19 January, 2021

[CNY Special] Purple Cane Tea Restaurant Lou Sang Menu Review

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

It is time for annual reunion with our family members and relatives. Don’t worry about dining out during the current pandemic situation; now we can enjoy premium restaurant-grade reunion dinner at the comfort of our own homes. 

紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant has recently rolled out a series of festive dishes to usher the “Niu” (牛) year. I am always a fan of Purple Cane’s cuisine as their tea-infused dishes are health-oriented, using all-natural fresh ingredients with no MSG, low fat, low salt and low seasoning. So I am excited to try out the latest offerings for this CNY. 

Flourish Prosperi-tea Bundle @ RM338 (RSP: RM470)

The best part? You can enjoy up to 26% OFF for all CNY sets, for both dine-in and delivery options. For our family of three, we are having the Flourish Prosperi-tea Bundle Set which is recommended for 3-4 persons.

Health-TeaLicious Abalone Yee Sang (Long Jing)
(百香酱味鲍劳生 - 1卖)

Let’s begin our reunion with an auspicious Yee Sang toss. This healthy yee sang is beautifully composed of abalone, shredded vegetables and fruits in colourful hues, then drizzled with the house specialty tangy passionfruit sauce infused with Long Jing tea. So appetising, refreshing and crunchy!

Look at the generous amount of abalone for this 3-4 pax set! Delicious!

Let's toss and wish for the best of the 2021 Ox Year!

Prosperity Vegetable Treasure Pot (Oolong Tea)
(金玉满堂素品锅 - 乌龙)

Treasure pot is another highlight for CNY and in Purple Cane, we can have a vegetarian version which is made of fresh greens, mushrooms and root vegetables in a special soup infused with Dong Ding Oolong Tea from Taiwan. 

Personally, this is my favourite dish as the soup is very nourishing and tummy-comforting. The flavour of each ingredient here is light on the palate, and I enjoy tasting the original goodness of this heart-warming pot. 

I love how the "money bag" bursts in rich savoury flavour of the filling from within.

Steamed Kampung Chicken with Dried Oysters and Fatt Choy (Oolong Tea)
(蚝士发菜荷叶鸡 - 乌龙)

Another heart-warming highlight of the set menu is the steamed chicken and dried oysters drenched in thick braised sauce. Again, we are delighted to see such generous portion which can easily feed 4-5 pax. 

The tenderness of the bird allows the fluffy meat to fall off easily from the bone -
take a dip into the braised sauce and you'll love the right sweet-savory balance it gives.

Fried Tea Rice with XO Sauce in Lotus Leaf (Long Jing)

Here comes the last dish which is the "rice" which some would skip during Chinese dinners etc. Little did we know that a simple XO fried rice like this can blow our mind! Every spoonful of the tea rice is punch-packed with flavours from the non-spicy XO sauce, with an added biting pleasure from the yam and pumpkin cubes. 

More perks?
❤ FREE Premium Cooler Bag with any takeaway / delivery order of Health-TeaLicious Abalone Yee Sang
*While stocks last 

Where to order?
❤ You can order directly from Purple Cane. For KL Area: Visit https://purplecane.oddle.me/
❤ Or order via its delivery partners such as Airasia.com, GrabFood, FoodPanda and Hungry. 

Delivery cost?
❤ FREE delivery for Klang Valley area except Shah Alam, Kajang, Sungai Buloh and Klang.

Any dine-in options?
Yes, in Purple Cane Tea Cuisine located at:
 Shaw Parade, KL
   📲 60127163090 | Whatsapp: https://wa.me/60127163090
 The Gardens, Mid Valley 
   📲 60127193090 | Whatsapp: https://wa.me/60127193090

Overall, 紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant is a great option for CNY reunion as we get to enjoy great delicious food in a wholesome way without feeling guilty at all. Best for tea lovers and health conscious individuals who appreciate quality and healthy food.

Let's stay safe, stay healthy and have a Happy Chinese "Niu" Year!

For more information, please visit: 
Website: www.purplecane.my 

18 January, 2021

[CNY Special] Egg-stra ONG Burger Combo by Marrybrown

ONG ah! Happy Chinese New Year! 

