07 January, 2022

UNIQLO's Sustainability Journey in Malaysia - for the Environment, People & Society

UNIQLO is not just an ordinary clothing retailer. When it comes to environmental and social issues in the world, UNIQLO takes proactive measures to respond to the society's needs as the business grows in tandem with sustainability.

Do you know that, for more than 20 years, UNIQLO and its parent company Fast Retailing have been on a path to sustainability, and have taken a strong stand in making the world a better place with the Power of Clothing?

Following the footsteps of its parent company Fast Retailing, which announced in December last year its sustainability targets and action plan to meet them across the group by year 2030, UNIQLO Malaysia is stepping up efforts locally with initiatives focusing on the environment, people and society to create a better Malaysia. 

With this, UNIQLO aims to do more with the clothing it produces besides delivering its intrinsic values to the  customers. So, UNIQLO pledges to meet the definition of “good clothing” from the standpoint of the environment, people and society. 

In line with this, UNIQLO Malaysia’s increased efforts will fall under two key Initiatives.

Key Initiatives: Making Good Clothes that are Better for the Environment

❤ Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at UNIQLO stores and office
  • 50% of carbon emissions from electricity at all stores is currently offset through redemption of renewable energy certificates.
  • Stores have switched to 100% LED lighting and reduced the amount of lighting.
  • Target to offset 100% of carbon emission from electricity by 2023.
❤ Introduce products with increased proportion of recycled materials
  • Since 2019, UNIQLO has increasingly introduced recycled materials into its products.
  • Globally, UNIQLO aims to increase proportion of recycled materials to approximately 50% by 2030.
  • UNIQLO Malaysia will introduce 2022 Spring/Summer collection, of which 15% of polyester used will be derived from recycled PET bottles.
❤ Towards Zero Waste
  • Reduce Plastic Waste - Continue to recycle and upcycle plastic used in the delivery of items to our stores by working with social enterprises; and to switch plastic e-commerce delivery mailers to boxes.
  • Reduce Paper Waste - Customer shopping bags were switched from plastic to paper bags in 2014 and paper bag charge was implemented in 2021 to encourage customers to bring their reusable bags for shopping. 
  • Reduce Clothing Waste - To expand recycling of waste fabric into other materials like furniture, and to provide clothes repair and upcycling services for customers to repurpose their UNIQLO clothing and extend the value and lifecycle of their clothes.
❤ Biodiversity Protection
  • To continue our support to WWF-Malaysia in marine conservation, which started in Melaka and expand beach clean-up activities and marine pollution reduction projects to other states.
  • To progress more into biodiversity protection and contribute towards local marine and forest conservation.
Key Initiatives: Making Clothes that are Good for People and Society

To promote social contribution, UNIQLO Malaysia has been collaborating with non-governmental and non-profit organizations (NGOs & NPOs) to support various communities since 2019. They include:

❤ Providing COVID-19 Relief where it is needed most through such initiatives as donating 500,000 face masks, 80,000 AIRism masks and items to frontliners at hospitals and vaccination centers, and students at schools; donating medical equipment to mental health departments of hospitals; and monetary donating for 500,000 meals for vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic.

❤ Extended relief to flood victims in the Klang Valley. A total of more than 46,000 UNIQLO products, including warm clothing from the HEATTECH series and AIRism masks, were donated to flood victims through Malaysian Relief Agency. A monetary donation was also made to provide 2,000 food packs for those affected by the floods.

❤ Promoting social awareness of people with disabilities in Malaysia through UTme! X Early Autism Project collaboration.

❤ Clothing support for the homeless and B40 population during the festive seasons and natural disasters. Clothing corners were set up for those in need at Homeless Transit Centres in Kuala Lumpur and Penang with pre-loved clothes donated from the public.

❤ Donation of AIRism Sanitary Shorts to girls and women who may face period poverty; and front open clothing to heart surgery patients for easier access of surgery care; and to people with disabilities for ease of dressing. Several workshops and sustainability education were conducted for a few schools to ensure children have a better understanding about sustainability.

In 2022, UNIQLO Malaysia hopes to reach out and support more communities through social contribution activities. Plans include:

❤ Enhancing COVID-19 Recovery Support by collaborating with government offices to provide job seekers suitable clothes for job interviews; and
Providing entrepreneurship training to vulnerable women and ensure they are digitally literate, so as to help them to be financially independent.

