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10 November, 2019

How Switches Can Turn Your Home into An Art!

It is exciting when I start doing researches on home designs and furnishings for my new home recently. Design trends and home décor are constantly evolving, and I find so many new creative ideas online which I haven't seen before! 

One of the interesting ideas is refurbishing or re-decorating of homes for festive season to set the mood for the year of festivities. I really love the idea of having a whole new look for the house during every season to give a sense of freshness and liveliness at home. For instance, we can consider changing our curtains, get new tablecloths, rearranging furniture or perhaps changing the flower designs in our living rooms.

But have you thought about having a new switch cover design that can be customised according to your home decoration or the festive season theme? Wow!

05 November, 2019

[FOOD] Tommy Thongchai Thai Gastrobar @ Jaya One, PJ

Let's indulge into the porky feast and get drunk! :P

Located at Jaya One, in the heart of PJ, Tommy Thongchai is one of the very few Thai gastrobars in town that wows me with its distinctive Thai fusion menu, cocktails and cool vibes.

This is not a spot to fix your usual tomyam cravings, but rather a place to enjoy an elevated gastronomical experience of Thai-inspired food injected with local and Western flairs. Let's check out some of the signature fusion dishes that you should try here...

04 November, 2019

Top Trending Sweaters In Japan & Worldwide

If you are looking for some sweaters for your loved one, you can easily choose a virgin killer sweater. This sweater has become a fashion symbol since 2017 in Japan and now many different versions of this sweater is available in the market.

But the most trending sweaters are still the backless sweaters. One of the best trending sweaters in Japan is the virgin killer sweaters that are now worldwide famous brands. Girls from all over the world are now wearing these Japanese fashion trends because of many reasons.

03 November, 2019

[BEAUTY REVIEW] Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating range

My quest is finally answered by Hada Labo! 

I have always been a fan of Hada Labo’s Hydrating Lotion (化妆水) – super hydrating and miraculous for the skin before make-up. Now, things are even better because they have something super hydrating specially for sensitive skin like mine!

Due to frequent travelling, my skin condition has been really poor – dry, tight, and itchy with red spots – but luckily I have Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating range that comes into rescue.

24 October, 2019

The Trans-Siberian: More Than Just A Railway

Image Source: Pixabay

The Trans-Siberian Railway has been a popular favourite for a long time, and it also features prominently in the Top Five list of unmissable rail journeys on Lonely Planet. If you do not know a lot about this iconic railway, then it is worth your time to explore it, and you are sure to have an excellent adventure. There is so much to see and do along the railway from Moscow to Vladivostok that you can keep coming back for years and still only scratch the surface.

Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken Restaurant – Peri Me Away

Nandos is truly an international chain of restaurants. While it is based out of South Africa, it actually serves Portuguese food. It started operations back in 1972 and opened its first store in Johannesburg. Since then it has managed to grow in popularity and today operates more than a thousand outlets all around the world. It has an active and popular presence in more than 35 countries as of today. In this article, we will be looking at some of the dishes served at Nandos stores in Malaysia. So let's get started and see what's on the menu at Nandos in Malaysia.

03 October, 2019

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam First Serum

 Is your skin lacking of energy? 

Being a beauty blogger, I have been constantly trying out new skincare. But there are products that I really love and don't mind repurchasing again and again - one of them is THE FACESHOP The Therapy First Serum

Time flies! Can't believe I have been using it for 3 years now, as my first step of everyday skincare. And I am very happy with the moisturising result it delivers until recently I try something NEW with even more luxurious formula and greater effectiveness.

 THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam First Serum (140ml) @ RM179

It is THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam First Serum, the“first layer” of skincare right after cleansing, that delivers "Balanced Qi" (Vital Energy in the world of traditional medicine) to the skin.

How do we know if our skin has sufficient vital energy? If your skin has the following symptoms, then the lack of energy may be an issue here:

(1) Signs of aging – patchy skin, wrinkles, reduced elasticity
(2) Dryness – dehydrated skin, flaking, wrinkles
(3) Skin troubles – Acne, overproduction of sebum, sensitivity, swelling

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