What's better for this CNY than enjoying a delicious, auspicious and ONG meal? Marrybrown has just introduced an Egg-stra ONG burger combo to celebrate this festive season and I am excited to be one of the first to taste it.

Marrybrown Egg-stra Ong Meal with Salted Egg Sauce is available in 3 variants:

❤ Egg-stra Ong Burger + Chicken Combo
(Egg-stra Ong Burger, Egg-stra Ong Chicken, Fries, Nestle Pink Lemonade)

❤ 3 pcs Egg-stra Ong Chicken Combo
(3 pcs Egg-stra Ong Chicken, Vegetable Salad, Mashed Potato, Nestle Pink Lemonade)

❤ 2 pcs Egg-stra Ong Chicken Ala Carte

The pink burger is specially made to symbolise good fortune and happiness, 
and taste wise, it is so soft and fluffy! 

Perfectly paired with golden salted egg yolk sauce, in which gold resembles wealth for this brand new year. You can either dip the crispy chicken thigh into the sauce or pour the sauce directly onto the meat. And yes, it makes me craving for more! 

Every bite of the burger and crispy chicken filing is so satisfying
with the rich salted egg yolk sauce. Irresistibly good and well-portioned!

Don't forget to wash down the meal with the refreshing Nestle Pink Lemonade, which Marrybrown is the first QSR to launch this!

Not a fan of burger? No worries, you can also order the 2 pcs / 3 pcs Egg-stra Ong Chicken meal
to enjoy the salted egg yolk flavours in your fried chicken!

I am sure the Egg-stra ONG burger / chicken suits the palate for both young and old, 
and of course it is sure to bring you more ONG too! 

Available now at all Marrybrown outlets nationwide, GrabFood and FoodPanda too.

For more information about Marrybrown, please visit:

13 January, 2021

[CNY Special] Purple Cane Gift Set to Welcome an Ox-picious Year!

牛开喜年 | Happy Ox-picious Chinese New Year! 

2021 has started great thus far, and now we are ushering into an Ox-picious New Year. Every Chinese New Year gives a significant meaning to me as it reminds me the importance of togetherness in a family and showing gratitude to those who have completed the journey with us throughout the past year.

So, it's gifting time for our loved ones, family, friends, business partners, etc! And nothing is more suitable than gifting some prosperi-tea gift set and let the warmth of each tea cup transcend distance and time to share an abundance of renewed fortune and good health. 

Specially for this festive celebration, Purple Cane has launched a series of CNY-exclusive hamper and gift set priced from RM 49.90 onwards. For bulk orders, Purple Cane's corporate sale is available too. 

Auspicious Wishes Tea Gift Set @ RM 199.80

The gift box I picked is a pretty huge set which has everything you need - teaware, tea leaves and snack - to celebrate the new year. It includes: 

❤ 1 pc Celadon Tea Pot
❤ 2 pcs Celadon Tea Cups
❤ 1 pc Mini Blossom-shaped Puer (5g)
❤ 1 pc Petite Mandarin Orange Peel Puer (8g)
❤ 1 box Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea (100g)
❤ 1 pc Qing Yun Pu Green Puer Tea Year 2019 Yunnan (±357g)
❤ 1 pc Tea Canister with Baby Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea Hangzhou (10g)
❤ 1 pc Tea Canister with Lychee Black Tea Guangdong (20g)
❤ 2 sachets Cane's Green Tea
❤ 1 can Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds (200g)
❤ 1 Gift Box

I always love how Purple Cane puts much attention to detail and effort in crafting the best for customers. Its beautifully-designed gift box never fails to impress me as it exudes warmth and happiness of reunion. Definitely great for gifting! 

Celadon Tea Pot and Tea Cups Set

To begin the art of tea tasting, let's brew up a cup of great tea in the beautifully crafted teaware this CNY.  The design of this jade green celadon colored tea set, adorned with Koi fish, is so lovely. 