For employees at UNIQLO Malaysia, the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee was set up in 2020 to share, brainstorm, support and drive D&I activities internally. UNIQLO Malaysia will continue to educate, engage and empower employees to promote Diversity & Inclusion culture, which focuses on:

❤ Gender: we encourage female leadership and women empowerment;
❤ People with Disabilities (PWD): we employ, evaluate schemes, train and develop people with disabilities. Currently, PWDs make up more than 2% of UNIQLO Malaysia workforce. UNIQLO aims to hire at least one PWD at each store. 
❤ Global One Team: we provide employees opportunities for international assignment, talent and leadership development, cross border recruitment and employee engagement.

With the goal of creating a better Malaysia together with Malaysians for the future, UNIQLO Malaysia will continue to take steps to protect and reduce its burden on the natural environment, address societal challenges by providing more sustainable support, and further its corporate D&I practices.

For further information on Fast Retailing announcement on fiscal 2030 sustainable targets and action plan, please go to https://www.fastretailing.com/eng/sustainability/news/2112021500.html.

For more information about UNIQLO Sustainability, please visit www.uniqlo.com.

02 January, 2022

FiSh's Diary: Hello, 2022!

A big hello to 2022❤ Stepping into yet another brand new year would mean that I will be turning 30 in 2022, and I am proud to say (as of the point of writing this) that I am absolutely happy to be at this stage at this point of life. 

Like the years before, it's time to wrap up the year and do a flashback on the good and bad times.

You can see the snapshots of the previous years here:

❤ ❤ 

2021 at a glance. Silly me. I honestly don’t remember much about 2021 until I scroll through all the photos I took and Instastories I posted throughout the year. And I realised, hey it has been an extremely hectic year - even busier than before. No overseas travels, no media events; I just spent most of my time working from home under lockdown with a few staycations and trip during Q4 of the year. But still yeah it’s been a simple yet satisfying year for me. 

January 2021
We were blessed with lots of good food at home in conjunction to the Chinese New Year celebration, when food delivery became a new norm. Keeping myself busy with CNY campaigns was indeed a good start of the year.

February 2021
Stepping out of a toxic relationship also played a huge role in making 2021 a great year. Now thinking about this whole nightmare only sends shivers down my spine - I am so glad that I actually “woke up” and walked away although I could have run earlier.

Although the emotional damage couldn't be undone and I'd still get bad dreams occasionally due to the unpleasant experience, getting rid of the toxicity was the best decision made. My mental health improved a whole lot, and it spurred me in doing better in other aspects of life. 

March 2021
The travel restriction was more relaxed during the early part of the year, so I still managed to create contents outside of home and attended a couple of events. March continued with the same routine - working from home 24/7 and squeezing time in between for content creations.

April 2021
I felt alive once again. "Being yourself is the best way to make someone fall in love with you" - I couldn't agree more with this quote. "Me being myself" is a whole new lesson to me altogether, and I am enjoying every moment of me completely being my true self. 

May - July 2021
And the lockdown (MCO 3.0) was back from early May till mid July, but these few months were never once short of love and care from afar. Work, social media stuff, and weekend "virtual dates" - this hectic routine basically turned into repetitive cycles for a couple of months. Sounds boring? Perhaps yes, but I was happy. And I had not been really happy for some time...

August 2021
Finally completed two doses of vaccination and at that point I thought it was the "ticket" to more travels, less restrictions. But little did I know, new variants of the virus are constantly popping up and we just have no idea when is it exactly safe to be out and about. 

September 2021
Yay, back to the first dine-in during mid September after God-knows-how-long-has-it-been. But Q3 also marked the busiest period at work, where mental stress was bottling up but I am thankful for having the kind souls around me who were always accommodating to my emotions. 

October 2021
Here came the long-awaited staycation during one of the fun-filled weekends in October - totally a destressing and therapeutic weekend away from work. But during the later part of the month, we were hit by the news brought by the nurse over a phone call on a late Friday evening regarding our beloved grandma's passing. Goodbye and we know you're in good hands now :') 

November 2021
November was the most eventful month because it was celebration time for both our birthdays. Meet one of my proudest creations of the year - Jelly Fruit Cake - which I spent more than 10 hours making this. Glad that everything turned out sweet and smooth for this very simple yet special day! 

First birthday trip together in Cameron Highlands for 3D2N.
Looking forward to the next birthday trip to Japan or any part of the world, hopefully.

