09 May, 2021

FiSh's Diary: It's Mid-2021

Hi! ❤ I am back with another super duper long personal post (suddenly feeling so motivated to pen down something raw and detailed about my personal life since MCO 1.0 on 18 March 2020 until MCO 3.0 which we are currently stuck at).

Now that I checked back my old posts, I realised my last personal post was about my thoughts on MCO 1.0 back in April 2020 and my baking diary (something I was glad that I learned last year). To my surprise, I did not do any summary-of-the-year for 2020 which I never fail to do for the past many many years to recap the key happenings of each month of that particular year.  

You can see here for the previous years:


I know it's already 5 months past 2021, but now that I finally muster my courage, sit down and think about the path I have taken throughout 2020 - the details of each event, the people and the career I have been spending most of my time and effort on. Frankly, 2020 feels like a wasted year. Don't get me wrong here, I am of course very thankful and truly appreciate all the opportunities that came along in the social media line - thank you for the continuous support and shower of gifts such as beauty products, haircare, fragrances, accessories, fashion items, hotel sponsors, food deliveries, etc. Really thank you because all these kept me going and motivated to continue doing what I have been persistent with over the years. ❤ 

2020 being a wasted year is beyond that. Partly because of the pandemic as everyone became extra cautious with each decision and kinda stayed stagnant to watch how the situation went. Little did I know, I was the main culprit of having wasted my entire year avoiding making decisions, avoiding unspoken conflicts that may reveal the dark truth, and ultimately avoiding being brutally honest to myself.

Career, on its own, is a killer (in some good ways tho), consuming the biggest chunk of my time every weekday weeknight (and sometimes weekend too). But I treat it as an investment to myself because it is in the midst of leading me somewhere brighter and better. And I am glad to have very kind superiors and colleagues whom I constantly seek feedback from, in the search for consistent improvements over time. Of course, people do get tired but if you are tired yet you want to continue the journey, then fight with all the energy you have :'). I may not excel in areas that some people are naturally good at, but I believe I can excel in areas that I know I have potentials in. Thank you to the person who has spent 5 years giving me close guidance and building my character to become who I am today.

Other than the fulfilling career, the rest of the time was an internal struggle to me. While others were being demotivated due to the whole MCO thingy, I was secretly happy that I had the room to escape from doing things I was unhappy about, to meet other people's expectations and to become a person that I don't recognise being myself. To that extent I wished MCO would continue to stay on. 

At this very point when I think about it, I find myself so naive back then when I thought "things would eventually get better when xxx happen or when xxx is there". Well, I must admit that it was a mere avoidance because I thought tolerance would bring improvements to the whole situation until I realised I have tolerated to the extent that I have lost my true self.

"Don't love others too much that you forgot to love yourself ."

I still couldn't believe that my loyal companion was the late night tears over the past 1.5 years until I finally decided to remove the greatest toxicity from my life at the 1-year-and-8-month mark. Wow. How did I manage to do that, seriously?

I learned a great lesson. It is so easy for someone to say "I will always be there for you" simply because that person expects you to. But when you face struggles in life, one after another, that person is only there to break promises. Well, self-centred people will only stay away when I need a pair of ears, not to mention a helping hand. Putting an end to it simply meant a halt to all the emotional blackmails and narcissism. Too much time wasted on unmeaningful people in life, and too little time spent on important family and good friends in life. Anyway, the past had passed and I am glad to become me once again, to regain the friendships I had once lost, etc.

Now that I am in good hands, well taken care of. No obligations. No guilt. No emotional games. Initially it sounded funny when I was told that I need to learn to be loved and appreciated, without feeling uncomfortable for being treated well. But yeah, now I understand why I should be confident and trust that I deserve it. 

Everyone deserves to be loved and appreciated.
When you get what you deserve, cherish it :)

It is already May 2021, I have 7 months to go towards the road of fabulous 30. Not every journey in life will be smooth sailing, but hopefully every path taken will be filled with a little more love, warmth and luck.

