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24 November, 2008

What mood you're in now?
.:: Boring tuition day *yawn*
Everyone seems sleepy =Xx
Nothing to elaborate bout today here.
Oh did I mention that I stopped hating you?
You made me worried :(

It falls on Thursday, 27 November 2008.
Both Twilight and Bolt will be showing on cinemas =D

Almost everyone is great fans of Twilight. As for me, I haven't finish reading the book yet @_@"and I don't even have time to finish it up LoL. So...I shall watch the movie first =D
And this cute thing ♥♥♥ I wanna watch it badly xD

I need a day for movie marathon badly T_T
I have missed my chance to watch a lot of ghost movies in cinema,
because they're all 18PL. And GSC workers never allow me in, I don't know why = =

And I have stressful unavoidable tuition classes for the entire week @_@"

OmG did I mention that a stalker just called ?
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

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