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27 November, 2008

Her text reads, “Can you actually try to voice out something instead of giving me that stupid, simple fucking meaningless word??”

Okayyy. This well-described word is referred to S-O-R-R-Y.

Yesyesyes. I guess it should not be as colorful as rainbow for it never brings happiness to me within my spirit. It is just a five-letter word, which doesn’t bring any significance anymore when you used to do something against one’s feeling on PURPOSE.

Her letter reads, “But you will never know what lurks in the heart there.”

Again, is it called “adding salt into the wound”?

The thing has clearly happened; it is undeniable.
This may sound too torturing when I have had learnt to accept the truth :(
Perhaps I could twist everything into a simple, straightforward one.
[Mind my childish, grotesquely odd mind]

Tolerance is utterly expected.
Don't be selfish, do be more understanding.
Blablabla.whatsoever piece of shit it is.
I couldn't find myself a simple reason to act so patient yet happy over it :(

*This very intricate dispute I’m facing is immensely horrible!”

About the undesirable frightening nature:
[Mind my exaggerated tone]

I have discovered the hidden secrets :(
I believe, I have unwittingly gone FOOLISH, for the previous week, for the past two weeks, for the entire life of mine.

The ridiculously incongruous fact that I shouldn't tell anyone; yet I let some people knew bout it. To my surprise, their reaction is much greater than mine :)
I know there's no point of getting so furious over it anymore for it can no longer be changed,
I love all of you. Thanks alot.


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