25 February, 2021

How to Choose the Best Air Tumble Mat?

Do you like how to play fun sports and outdoor activities?

If you love gymnastics, cheerleading or martial arts, then here is something recommended for you. Recently I have come across Tumblemat when I was researching on getting a good air tumble mat for my niece.

I have seen many vendors providing air tumbling mat but those with good quality ones are not easy to find. It is frustrating to spend money on poor quality products and those mats just end up breaking apart after using for some time. Unlike other vendors, Tumblemat is one of the world’s largest suppliers in producing air tumble mat which has several years of extensive experience.

From its website, I saw such a huge variety of air tumble tracks in different types, thickness and sizes. Most importantly, the quality here seems to be well assured by the company. It is mentioned on their website that they have developed the best quality air tumble mat - durable and safe for use after many hundred rounds of testing.

The material used to produce the air tumble track is a very strong material called Double Wall Fabric (DWF), consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2). This material is widely used for inflatable boat production. Then it is handmade by industry specialists and has undergone a well-round and strict quality control.

For example, pressure test is conducted in the factory by inflating the tumble track for 16 hours to ensure airtight seals before shipping to the customers. Not only that, they also offer after-sale services to guide customers on how to use an air tumble track properly.
How to choose a suitable air tumble track?

The thinnest air tumble track available here is 10cm, which is the most ideal tumble mat for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, senior gym and school sports, as it provides good bounciness and stability for training purposes.

As for 20cm thick air tumble track, it is more suitable for medium and advanced athletes. It is bouncier than the 10cm type but less bouncy than the 30cm type, yet it is soft and great for flipping or tumbling practice.

The thickest air tumble track which is 30cm, is the most versatile and bounciest air track. Ideal for slow and easy bounce. Functionality wise, don't worry about it because I'm sure you can pick something that meets your needs.
Color wise, it is entirely up to you! Black tumble mat is among the top ten best-selling colors here, but you can also choose red, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc. But again, it is fully customisable according to your requirements. How nice it is!

Hope you find this article useful and enjoy shopping for your air tumble track!

09 February, 2021

How to Choose a Suitable Renovation Contractor in KL

Are you wondering how to choose a suitable renovation contractor in KL? Dreaming of owning a dream house with all the modern facilities may be the most interesting part of a renovation project, but choosing a reliable renovation contractor is the most important part. So, how to choose a suitable renovation contractor in Kuala Lumpur?

● Research the contractor and their staff
Ask for recommendations from your friends, colleagues and family. People around you may be your best reference to share their past working experience with the service provider.

● Make an appointment and get to know the contractor team
It’s important to remember that you are hiring someone to spend a lot of time with, thus meeting them face to face is a good start. Try to meet and discuss with a few renovation companies and compare between them.

● Have good credentials, experience and past work
You can evaluate potential contractors through their past work and help you determine the quality. Most importantly, if they completed an apartment renovation project similar to yours, this can save you from worry.

● Pricing
While evaluating contractors based on their price estimates, do strike a balance between cost and value.

● Know clearly what their quotation and service covers
There are many renovation contractors out there, but not all of them build houses or work on the specific type of project you want to complete. Enquire properly does the contractor able to provide the specific service which you are looking for example house painting.

● Timeline
This will give you an idea ​​when to expect the actual project will begin and will it complete on time.

Lastly, it is very important to hire a renovation contractor in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor which meets all your bungalow renovation requirements to ensure a smooth renovation process in the future. As they are the one who will build up your dream house and spend your money, hence it is important to find a trustworthy person so that you can embark on the journey of remodeling together.

05 February, 2021

Usher the Ox-picious Year with Hong Leong Bank

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

CNY is approaching real soon, and the main thing we miss the most this year is probably the annual gathering sessions with our dearest family members, relatives, friends, business partners etc. While my "Lou Sang" plans with colleagues and friends in the restaurants are all cancelled this year, we are happy to be invited for a much-anticipated annual CNY celebration with Hong Leong Bank this year and enjoy our virtual "Lou Sang" session. 

Even during this new normal, Hong Leong Bank is determined to maintain its CNY traditions in having a virtual festive get-together with the media friends.

Thanks Hong Leong Bank for sending over an Ox-picious gift pack to usher this Ox-picious year!

We begin the celebration with a twin set of CNY cookies to bring us double happiness. They are provided by Coffee for Good, a social enterprise that works with upskilling underprivileged youth and is an alumna of HLB jumpstart program.

And of course the main highlight is the "Huat" Yee Sang set with juicy golden mandarin oranges
to bring us an abundance of good fortune and good health.

Now the much anticipated Hong Leong Bank CNY 'Renew and Refresh' Virtual Media Get-Together is here!

