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20 December, 2021

Top 7 Mistakes Men Make When Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Do you know the little secret every girl keeps in their heart when it comes to getting engaged? When a man asks the girlfriend about their ideal diamond ring, the girl will usually say "I don't mind so long as you are the right man". But actually every girl would have an ideal diamond ring in their mind so I am here to share with you some tips to make your girlfriend's dream comes true by picking the best diamond engagement ring.

Let's find out what are the top 7 mistakes men usually make when buying diamond engagement rings...

Mistake #1 Not setting a price range

First, know your budget. I have come across an article that ideally, the price of a diamond engagement ring should range between 1 to 2 times of your monthly salary. But of course, it really depends on individuals - you should feel comfortable with the price range and make her happy at the same time. 

So, plan ahead, set a price range and work around the range. Brands like ZCOVA, one of the most prominent diamond companies in Malaysia, have over 150,000 GIA-certified diamonds to choose from so you can definitely find a diamond that fits your budget.

Mistake #2 Overpaying for diamonds

If you have been checking out the local retailers and comparing prices, you'll be surprised that the diamonds of the same specifications are tagged at widely ranging prices among different retailers.

For example, a 0.5CT J/VS2/3EX/Non-fluorescence + 18K Solitaire Ring is available at a much lower price in ZCOVA as compared to the market price offered by other local retailers.
Store A: RM 11,000
Store B: RM 10,300
ZCOVA: RM 7,300

This is caused by the markup from middlemen, overhead costs, branding etc. No doubt ZCOVA is the best place to buy bigger diamonds at lower prices as it removes the middlemen and minimizes overhead costs. With this, you can save up to 30-40% to get a bigger diamond or spend on your honeymoon!

Mistake #3 Not educating yourself on diamonds

Well, of course we may not be experts in this, but before making any 'big' purchases, always ensure that you do your  homework and the diamond's 4Cs (Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut) specifications.

This will help you decide which diamond quality you want to prioritise when buying diamonds. With some basic knowledge in mind, you can walk into the ZCOVA showroom and speak to their in-house GIA Graduate Gemologist for free diamond education and consultation. Learn about diamond 4Cs, fluorescence, ring pairing and more

Also, don't worry about being pressured to make any purchase because the jewellery consultants there work on a no-commissions policy.

Mistake #4 Thinking all 3EX diamonds are good

You may have noticed that most stores label their diamond as 3EX (Triple Excellent) which is the best Cut grade. However, do you know that not all 3EX diamonds are good? 

You can always request the shop for a 10x magnified 360-degree video to check the diamond properly. For example, in ZCOVA’s 10x magnification 360° video view, you can closely inspect and compare each diamond’s real photo before you buy a diamond online. 

Make sure it has almost perfect hearts and arrows like this! 
Without this, your diamond will not be sparkly.

Mistake #5 Diamonds only need GIA Certificate

We often focus only on the GIA Certificate (by the Gemological Institute of America) for the diamond’s 4Cs, but the quality of a diamond is beyond this. It is important to also evaluate how sparkly a diamond is. 

Hence, always ask for the GemEx Certificate that measures the diamond's Light Performance – Brilliance (White Light), Fire (Color Light) and Sparkle (Scintillation).

In fact, ZCOVA is the only online diamond and jewelry company in Malaysia and Singapore
that offer such dual-cert diamonds.

Mistake #6 Not knowing her preferred ring design

While you want to surprise her with a wedding proposal, you are desperate to find out her dream ring, unless she has explicitly mentioned the ring setting she wants. Are you worried that you will buy the ‘wrong’ ring?
  • White, rose or yellow gold?
  • Plain band or pave?
  • 4 or 6 prongs?
  • Low or tall setting?
I am sure you'd be delighted to know about ZCOVA's special service known as "Propose With A Diamond". They will set your diamond on a temporary ring first. After your successful proposal, you can bring her back to design her dream ring in 18K gold. No more stress in choosing the right ring! 

Mistake #7 Paying extra for customisation

We all love personalised, one-of-a-kind engagement rings that belong to us and our other half, don't we? At ZCOVA, you can fully customise your ring from diamond shape to ring design and even with name personalisation. You will also get 3D renders and 3D prints of your design to see and try-on before confirming.

Unlike many shops, the service is completely free of charge and there are no hidden charges for custom design, for using credit card, instalment or resizing service.

So, make sure you don't make any of the aforementioned mistakes when getting an engagement proposal ring. With ZCOVA, the experience is definitely quality assured, hassle-free, and worry-free.

For more information, please visit ZCOVA at: 

ZCOVA PJ Showroom @ Kota Damansara
ZCOVA Johor Bahru Showroom @ SouthKey Mosaic 

Instagram: @zcova
Contact: +603 6150 8100 / +6017 367 0666

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