Qing Yun Pu (青云普) Green Puer Tea (Year 2019 Yunnan)

The set also includes a premium quality green puer round tea cake, made of selected broad-leafed raw tea leaves which have been sun-dried, steamed and compressed. On the mouth, it exudes mellow aroma and full-bodied flavours. Perfect for tea connoisseurs! 

Tea Canister Duo - Lychee Black Tea / Baby Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea 

I have tried Lychee Black Tea at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant several times, and the excellent taste and aroma keeps me wanting for more. Happy to have my own canister of Lychee Black Tea now so I can enjoy it at home anytime I wish. 

Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea and Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds 

Buy now and get the limited edition exclusive red packets!

And the 50% discount voucher is yours too.
So, let's wrap your gift in warmth and send a great wish.

Let the Golden Ox propel us forward in an Oxpicious New Year.
Stay healthy, and stay TEA-rific in the brand new CNY ahead! 

For more information, please visit: 
Website: www.purplecane.my 
Instagram: @purplecane_tea

02 January, 2021

[FOOD] Grilled Butter Chicken @ The Chicken Rice Shop

Whenever I am craving for some hearty and delicious chicken meal, the first thing that crosses my mind is The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS). I am sure that this restaurant is no stranger to you, since it has been a family favourite dining spot for decades now. 

It is exciting to hear that TCRS is bringing back the goodness and creaminess of Grilled Butter Chicken to melt the hearts of butter lovers, which is available only for a limited time (until 17 January 2021). So, let’s not miss it, and discover the perfect match together at TCRS!

Back on the table by popular demand, the Grilled Butter Chicken is a rich and delicious dish combining the finest of aromatic butter and fluffy chicken. When I first try it, I am surprised that the dish turns out to be so rich in aroma, texture and flavours. 

The grilled boneless chicken thigh is well-drizzled with ultra creamy golden buttery sauce, garnished with curry leaves and red chilli. I like how prominent the buttery flavour is, with hints of spicy kick. 

We order the set menu for two, and the Grilled Butter Chicken goes well with the Pai Tee, Pak Choy, Fish Balls and aromatic bowls of chicken rice. 

What a perfect dish to kickstart 2021 with its smoothness and irrefutable perfect pairing. No doubt it is one of the most anticipated dishes at TCRS over the years as the love for butter would never fade! So satisfying and comforting for the stomach, be it young or old. 

True to its tagline ‘Chicken Rice… and More’, TCRS’ variety of local delights is always so appetising and appealing to my liking. Looking forward to enjoying more meals in TCRS!

For more information on Grilled Butter Chicken or other promotions available 
at The Chicken Rice Shop, please visit:

#TheChickenRiceShop #TCRS 
#GrilledButterChicken #JadikanGBCJodohAnda

27 December, 2020

[REVIEW] New Coffee Culture by Aik Cheong Coffee

Need a coffee fix? You're at the right place! 

The art of drinking coffee has evolved over the years and nowadays we enjoy a cup of coffee with dessert or brunch at some fancy cafes because it has become part of our modern culture.

Now Aik Cheong Coffee is bringing this culture to our homes by offering a wide range of sophisticated coffee and non-coffee beverages to suit our daily lifestyle.

Have you heard about Aik Cheong Coffee?

If you do not already know, Aik Cheong Coffee is one of the pioneers in the coffee scene in Malaysia. Since 1955, Aik Cheong Coffee has a strong 65 years history of brewing excellent coffee for the locals. Among the local's favourite instant beverage products we often see, the range includes: 

Kopi-O (Black Coffee - bag / powder)
❤ 3-in-1 CoffeeMix
❤ Hainan Coffee
❤ White Coffee
❤ Milk Tea (Teh Tarik)
❤ Hot Chocolate Malt Drink
❤ Instant Oatmeal Cereal
❤ VitaFlakes Cereal

With the ever increasing demand for coffee as part of our modern lifestyle, Aik Cheong Coffee has introduced something younger, trendier and more innovative while staying true to its concept of “Enjoying the great taste of coffee at home”. 