Signing off,
FiSh @ 9 May 2021

08 May, 2021

Tips on Buying Fish + Meat at the Wet Market

Ever shopped, selected out your fruit in a large chain store, but you think half of them are already rotten when you go to the house?? You will not feel that on a wet market because you can choose whatever you want, be it red meat or seafood.

Another advantage is that you can precisely define your needs at a lower price than in supermarkets.

You can find the quality of seafood is available in retail outlets when choosing a store for fish delivery in Singapore or anywhere else from the following information.

Whole Fish
Regardless of the species, all fish have some features that signify freshness. They must have clear, light, full eyes. The eyes tend to become cloudy, pink, and sunken as they lose freshness. The gills of whole fish must be light red or pink.

Avoid fish that seem to be gray, brown, or green with drab gills. Fresh fish is supposed to be free of slime or loose peeling. When pressed softly with the finger, it should be tight and elastic because the skin is softened and glides from the bone over time.

The skin should be bright and closely adhering. Distinctive colors and patterns begin to disappear as a fish leaves the sea. However, the skin can always be vivid and bright.

Steaks or Fish Filets
Please note that fillets and steaks should be solid, flexible, and have a new, damp look without browning around the margins. The skin must be almost transparent – as though it were almost visible.

There must be no indication that the skin is bruised or reddened by blood retention. Prepackaged Steaks and filets must have a minimum amount of liquid.

Live Crabs and Lobsters
Live crabs and lobsters are meant to have leg mobility, and the lobster tail is to coil closely beneath the corps. Lobsters and crabs will never be very active when cooled, but they must at least move a little.

Cooked lobsters or crabs should be light red in the shells and not smell unpleasant. Lobster meat should be white with red hues or white with red or brown shades, based on the body segment or species.

Raw Shrimp
Raw shrimp meat has to be solid and odor-free. Most varieties of shells are transparent with a greyish, pink, or pink hue. The shells must not be black-edged or black-faced – this is an indication of loss of consistency.

The cooked meat of shrimps should be strong and not smell unpleasant. The meat color can be reddish-brown with white. The Tiger shrimp have blue, black coats in between shell segments.

Beef or Mutton
Must have a vivid cherry red finish, without black or brown stains. It should not be fluffy but firm to touch. It must not have excess fluid or feel warm when touched.

Chicken should have very bright skin, but not wet. The skin should be colored evenly, without blemishes. Also, check the wings as they should be flexible when moved. It must have no or slight odor.

30 April, 2021

[FOOD] Ramadhan Special: Ikan Bakar @ The Manhattan Fish Market

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is around the corner, and guess how are we celebrating it
at The Manhattan Fish Market

We love travelling and tasting food from around the world, how we'd wish to be able to travel overseas again soon! Given the current situation, Manhattan Fish Market is here to make our wish come true by bringing to us the flavours from the Middle East - Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar - with an added twist to suit the local Malaysian palate.

"Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar" features a whole seabass grilled to perfection and topped with Manhattan Fish Market's own secret recipe of Arabic spicy tomato sauce that is sure to tantalise our palate. 

The menu comes in different sets to feed up to 5 pax. Now available at all outlets in Malaysia for dine-in, takeaway and delivery. 

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar

Truly a feast for fish lovers. Unlike many Ikan Bakar out there, Manhattan Fish Market's version is able to retain its juicy flesh while the smoky flavour is so prominent in every bite. Add a zest of lime and a dollop of spicy tomato sauce, and voila~ it is good to go with a warm bowl of garlic herb rice. 

If you are here just for thes spicy savoury Ikan Bakar, here's a value set menu for you: 

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar Duo (for 2 pax)
(RM59.90 per set / Only RM29.95 per pax)

❤ 1 Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar (600g seabass)
❤ 2 Garlic Herb Rice

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar with Flaming Lobster Set (for 5 pax)
(RM288.90 per set / Only RM57.78 per pax!)