Due to Chinese customary reasons, I was not supposed to blow a candle or celebrate my own birthday this year. But the day was never short of surprises - lovely crochet bouquet from bestie and alcoholic cake from boyfie. The best part? The once-in-a-lifetime experience of enjoying the panoramic skyline at KL Tower Skydeck, at 300m above the city.

December 2021
The best is always saved for last. December is always the best time to catch up with friends especially those we haven't met in the past year. Happy to still have these few favourite persons in life since more than a decade ago. 

Last but not least, we ended 2021 and welcomed 2022 with a 3D2N staycation :D
Happy to walk through 2021 with you, and embark on the new journey in 2022 with you too.

❤ ❤ 

2021 was a blessing in disguise.
I am truly happy to be able to achieve some of my goals.
Blessed to have my favourite people by my side through thick and thin.
Thanks everyone for your support thus far!

Turning 30 this year actually excites me.
Thirty is the prime time in life where you know what you are doing,
and you've got what it takes to get where you're going.
In fact, you've never been so ready for adventures than you are right now.

So, if you realise you've completed 1/3 of your life,
why not enjoy the rest of your time in a wiser and more meaningful way? 


28 December, 2021

5 Reasons to Invest in Astrum Ampang by Setia Awan Group

During my recent house hunting, I stumbled upon the Astrum Ampang by Setia Awan Group, which is all set to be the brightest star in Kuala Lumpur's property market in the next couple of years. If you are familiar with the Ampang Jaya area, you would have spotted the ongoing 6.8-acre mixed development which is located right next to Jelatek LRT Station. It is Malaysia's first ever development with a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and SOHO Transit concept

Reason #1 Strategic Location

What attracts me the most about Astrum Ampang is the location. Being the many reasons to invest in Astrum Ampang, location factor tops my list as it is strategically located along bustling Jalan Ampang and Jalan Jelatek areas with great accessibility and convenience for those who enjoy urban living and working in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur.

While there is a link bridge connecting Astrum Ampang to Jelatek LRT Station, it means that KLCC is only 4 train stations away. I believe you'd enjoy the short distance and travelling time to the city centre. 

Reason #2 Convenience

Location aside, convenience is key. This well-developed neighbourhood is close to the popular landmarks and amenities such as Gleneagles Medical Centre, Great Eastern Mall, public and private schools as well as an array of businesses and embassies nearby. 

Embracing the "City Within City" concept, Astrum Ampang will also be surrounded by Setia Awan Group's other development components of this project including hotel, office, park, shopping outlets and more. 

Reason #3 Affordability

Thirdly, the affordability of Astrum Ampang attracts many future home owners and investors alike. With a built-up area of 280 sqft, Astrum Ampang SOHO Transit unit is priced from RM 230,000 onwards. Perfectly affordable price point for young working adults to own a property while redirecting their rental overheads to the tenants be it for long term rental or vacation rental purposes.

Being a studio unit (1 bedroom and 1 bath), it is possible to convert the unit into a home office so you can enjoy the urban setting especially the magnificent night view of KLCC (this is a special privilege for those who own the corner units). 

Each unit comes with a complimentary basic pantry (i.e. table top, sink and bottom cabinet), 1 HP air conditioner, 1 unit of water heater, and a smart Google Home Mini. With all the basics covered, you can just move in and stay without forking out much for renovation.

Reason #4 Outstanding facilities at low monthly maintenance 

Another noteworthy point about Astrum Ampang is the 62 leisure and wellness facilities for a comfortable, convenient and exciting urban lifestyle. The best part? You only pay less than RM100 per month for the maintenance fees to enjoy all the facilities including children's indoor playground, multi-purpose hall, smart gym, co-working space, cafe, outdoor theatre and infinity pool. 

Swimming Pool

Not only that, Astrum Ampang is also the home to a sunken jacuzzi, outdoor tennis court, reflexology room and the list goes on. Sounds amazing?

In Astrum Ampang's sales gallery, we get to experience how does a "Smart Gym" look like. There will be virtual displays with pre-programmed training sessions for those who want to prefer safe social distancing yet being able to work out with virtual trainers. On top of that, the large gym fully equipped with state-of-the-art cardio fitness equipment - so you can achieve your fitness goal without spending additionally on gym membership subscription anymore. 

