20 August, 2019

Food Hunting in Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya [FREE F&B For You!]

Yay, it's makan time! 

Am I excited seeing so many dishes right in front of me? Of course I am! It has been a while since I last dined at Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya and now it feels like a food haven here because the entire LG level of the mall has recently transformed into a "Food Arcade" and there are close to hundred F&B outlets at Paradigm Mall PJ now!

The best part is, the mall wants to reward you with delicious prizes while you dine here!

19 August, 2019

What is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

The beauty standards in East Asia vary interestingly between the three main countries; South Korea, China, And Japan. But the three, however, view the feminine beauty in the same way, which is to be sweet and gentle. The idea differs drastically with the Western standards that suggest that feminine ideals are all about extroverted sexuality, harsh jaw lines, and features, along with a perfect bronze complexion. If we look closely, we will find some common ideal beauty standards among most East Asia countries. The skin has to be fair and flawless, being skinny and tall, and the most important one, is double eyelids. Monolid eyes are more accepted these days, yet still, Asian eyelid surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures out there. But why do people have this procedure done and what is it? That’s what we will explain further right here.

16 August, 2019

Look Radiantly Beautiful with These 5 Tips

Everyone wants to look amazing and have that glow that exudes all over. The skin is the largest and most noticeable organ of the body. It is also the most exposed and affected by the elements and irritants from the environment. It is therefore important that we keep our skin clean, protected and well-maintained for a glowing and beautiful look. 

The good thing about living in this modern age is that technological advances in the field of cosmetics can give you more options on how to keep yourself looking young, beautiful and radiant.

14 August, 2019

Hair Accessories Every Girl Should Have

Hair is my favourite asset, how about you?

The hair can say much about the person that carries it, that is why girls spend a considerable amount of time fixing and prepping their hair. It can be a fashion statement, a reflection of one’s personality or an essential part of one’s facial features. 

Accessories made especially for the hair can accentuate the beauty of the person wearing it, but different hairs need different accessories and also girls have different preferences. However, there are hair accessories that have a universal appeal and which should be included in the must-have items for girls. 

10 August, 2019

Is Hiring Professional Cleaners Necessary at the End of Tenancy?

When it comes to getting new tenants, apartments and houses need to be in tip-top shape and ready for presentation. End of tenancy cleaning is one thing most landlords or previous tenants should do; you want the place you own to be attractive and clean. And sometimes you can’t do it yourself, take a look below at why hiring professional cleaners can be beneficial for you.

08 August, 2019

LifeCell: What Is It and Does It Really Work?

Every other day, there’s some kind of technology or skincare treatment that gets a bit of hype that it’s become difficult to keep up, invest, and decide to try the different products. But when the hype doesn’t die out, the question of whether or not this new skincare product is actually different remains.

LifeCell is one of the products that has created a revolution in the beauty and skincare department. If you haven’t heard about it or are just as sceptical, here’s everything you need to know before you make the decision of whether or not LifeCell is for you.

06 August, 2019

Clever Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

In a world where plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments have become quite common, the need for us, women, to keep up and look just as beautiful as everyone around us is becoming insane! That’s why every little beauty hack, counts, especially if it’s easy and helps add a wave of splendor to your looks without putting that much effort.

Here are a few beauty hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier.

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