时候他们都说了一些关于我们的往事。特别是有一句话是从来没改变的 (我不方便在这儿写下)。每个幸福的画面和相遇的镜头; 我也希望还留在你的回忆里。 =]


幸福; 你已找到了~

Friday, November 28, 2008

Having a great time couldn’t stop me from thinking of it :(
I couldn't stop myself from ...
Duh...cut the crap =.=" talking bout it here is not important anymore.

=DD So today I went for Twilight =DD with besties + friends...
Shopping around with guys that will never complain is great :)
Talking over and over about the movie is nice :D
Walking under the rain while a guy indeed brought an umbrella is unexpectable :)
Walking out of a restaurant without ordering anything is my first attempt LOL! :D
斗嘴 with 文彬 is also fun . ha-has =D
Listening to your past is abit...weird =Xx Anyway I do enjoy :)

Talking bout the movie, the fella below is the one starring Edward Cullen.
OmFg =.=" how come he looks so handsome here but not in the movie?? =Xx
I seriously scare of him if I were Isabella Swan LoL :P
~his face is freaking white ohmaiigwad...

RM10 * Rm15 *Rm1o * RM15
What a bargain =DD bought lots of clothes today,
super excited over it until...
I reached home and tried the shorts =.="
I seriously couldn't fit into a M size short! WTH??
Alright, I am fat. Indeed f-a-t.
And Mum wants me to lose weight
by consuming some "healthy" products or whatsoever.
Forget your 'brilliant' idea please.
I won't and I don't have to.
Today also..
I started to know more bout you again,
bout your past, your sadness over it,
and how much it hurts until the scar is still clearly seen deep in your heart.
I felt bit weird excited when you actually tell me this LOL.
But...anyway thanks for telling =Xx.

*Today I didn't snap a single photo, without my camera along =X. Deepest apology for it LOL. Everyone, do enjoy Twilight. Don't watch till sleep =Xx ~

Creativity in Photographing (:
I found them *somewhere*...
And they looked great :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Her text reads, “Can you actually try to voice out something instead of giving me that stupid, simple fucking meaningless word??”

Okayyy. This well-described word is referred to S-O-R-R-Y.

Yesyesyes. I guess it should not be as colorful as rainbow for it never brings happiness to me within my spirit. It is just a five-letter word, which doesn’t bring any significance anymore when you used to do something against one’s feeling on PURPOSE.

Her letter reads, “But you will never know what lurks in the heart there.”

Again, is it called “adding salt into the wound”?

The thing has clearly happened; it is undeniable.
This may sound too torturing when I have had learnt to accept the truth :(
Perhaps I could twist everything into a simple, straightforward one.
[Mind my childish, grotesquely odd mind]

Tolerance is utterly expected.
Don't be selfish, do be more understanding.
Blablabla.whatsoever piece of shit it is.
I couldn't find myself a simple reason to act so patient yet happy over it :(

*This very intricate dispute I’m facing is immensely horrible!”

About the undesirable frightening nature:
[Mind my exaggerated tone]

I have discovered the hidden secrets :(
I believe, I have unwittingly gone FOOLISH, for the previous week, for the past two weeks, for the entire life of mine.

The ridiculously incongruous fact that I shouldn't tell anyone; yet I let some people knew bout it. To my surprise, their reaction is much greater than mine :)
I know there's no point of getting so furious over it anymore for it can no longer be changed,
I love all of you. Thanks alot.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Attention to all SMKBBSPians except Form3s n 5s...
Today I went to school...
And found out that our year-end result will be delivered by post.
Or I should say, 'had been delivered' by post :)
You will receive it shortly___perhaps in 2 or 3 days time...

First, you will receive an envelope posted to your house :)

The first piece of paper is our academic result...

