25 April, 2019

[BEAUTY] Review: belif Youth Creator Age Knockdown Bomb

Let's fight against skin aging! 

Looking at the title, I'm sure you'd have figured out that this is a review of anti-aging product. I used to think that I don't need any anti-aging beauty regimen before I hit 30 but over the past years, I learn that this perception is so wrong.

Whether you are 25 or 40, it is essential to have a really good anti-aging serum because our skin faces lots of harmful external environmental threat everyday. And belif's latest anti-aging serum, a new addition to the iconic belif bomb family, is now here to combat the premature signs of aging while improving the overall health of our skin!

22 April, 2019

Secrets Your Dental Care Provider Will Never Tell You (But You Should Know)

For the sake of our oral health, it is recommended that we visit the dentist at least twice every year. Even before you are told by your dentist, it goes without saying that we should be brushing and flossing our teeth after every meal. However, there are some secrets that your dentist will never tell you but could be important. For example, your dentist may prescribe you use fluoride supplements so that you can have stronger and healthy teeth. But the information your dental care provider may leave out is that too much fluoride can actually damage your teeth.

The truth of the matter is when you use too much fluoride, it can cause your teeth to lose enamel and become weak. Most people have a habit of breathing through their mouth. But when you visit a dentist, they will not tell you that breathing through your mouth is a big problem when in fact it can lead to cavities. In this article, we will show you 5 secrets your dentists will never tell you, from the benefits of chewing gum to the dangers of piercing your tongue.

20 April, 2019

5 Tips About China to Make your Visit Easier

A trip to China is everyone's wish list, and if you are planning a trip to the amazing country for the up and coming summer or autumn, there is much to organise. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and in order to make the most out of this epic holiday destination, you should make contact with an established China tour operator.

19 April, 2019

Smart Traveler Guide In Online Money Transfer

Summer is coming. And we all know that summer means fun, sun and travel! Maybe you’ll be hitting the beaches, or camping and in tune with nature, or maybe you just can’t decide so you pack up and take a road trip and see where that leads you. But the last place you’d want to be at is in a bank trying to send a transfer or waiting around for one. Banks and travel just don’t mix.

You don’t just want to be a traveler, you want to be a smart traveler, and smart travelers make use of technology and the internet to simplify and keep their money safe and available online. If you’re still used to wiring money, we’ll tell you a few reasons why online money is better and safer for you.

17 April, 2019

Immerse Yourself in Mongolia’s Unique Culture

Mongolia is a landlocked country in East Asia and it offers the traveller a unique experience, as you traverse the Mongolian Steppes, a vast and empty wilderness that is teeming with life, despite the harshness of the climate. In case you’re wondering how you could possibly navigate thousands of kilometres of seemingly endless landscape, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Trans-Siberian Railway will provide the transportation.

14 April, 2019

Fun Spots To Explore When Travelling In A Desired City

Nothing feeds your soul than creating good, new, memories. We all have a part in us that yearns to explore and see the beauties of the world. Every city has something special which makes it unique and outstanding. As a tourist, your aim should be to make the most out of your vacation. Visit sites and places that define the city you are exploring. On the verge of touring your desired city, make an effort to know the fun and goodies the city has to offer,

Here are some of the fan spots you should explore when touring your desired city:

08 April, 2019

Sun Life Malaysia x The KettleBowl Massive Fitness Party : #TheKettlebowlTurnsTHREE

Happy World Health Day! 

This year's World Health Day was rather special for me because I actually did something that made me felt physically better, fitter and healthier. 

Sun Life Malaysia collaborated with The KettleBowl to reinvent the way we celebrate fitness and I was glad to be among the 500 participants to join their massive fitness party with a stellar line-up of instructors, each class presenting a unique workout experience.

"Brighter Lives Bike"

Sun Life Malaysia also collaborates with Biji-Biji, a social enterprise dedicated to sharing progressive ideas with everyone, to build greater awareness on energy consumption and promote green energy.
At the event, I managed to try their Brighter Lives Bike, where I rode the bike and pedaled as much as I could to power a portable battery which would subsequently be donated to the less privileged. It is such a great initiative as the Brighter Lives Bike will be taken across the country to promote healthier living to all Malaysians. 
"Release: Rise As One"

The fitness party kickstarted with a 90-minute special yoga gathering, conducted by 3 extremely talented yogis. It was fun learning from their different styles of practice while this special journey brought us a better understanding of our mind, body and soul.

Are you as excited as me when it comes to yoga? 

Another highlight of the fitness event was this short but highly anticipated stand-up comedy session 
by Kuah Jen Han. I always like his show with Douglas Lim, and was happy to see him here again!

"Sync: Move As One"

After the tummy tickling session, we were all ready for a 90-minute "Sync: Move As One" session combining Pop Pilates, HIIT, boxing and dance led by Maybelline, Chloe and Shaggy. It was my first time experiencing such unique session which united different fitness disciplines into one. Overall, it was a great time of moving to the beat as one with so many participants. 

Opps....I was caught on camera during the exercise!

The KettleBowl also managed to raise over RM6,000 worth of prizes to be awarded to the
Top 3 Male & Female athletes of The Kettlebowl Legacy Challenge #TKBLegacy2019!
Once again, congratulations to all the winners.

After hours of sweating, it was time to dig into yummy snacks at the food and lifestyle market where we saw plenty of booths by local brands including fitness wear, health products, protein drinks, car test drive etc.

My favourite was the low-calorie, low-fat ice cream from Calli. What a guilt-free indulgence!

Overall, it was a great experience of sweating it out with my friends on a pleasant Sunday morning. Let's live healthier lives by having more active and balanced lifestyles. Can't wait to join more fitness initiatives from Sun Life Malaysia!

For more information, please visit:
Sun Life Malaysia: @sunlifemalaysia_my
The KettleBowl: @thekettlebowl
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