Reason #5 Top notch security

Last but not least, I personally find that security is one of my top priorities. But no worries, Astrum Ampang uses 5G face recognition security and 24-hour CCTV surveillance to prevent intruders, and it also provides a smart home door lock in each unit where it allows you to control access to your home with your phone, offering both security and flexibility. 

With a completion target in 2026, Astrum Ampang will be the preferred mixed development in Ampang Jaya area in the near future. 
Definitely a good choice for investment or for own stay, especially for first-time home owners. 

The Astrum Ampang's sales gallery and show units in Phileo Damansara I are now open for viewing. 
Feel free to contact 018-371 2888 and make your appointment.

For more information on Setia Awan's latest updates and series of project developments, 
please visit www.setiaawan.com.

For more information about Astrum Ampang, please visit:
Instagram: @astrum_ampang

27 December, 2021

[HEALTH] Review: D'Lady - Female Health Supplement

Aging is usually women's biggest worry in life, and we will try to preserve youth as much as we can - not only for the skin, but also from head to toe. If you are in the age range of 25 to 35, do you start to feel the following symptoms?

Skin aging - wrinkles and fine lines start to appear
❤ Hair loss - due to reduced hormonal support
❤ Saggy breasts - due to loss of elasticity from aging
❤ Aging of reproductive organs
❤ Weak bones and joints due to aging

Other symptoms that you may potentially experience include dry skin, insomnia, mood swing, weight gain, etc.

The solution is to allow ourselves to reverse aging from inside out. Apart from applying anti-aging skincare, it is important to take care of body's inner health. Luckily I come across D'Lady, a female health supplement for overall health.

D'Lady key benefits:

❤ 1. Specialize in improving women's problems
❤ 2. Improve hair loss, edema, acne, acne scars, sensitivity
❤ 3. Improve breast sagging and help breast enlargement
4. Improve menstrual instability / low menstrual blood volume / abnormal leucorrhea  

D'Lady key ingredients:
❤ 1. Pueraria mirifica (白野葛根)
❤ 2. Kacip Fatimah (卡琪花蒂玛)
❤ 3. Eight Immortals Fruit (化橘红)
❤ 4. Haritaki (诃子)

I am sure you have heard about Kacip Fatimah before - one of the most popular and potent ingredients used in traditional herbal medication. Rich in phytoestrogen and isoflavones, it helps maintain a healthy female reproductive system and ease menopausal symptoms.

On the other hand, Pueraria mirifica, a Thailand-famous herb is also useful as a reliever for menopausal symptoms as it promotes the vaginal health. Not only that, its anti-cancer properties and cholesterol-reducing benefits can improve the overall health too.

I am impressed that D'Lady actually helps us from head to toe:

❤ For the skin, D'Lady works wonder in skin whitening, smoothing and anti-dark spots.
❤ For the breasts, it has breast-enlarging functions, preventing them from sagging.
❤ For the hair, it reduces hair loss issue, hence keeping the hair roots stronger and shinier.
❤ For slimmer and slender body, it helps reduce bloating / puffiness and prevents weight gain due to hormonal changes.
❤ For better vaginal health, it keeps the vaginal tissue tight and prevents dryness.
❤ Most importantly, for the overall wellbeing, it improves our daily mood hence giving us better sleep quality.

How to consume: Take 2 capsules in the morning (after breakfast) and 2 capsules at night.

After consuming D'Lady, it is important to drink at least 7 glasses of water everyday. During the first week of consuming D'Lady, I constantly feel sleepy but it is normal as D'Lady is doing its work to regulate the body hormones.

D'Lady is Halal-certified and GMP-certified by SGS Malaysia. It is also vegetarian and safe for consumption for those with vegetarian diet.

Did I forget to mention that for every bottle sold, 5% of the sales proceed will be donated to Yayasan Kebajikan Berkat Kasih Malaysia? Let D'Lady takes care of the unfortunate ones' wellbeing, while we take care of our health.

After 2 weeks of consuming D'Lady, I am happy to regain self-confidence.
Goodbye to dry, sensitive skin and hair loss issue. And no more irregular period too!

So, ladies, feel free to try out D'Lady and experience the difference from inside out!

Please contact +6011 5861 1897 to order.
Use my promo code [ FISH5 ] for 5% discount!

For more information about D'Lady, please visit:
Instagram: @dladyofficial

20 December, 2021

Top 7 Mistakes Men Make When Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Do you know the little secret every girl keeps in their heart when it comes to getting engaged? When a man asks the girlfriend about their ideal diamond ring, the girl will usually say "I don't mind so long as you are the right man". But actually every girl would have an ideal diamond ring in their mind so I am here to share with you some tips to make your girlfriend's dream comes true by picking the best diamond engagement ring.