And the second one is co-curricular result.
This is what I !#$%^&*() them =X
Coz...I get a grade E for it :(
They didn't put in my club/society's result T_T"

P/S: Don't burn off your result when you receive it please. xD

Went to night market after tuition again.
This time, I spent alot =Xx
It's unavoidable xD!!
We reached there too early, I guessed =X
That's why I couldn't have a wider look at my beloved clothes..
Met Mr.Chong TWICE,
and with his blur look, he couldn't see us xD
P/S: I have such big reaction because of you and him xD

"Love overflow" ___*Had this drink in Leo's Cafe =Xx

Monday, November 24, 2008

What mood you're in now?
.:: Boring tuition day *yawn*
Everyone seems sleepy =Xx
Nothing to elaborate bout today here.
Oh did I mention that I stopped hating you?
You made me worried :(

It falls on Thursday, 27 November 2008.
Both Twilight and Bolt will be showing on cinemas =D

Almost everyone is great fans of Twilight. As for me, I haven't finish reading the book yet @_@"and I don't even have time to finish it up LoL. So...I shall watch the movie first =D
And this cute thing ♥♥♥ I wanna watch it badly xD

I need a day for movie marathon badly T_T
I have missed my chance to watch a lot of ghost movies in cinema,
because they're all 18PL. And GSC workers never allow me in, I don't know why = =

And I have stressful unavoidable tuition classes for the entire week @_@"

OmG did I mention that a stalker just called ?
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

So yesterday I have learnt about creative writing during English lesson. I couldn’t write a stunning one like Mr. Murugan’s, and mine is nothing compared to a novelist’s. But I am pretty convinced that this not-so-impressive essay could make a difference someday.

Searching for a tune of bittersweet melody, things just seemed starting to rhyme when people are already on the journey of seeking the dreams. Keeping myself awake at this breezy midnight, I can feel the coldness coming from outside, just like the way I am feeling deep in my heart’s core.

A moment of eternal bliss once took my heart away, soared it high, up into the sky but this very moment vanishes into thin puffs of air in just a blink of eyes. Now, your blithe ignorance of my tortured soul causes me running away from my fear of what comes tomorrow, from what the future might hold, and from all the pain I keep inside of me.

Blinded by pride, you failed to see how these eyes have wept before you although now they can weep no more. You have made them once sparkled with life and gaiety, and now you too, made them stared into space, void and empty. Yet, I am still trying to remember when the love you planted turned away from me, when the weather changed from a warm evening breeze to freezing rain.

To Him I pray night by night; hoping all that I did, will you say right.
To Him I ask, mine you forgive; every single wrong, this long I’ve made.

Until this second, I’m still all right. I look into the mirror and see this medium average person. I am average, not stunning, not ugly; do not expect much, am never too disappointed. A little tired, a little sad, but not falling apart.

If thoughts of mine reach yours this night,
do bear in mind forever:
I heart you all these times.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ermmm practically I am introducing you this shop
IF you are not awared of it yet :)
It is just opposite the Leo's cafe in TheStore.
It is my second time of visiting it besides the day for Kang's celebration...

it is a family business,
comprises of two adults,
a VictoriaInstitution scholar,
and also a SeriSentosa girl.

*The cute name xD
And the dishes:::

Today I went there again.

Waitress: What you want?
Dad: Erm this, this and this [pointing at the menu; He ordered 4 sets of whateverchop rice]
Waitress: Ohh okayyy...
*awhile later*

Waitress: Sorry. We have only 3 bowls of here. So...would you mind to change one of the sets into noodles?
Dad: @@"
Waitress: Oh wait. I can buy rice from the opposite shop [referring to Leo's]. Nevermind, you don't have to change your order :/
Dad: Ohh okayy =.="

So this is the service? LoL. Showing that it is indeed a pretty small business @@"

The food is okayyy.
The service is also just okayyy.
But I adore it :) Idon'tknowwhy~

Friday, November 21, 2008

___Picture talk on a day back to my hometown

*Woke up so early in the morning, yet I can pose with a sleepy look xD

*Maii breakfast --- the famous WanTanMee in my kampung

Then, I visited the RM2 shop AGAIN,
but too bad this time I couldn't find any Pooh&Friends UNO cards anymore :(

*The modern grandma [not mine xD] who sells veges in the market.
The reason I snapped her is arh...
She looks like the Grandmother in Madagascar2 xD!!

*Taught her to be on camera xD

Spot the fruit :)

*Something we couldn't find in KL :)

The insect that doesn't move when I have my camera so close to it xD

*The little escape...

To the vegetable farm of my grandma's =)

___Our lies now are just more sophisticated; our words to deceive, more eloquent.


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