28 November, 2008

Having a great time couldn’t stop me from thinking of it :(
I couldn't stop myself from ...
Duh...cut the crap =.=" talking bout it here is not important anymore.

=DD So today I went for Twilight =DD with besties + friends...
Shopping around with guys that will never complain is great :)
Talking over and over about the movie is nice :D
Walking under the rain while a guy indeed brought an umbrella is unexpectable :)
Walking out of a restaurant without ordering anything is my first attempt LOL! :D
斗嘴 with 文彬 is also fun . ha-has =D
Listening to your past is abit...weird =Xx Anyway I do enjoy :)

Talking bout the movie, the fella below is the one starring Edward Cullen.
OmFg =.=" how come he looks so handsome here but not in the movie?? =Xx
I seriously scare of him if I were Isabella Swan LoL :P
~his face is freaking white ohmaiigwad...

RM10 * Rm15 *Rm1o * RM15
What a bargain =DD bought lots of clothes today,
super excited over it until...
I reached home and tried the shorts =.="
I seriously couldn't fit into a M size short! WTH??
Alright, I am fat. Indeed f-a-t.
And Mum wants me to lose weight
by consuming some "healthy" products or whatsoever.
Forget your 'brilliant' idea please.
I won't and I don't have to.
Today also..
I started to know more bout you again,
bout your past, your sadness over it,
and how much it hurts until the scar is still clearly seen deep in your heart.
I felt bit weird excited when you actually tell me this LOL.
But...anyway thanks for telling =Xx.

*Today I didn't snap a single photo, without my camera along =X. Deepest apology for it LOL. Everyone, do enjoy Twilight. Don't watch till sleep =Xx ~

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