❤ 1 x Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar (600g seabass)
❤ 1 x Grilled Flaming Lobster
❤ 2 x Garlic Herb Rice
❤ 4 x Chowder of the Day 
❤ 4 x Strawberry Gembira beverages
❤ 2 x Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Fistikli Baklava

The more, the merrier! If you feel like enjoying more varieties of food, then try the Ikan Bakar with Flaming Lobster. I am excited to try out the Flaming Lobster already! 

For any Flaming Platter you order, you get to enjoy the live flaming session at your table!

This set is totally worth the value, as it includes a huge fresh lobster with hand-battered seafood and mussels on a bed of rice. Not forgetting to mention that the accompanying dishes such as the chowder, rice, beverage and dessert are very well-portioned too. 

Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Fistikli Baklava

One thing worth mentioning is the dessert which is infused with Middle Eastern flavours. The crunchy pieces of Turkish layered pastry which is rich in nuts and honey flavours, when enjoyed with vanilla ice cream, is a perfectly sweet end note of the meal. One of my personal favourite here! 

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar Bersama-sama Set (for 4-5 pax)
(RM159.90 per set / Only RM31.98 per pax)

❤ 1 x Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar (600g seabass)
❤ 1 Platter of Spicy Flaming Prawns, Fried Calamari and Volcano Mussels
❤ 2 x Garlic Herb Rice
❤ 4 x Strawberry Gembira beverages
❤ 4 x Chowder of the Day
❤ 2 x Vanilla Ice Cream with Fistikli Baklava

If you prefer a more affordable set, Manhattan Fish Market has gotten you covered. Apart from getting to enjoy the delicious Ikan Bakar, you can share the flaming seafood platter with your friends and family too. 

My favourite seafood platter!

It comes with Manhattan Flaming Prawns, spicy mussels, hand-battered calamari and hot veggies,
on a bed of garlic herb rice. Definitely satisfying to the tummy! 

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar Gembira Set (for 3-4 pax)
(RM119.90 per set / Only RM29.98 per pax)

❤ 1 x Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar (600g seabass)
❤ 2 x Garlic Herb Rice
❤ 1 Platter of Scallop Fish Chicken
❤ 3 x Strawberry Gembira beverages
❤ 3 x Chowder of the Day

Manhattan Fish Market has mixed and matched something for smaller group diners too. I find that this set is just perfect for those who are dining in a group of 3 or 4 as you get to savour the Ikan Bakar along with Manhattan Fish Market's all-time favourite seafood offerings. 

Don't forget to check out the menu for many more seafood too!

Let's feast beramai-ramai at The Manhattan Fish Market!

The Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar is only available for a limited time, 
so do try it out before you miss it!

For more information, please visit:
Facebook: fb.com/MFM.My
Instagram: @MFMMy

13 April, 2021

Vingz Launches New Daily Nutritional Drinks, V-amp

Let's stay healthy and stay beautiful from inside out!

If you are a health conscious, then you are at the right page because I have a holistic wellness and lifestyle solution to share with you that can help to enhance your quality of life from inside out. 

If you do not already know about Ving Voiz Sdn Bhd aka Vingz, it is a health supplement brand that focuses on 100 % natural formulation, non-GMO ingredients, and cruelty-free concept. 

Coupled with collaborations with top scientists and R&D expertise, the brand aims to boost healthcare and lifestyle standards for people from all walks of life as it believes that every individual deserves the right to attain personal growth, wealth  and the desired lifestyle . 

Founder and President of Vingz, Li Sun Liong and the co-founders, Agnes Seow and Sharon Koay.

Under the leadership of the trio, Ving Voiz strives to Enhance, Empower, Elevate, Engage and Enrich all aspects of life by producing only the best and most trusted natural wellness products, and also helps to empower business owners and leaders by uncovering potentials and uplifting them to rise above and beyond their specialized training. 
We are here to celebrate the launch of Vingz's new product, V-amp,
the new daily nutritional nourishment that stimulates gut health

V-amp is packed with patented formulas and premium ingredients such as Promitor (prebiotic), Sunfiber (prebiotic), DigeZyme (enzyme), Berries, Bifidobacterium Longum (probiotic), Dandelion Extract, Lotus leaf Extract, and Aloe Vera Powder. All you need is just 1 sachet before bedtime. 