The virtual "Lou Sang" session was graced by Domenic Fuda, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Hong Leong Bank Berhad along with his leadership team. He shared that the spirit of reunion and coming together to overcome challenges is even more profound this Lunar New Year.  CNY, also known as ‘Guo Nian’ in Chinese, literally means overcoming Nian, a beast that would cause untold destruction to villages on CNY eve. It was said that a group of villagers worked together to chase away Nian. Since then, generations of people unite and come together every CNY eve, celebrating with full festivities to ensure Nian does not return.

It seems fitting to compare COVID-19, to the Nian of our time. If CNY traditions have one thing to impart on us, it is that we can always overcome any challenges by being united in our mind, spirit, purpose and actions.

To watch ‘Nian: The Untold Story’ video, please click here: https://youtu.be/eoRo7cJAzaU.

Let's enjoy the Lou Sang session with the large group!

So happy to see so many familiar faces in the virtual meet as well.

...while I also joined the fun with my family at home.

Charles Sik, Managing Director of Personal Financial Services of HLB shared that with recovery and rebuilding new beginnings are key focus areas for many consumers and businesses this year. “Keeping in mind that Malaysians will continue to forge ahead this year with optimism, determination and patience, we have curated a host of Ox-picious offerings to help everyone re-energise their finances and lifestyle this CNY. We will also be rewarding businesses who embrace going cashless, while making sure the ang pow giving traditions live on through digital means. After all, when we ‘Renew Together, we Prosper Together’.”

Here are some of HLB CNY 2021 offerings to seed your own prosperity today:

Online e-FD Offer:
 Customers placing their FDs online from 11 - 26 Feb 2021 
can enjoy 2.35%p.a. for 6 months. T&C apply.

Deposit Offer:
❤ Deposit RM888 on 28 February to earn 10 entries to stand a chance 
to win 20.21% p.a. 1 Day-Bonus Interest/Profit.

 Enjoy 5% p.a. flat interest rate.

Unit Trust Offer:
❤ Start a Regular savings plan @ 0% sales charge (“SC”) for 1st subscription 
+ 2.5% SC for the next 12 subscriptions

Insurance Offer:
❤ Enhance your protection for you & loved ones this year. 
Sign up for a Regular Premium Plan & enjoy up to 4% p.a. FD rate.
❤ The first 100 to sign up wins a Swarovski Bowl Set with Eu Yan Sang YEN Bird Nest, 
with a minimum annual premium of RM36,000.

HLISB (TIA-i) (8 Jan - 31 Mar 2021)
❤ Enjoy indicative returns of 2.35% p.a. for 3 months and 2.40% p.a. for 6 months
❤ Every RM5000 in your placement gains 1 entry to stand a chance to win an iPad Air

❤ Apply for a new Credit Card and get RM950 cashback

❤ New merchants enjoy 0% fee on debit card transactions when signing up for HLB all-in-one POS terminal
❤ Stand a chance to win up to RM10,000 by joining HLB’s ‘PaySafeLah’ photo contest:
Sign up on our promo page & receive a parcel from us
Post a photo of yourself encouraging customers to go cashless on social media with #hlbpaysafelah #mydebitje
Fill up a simple form at www.hlb.com.my/merchantphotocontest

❤ Over RM150k up for grabs. 1,050 total daily winners (RM88) and 75x grand prize winners (RM888)
❤ For every 3,088th e-angpow transaction done in a day, 30 customers will win RM88 daily from 25 January to 28 February
❤ For every 20,888th e-angpow transaction done in a day, 5 customers will win RM888 daily from 12 to 26 February

Thanks for the beautiful ang pow packets too.
Let's renew together and prosper together in this brand new year!

For more information about Hong Leong Bank, please visit:
Instagram: @hongleongbankmy
Twitter: @MYHongLeong

01 February, 2021

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur Red Pro-retinol Serum for Anti-Aging

New year, new beauty regime! ❤ The signs of aging may be a big concern as we step into a new year and get another year older. Don't worry, there is always prevention for us to stay youthful and beautiful.

Dr. Belmeur Red Pro-retinol Serum (50ml)

Here comes the all-new Dr. Belmeur Red Pro-Retinol Serum set that is formulated with LG patented Pro-Retinol formula to deliver maximum anti-aging and healing benefits. It is an all-in-one serum that provides care for 5 types of skin aging – wrinkles, saggy skin, pores, dry skin and uneven skin texture.

The LG patented Pro-Retinol formula which is made up of Red Propolis, Pro-Retinol and Ceramide, provides intensive wrinkle care yet gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

How to use:
After applying toner for evening care, apply evenly on the troubled areas of the face, then followed by a moisturizer.

❤ For day use: Use together with sunscreen.
❤ For night use: More recommended to use at night as it may increase skin sensitivity during the daytime.

Beauty Tips:
❤ Do not use together with scrubs, exfoliants or any other products containing Vitamin C. 
❤ If your skin is sensitive to pro-retinol ingredients, apply moisturizer before use, or use it every other day then increase the frequency of use.  

Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Cream (40ml)

Best paired with Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Cream which I have shared my review HERE. It is a derma regenerating and firming cream that contains what damaged skin needs the most: soothing, skin barrier-strengthening, regenerating and firming ingredients, all in one bottle!

How to use:
Just take an appropriate amount and spread evenly on face. Pat enough for absorption. 

Overall, Dr. Belmeur Red Pro-retinol Serum and Advanced Cica Recovery Cream make a great combination for sensitive skin to combat against the signs of aging without burdening the sensitive skin. 

THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur Red Pro-retinol Serum and Advanced Cica Recovery Cream set is available at all THE FACE SHOP stores and various online platforms now. 


Shop THE FACE SHOP online:
Official e-store: www.thefaceshop.com.my

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP please visit:
Website: www.thefaceshop.my

19 January, 2021

[CNY Special] Purple Cane Tea Restaurant Lou Sang Menu Review

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

It is time for annual reunion with our family members and relatives. Don’t worry about dining out during the current pandemic situation; now we can enjoy premium restaurant-grade reunion dinner at the comfort of our own homes. 

紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant has recently rolled out a series of festive dishes to usher the “Niu” (牛) year. I am always a fan of Purple Cane’s cuisine as their tea-infused dishes are health-oriented, using all-natural fresh ingredients with no MSG, low fat, low salt and low seasoning. So I am excited to try out the latest offerings for this CNY. 

Flourish Prosperi-tea Bundle @ RM338 (RSP: RM470)

The best part? You can enjoy up to 26% OFF for all CNY sets, for both dine-in and delivery options. For our family of three, we are having the Flourish Prosperi-tea Bundle Set which is recommended for 3-4 persons.

Health-TeaLicious Abalone Yee Sang (Long Jing)
(百香酱味鲍劳生 - 1卖)

Let’s begin our reunion with an auspicious Yee Sang toss. This healthy yee sang is beautifully composed of abalone, shredded vegetables and fruits in colourful hues, then drizzled with the house specialty tangy passionfruit sauce infused with Long Jing tea. So appetising, refreshing and crunchy!

Look at the generous amount of abalone for this 3-4 pax set! Delicious!

Let's toss and wish for the best of the 2021 Ox Year!

Prosperity Vegetable Treasure Pot (Oolong Tea)
(金玉满堂素品锅 - 乌龙)

Treasure pot is another highlight for CNY and in Purple Cane, we can have a vegetarian version which is made of fresh greens, mushrooms and root vegetables in a special soup infused with Dong Ding Oolong Tea from Taiwan. 

Personally, this is my favourite dish as the soup is very nourishing and tummy-comforting. The flavour of each ingredient here is light on the palate, and I enjoy tasting the original goodness of this heart-warming pot. 

I love how the "money bag" bursts in rich savoury flavour of the filling from within.

Steamed Kampung Chicken with Dried Oysters and Fatt Choy (Oolong Tea)
(蚝士发菜荷叶鸡 - 乌龙)

Another heart-warming highlight of the set menu is the steamed chicken and dried oysters drenched in thick braised sauce. Again, we are delighted to see such generous portion which can easily feed 4-5 pax. 

The tenderness of the bird allows the fluffy meat to fall off easily from the bone -
take a dip into the braised sauce and you'll love the right sweet-savory balance it gives.

Fried Tea Rice with XO Sauce in Lotus Leaf (Long Jing)

Here comes the last dish which is the "rice" which some would skip during Chinese dinners etc. Little did we know that a simple XO fried rice like this can blow our mind! Every spoonful of the tea rice is punch-packed with flavours from the non-spicy XO sauce, with an added biting pleasure from the yam and pumpkin cubes. 

More perks?
❤ FREE Premium Cooler Bag with any takeaway / delivery order of Health-TeaLicious Abalone Yee Sang
*While stocks last 

Where to order?
❤ You can order directly from Purple Cane. For KL Area: Visit https://purplecane.oddle.me/
❤ Or order via its delivery partners such as Airasia.com, GrabFood, FoodPanda and Hungry. 

Delivery cost?
❤ FREE delivery for Klang Valley area except Shah Alam, Kajang, Sungai Buloh and Klang.

Any dine-in options?
Yes, in Purple Cane Tea Cuisine located at:
 Shaw Parade, KL
   📲 60127163090 | Whatsapp: https://wa.me/60127163090
 The Gardens, Mid Valley 
   📲 60127193090 | Whatsapp: https://wa.me/60127193090

Overall, 紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant is a great option for CNY reunion as we get to enjoy great delicious food in a wholesome way without feeling guilty at all. Best for tea lovers and health conscious individuals who appreciate quality and healthy food.

Let's stay safe, stay healthy and have a Happy Chinese "Niu" Year!

For more information, please visit: 
Website: www.purplecane.my 
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