IT'S Coffee

“IT’S more than just” instant beverage line was introduced in June 2019, and gained much popularity since then. In less than a year, it has achieved a whopping 1 million cups sale! Packaged in colorful instant cups, the types of beverages under IT'S Coffee include:

❤ IT’S Long Black Extra Shot
❤ IT’S Flat White Extra Shot
❤ IT’S Cappuccino Choco Topping
❤ IT’S Teh Tarik Gula Melaka
❤ IT'S Chocolate Marshmallow
❤ IT’S Matcha Latte Nata De Coco 

*Now available at 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, myNEWS, Petronas, Caltex, Shell, AeonBig, Aeon, Giant, and The Store.

Personally, IT's more than just a beverage. But it is also a source of fun, excitement and happiness in our everyday life. Wherever we go, we can just grab and go a cup of IT'S by Aik Cheong Coffee, and enjoy it right away. How convenient and affordable! 

Each cup comes with 3-step ingredients (depending on the variant) and a stirrer.

Here's a quick video to show you guys how simple it is to enjoy IT'S Coffee! 

Coupled with the newly improved formula and bright-coloured cups, IT'S is a great companion whether you are studying, working or just relaxing! Perhaps alternating the flavours each day, IT'S willl jazz up our life. 

IT'S Granola

Not only that, you can pair your beverage with IT'S Granola as breakfast or snack too! 

IT'S Granola is a nutrient-packed combination of rolled oats, honey and canola oil that is baked until crisp, then toasted until golden brown. It uses only real fruits and nuts, plus some delicious berries yogurt bites. No added refined sugar or artificial flavour ya. 

A serving of IT'S Granola is great to fuel the day while delivering balanced nutrients, as the pure rolled oat sourced from Australia is a great source of fibre, while the protein-rich nuts help to build up muscles and cells and the yoghurt bites aid digestion.

It conveniently comes with a spoon inside. Good to go as a snack on its own, or enjoy with yoghurt or milk as a wholesome breakfast! My personal favourite is to pair with Greek yoghurt - a small serving can give a good amount of energy and protein boost. 

"BLACK" Drip Coffee Series

Specially for coffee connoisseurs, Aik Cheong Coffee has recently rolled out its newly-developed "BLACK" series, a premium range of single-origin coffee. The drip and dip bag coffee series is available in 6 variants:

❤ Ethiopia Yirgracheffe (Spicy + Fragrant)
❤ Colombia Medellin (Bright + Rich)
❤ Guatemala Huehuetenango (Mild + Pleasant)
❤ Nicaragua Jinotega (Sweet + Deep)

Who doesn't love a filter drip coffee? You can brew like a barista at home and enjoy the unique drinking experience that each variant offers. 

Each box comes with 5 packets of drip bags, which conveniently fits onto any mug for dripping.

As each of the single-origin coffee originates from a single producer, crop, or region in one country, each sip of the coffee feels like transporting us to the country itself as we get to taste the differences produced by climate, bean variety, and production method. 

With the concept of "Black to Basic", this range best expresses the uniqueness of coffee beans for us to appreciate the original characteristics of the coffee. 

How to Enjoy: Pour 150ml hot water and wait for 30 seconds.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to be your own barista at home using
Aik Cheong BLACK series as well as a pour over pot and mug. 

As part of Aik Cheong Coffee's effort in promoting the brand in the international arena and advocating the positive fighting spirits, the brand has engaged Tan Boon Heong, our Malaysian renowned badminton player, as the brand ambassador. 

He has been our local favourite sports icon after winning numerous international titles including the Gold Medal for Men’s Doubles at the Asian Games in 2006, as well as other championships namely The Malaysian Open 2007, All England Championship, The Swiss Open and etc. His exceptional capabilities and persistent fighting spirits are well compatible with Aik Coffee’s business philosophy. 

Please feel free to try out Aik Cheong Coffee's IT’S Cup series and BLACK series.
They are widely available on official online stores and offline stores.

Don't forget to follow Aik Cheong Coffee on social media for latest updates and news!

Shop now:

Aik Cheong Coffee

IT’S more than just
Facebook: fb.com/itsbyacc
Instagram: @its_by_acc

Black Series
Instagram: @blackbyacc
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