The method employed in the extraction and purification processes guaranteed the retention of the highest quality and purest nutritional essence from natural sources. This powerful formulation harnesses the full nourishment of the ingredients to maintain the general good health, stability, and balance of our multiple body systems.

❤ Improve digestive and excretory systems
❤ Promote detoxification
❤ Enhance metabolism
❤ Improve cardiovascular health
❤ Boost immune system

Vingz's star product - Finer Dawn and Finer Dusk,
a proprietary dual supplement created based on the body's natural circadian rhythm
to help energise your body for daytime and relax it at nighttime. 

While we focus on consuming the right product, let's also take good care of our health by doing exercises. The launch event features a Zumba Fitness Session with Dr. Alex Phang, Zumba Jammer, and Founder of Z Fit Dance Fitness. 

Feel free to visit Vingz Hub @ Ving Voiz Sdn Bhd at Pusat Perdagangan Bandar
to find out more about the products and potential business opportunities.

For more information about Vingz and V-amp, please visit:
Facebook: fb.com/vingz
Instagram: @vingz_style

11 April, 2021

Crème De La Crème x Sanrio My Melody & Little Twin Stars - Artisanal Ice Creams Collection

Crème De La Crème x Sanrio - A beautiful dream come true 
for My Melody and Little Twin Stars fans 

When Crème De La Crème (CDLC) first announced its collaboration with Sanrio, I am so excited because I know this artisanal ice cream collection is going to be so pastel, dreamy-looking and full of fantasy!  

As I step into CDLC Damansara Utama outlet, it feels like being transported to a fantasy land which is filled with Sanrio affable characters. Trust me, you just wouldn't wanna miss the chance to take Instagram-worthy photos at every nook and corner of the outlet. 

As you may already know, at CDLC, an ice cream is not just an ice cream. CDLC has always been famous for its edible art which is handcrafted using 100% all-natural fresh premium ingredients (sourced from all over the world) with no preservatives, artificial flavourings, or colourings. Its unique ice cream flavours and famed Petits Gâteaux not only taste amazing on the palate, but are perfectly Instagrammable too!

For this collaboration, CDLC has handcrafted a tantalising set of My Melody and Little Twin Stars themed ice-creams, petits gâteaux, “Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!” (CDLC-signature beverages) and even specially designed merchandise including tees and a collectible sticker set.

Artisanal Ice Creams Flavours
Little Twin Stars
(Left) A dreamy-looking ice cream flavour made of 100% natural ingredients such as Butterfly Pea, lychee sorbet, peach sorbet, and Madagascar vanilla ice cream.

My Melo’s Pound Cake
(Right) Inspired by My Melody’s love for Almond Pound Cakes, this delicious ice cream is hand crafted with almond ice cream swirled with candied almonds, home baked almond pound cake and gooey chocolate ganache.

Petits Gâteaux
My Melody
This is love at the first sight! This ultra-cute ice cream cake is a delectable combination of Oolong tea ice cream, raspberry sorbet, passionfruit curd and white chocolate. A little tangy, a little sweet, with rich tea flavour in between. 

Land of Stars
Remember the birthplace of Little Twin Stars? This is just too pretty and picture-perfect to devour! I love how the cream cheese ice cream base pairs well with the blueberry basil sorbet, strawberry jam, pecan crumble and white chocolate dip and gives a nice, refreshing tang. 

Guiding Star
Inspired by the guiding star wand of the Little Twin Stars, this ice cream pop gives a refreshing tropical taste, thanks to the combination of coconut ice cream, coconut sorbet, caramelized pineapple assam sorbet, pineapple tropical compote, almond crumble, and white chocolate dip.

Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!
Omoiyari Star
Super cute and refreshing concoction of lychees, mango, blueberries, peach, and other secret ingredients that will leave you starstruck! 

Pretty-in-pink thirst-quencher of My Melody pink peach sorbet, homemade strawberry compote, and a dose of zest.

All in all, our gastronomical adventure in CDLC makes us fall deeper in love with My Melody and Little Twin Stars. Whether you are a Sanrio fans or ice cream lover, let's share the joy and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

*This collaboration runs till 31 May 2021.

Time to try out the CDLC artisanal ice creams at CDLC outlets or have them delivered to your doorstep!

Online delivery: https://cdlc.beepit.com/
Facebook: fb.com/mycdlc
Instagram: @mycdlc

Flagship outlet
35G, Ground Floor, 
Jalan SS21/60, 
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: +6012 281 5123

Sunday – Thursday: 11.30am – 10pm
Friday & Sunday: 11.30am – 11pm 

Second outlet
163 Retail Park, Ground Floor, 
8 Jalan Kiara, 
Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: +6017 317 0823 

Everyday: 11.30am – 10pm 

06 April, 2021

Healthy Weight Loss with Black Leaves

Have you ever tried different weight management plans or diet programs but they just don't seem to help? Personally, I believe in losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way, and I am lucky to have found Black Leaves, a 100% natural herbal blends brand which is based in Australia.

If you have been facing tremendous amounts of stress which causes irregular lifestyle changes and increase in body weight, here's the story of Black Leaves that you might be interested in.

Anthony Loggia, the C.E.O. of Black Leaves, created his first herbal blend inspired by the weight issue that his mother faced during her life. Then, Anthony started to research the ways in which herbs can improve overall health and wellbeing. After all, herbs have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, and for good reason!

Black Leaves NewMe 28 Teatox program

By researching different varieties, they created a selection of blends to help others resolve their health issues such as unwanted weight or obesity, stress and anxiety and lack of energy. For example, their NewMe 28 Teatox program includes a perfect combination of herbs to maximise weight loss.

Fast forward, today Black Leaves has served over 200,000+ women around Australia with high returning customers rate and hundreds of positive high 4-star review, leading it to be one of the most loved boutique tea-sellers in Australia.

When it comes to product quality, don't worry, Black Leaves uses only 100% natural herbs which are hand-selected, hand-blended and hand-packed in Western Australia for the best of the health of consumers in Australia. As an Australian owned and operated company, Black Leaves' choices of primary ingredients are mainly sourced locally (when possible) and overseas.

I am surprised to learn that Black Leaves has over 500 recipes / blends tested every year! While the main focus of the company is in Detox and Weight Loss (8 teas) category, I also see a good variety of wellness tea such as Beauty (5 teas), Superfoods (7 teas) and Maternity (1 tea). Moving forward, the company will also be expanding its products to the straight traditional teas range. 

No doubt Black Leaves' tea ranges are slightly more expensive than those in the market, but it is all worth the value as the team spends more time and effort in testing and researching.

Another noteworthy point is that being a responsible customer-oriented company, Black Leaves emphasizes highly on 4E's i.e. Engagement, Experience, Exclusivity and Emotion.

So, Black Leaves is something you can consider if you have the following frustrations:
❤ Overweight / water retention / bloated
❤ Low energy
❤ Always hungry / Strong cravings for snacks
❤ Stressed and anxious
❤ Nausea and constipation / Digestion problem
❤ Aging concerns
❤ Tired / Need to feel more energised
❤ Weak immune system

Of course, while there are so many tea brands out there, why Black Leaves? 
Here are some of the reasons why Black Leaves is recommended:
❤ 100% natural, organic ingredients and vegan-friendly
❤ Safe to consume
❤ Lasts a month with daily use
❤ Fast shipping within Australia
❤ 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Please feel free to try out Black Leaves and let me know if you love their teas!

For more information about Black Leaves, please visit:
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