Let's find out what are the top 7 mistakes men usually make when buying diamond engagement rings...

Mistake #1 Not setting a price range

First, know your budget. I have come across an article that ideally, the price of a diamond engagement ring should range between 1 to 2 times of your monthly salary. But of course, it really depends on individuals - you should feel comfortable with the price range and make her happy at the same time. 

So, plan ahead, set a price range and work around the range. Brands like ZCOVA, one of the most prominent diamond companies in Malaysia, have over 150,000 GIA-certified diamonds to choose from so you can definitely find a diamond that fits your budget.

Mistake #2 Overpaying for diamonds

If you have been checking out the local retailers and comparing prices, you'll be surprised that the diamonds of the same specifications are tagged at widely ranging prices among different retailers.

For example, a 0.5CT J/VS2/3EX/Non-fluorescence + 18K Solitaire Ring is available at a much lower price in ZCOVA as compared to the market price offered by other local retailers.
Store A: RM 11,000
Store B: RM 10,300
ZCOVA: RM 7,300

This is caused by the markup from middlemen, overhead costs, branding etc. No doubt ZCOVA is the best place to buy bigger diamonds at lower prices as it removes the middlemen and minimizes overhead costs. With this, you can save up to 30-40% to get a bigger diamond or spend on your honeymoon!

Mistake #3 Not educating yourself on diamonds

Well, of course we may not be experts in this, but before making any 'big' purchases, always ensure that you do your  homework and the diamond's 4Cs (Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut) specifications.

This will help you decide which diamond quality you want to prioritise when buying diamonds. With some basic knowledge in mind, you can walk into the ZCOVA showroom and speak to their in-house GIA Graduate Gemologist for free diamond education and consultation. Learn about diamond 4Cs, fluorescence, ring pairing and more

Also, don't worry about being pressured to make any purchase because the jewellery consultants there work on a no-commissions policy.

Mistake #4 Thinking all 3EX diamonds are good

You may have noticed that most stores label their diamond as 3EX (Triple Excellent) which is the best Cut grade. However, do you know that not all 3EX diamonds are good? 

You can always request the shop for a 10x magnified 360-degree video to check the diamond properly. For example, in ZCOVA’s 10x magnification 360° video view, you can closely inspect and compare each diamond’s real photo before you buy a diamond online. 

Make sure it has almost perfect hearts and arrows like this! 
Without this, your diamond will not be sparkly.

Mistake #5 Diamonds only need GIA Certificate

We often focus only on the GIA Certificate (by the Gemological Institute of America) for the diamond’s 4Cs, but the quality of a diamond is beyond this. It is important to also evaluate how sparkly a diamond is. 

Hence, always ask for the GemEx Certificate that measures the diamond's Light Performance – Brilliance (White Light), Fire (Color Light) and Sparkle (Scintillation).

In fact, ZCOVA is the only online diamond and jewelry company in Malaysia and Singapore
that offer such dual-cert diamonds.

Mistake #6 Not knowing her preferred ring design

While you want to surprise her with a wedding proposal, you are desperate to find out her dream ring, unless she has explicitly mentioned the ring setting she wants. Are you worried that you will buy the ‘wrong’ ring?
  • White, rose or yellow gold?
  • Plain band or pave?
  • 4 or 6 prongs?
  • Low or tall setting?
I am sure you'd be delighted to know about ZCOVA's special service known as "Propose With A Diamond". They will set your diamond on a temporary ring first. After your successful proposal, you can bring her back to design her dream ring in 18K gold. No more stress in choosing the right ring! 

Mistake #7 Paying extra for customisation

We all love personalised, one-of-a-kind engagement rings that belong to us and our other half, don't we? At ZCOVA, you can fully customise your ring from diamond shape to ring design and even with name personalisation. You will also get 3D renders and 3D prints of your design to see and try-on before confirming.

Unlike many shops, the service is completely free of charge and there are no hidden charges for custom design, for using credit card, instalment or resizing service.

So, make sure you don't make any of the aforementioned mistakes when getting an engagement proposal ring. With ZCOVA, the experience is definitely quality assured, hassle-free, and worry-free.

For more information, please visit ZCOVA at: 

ZCOVA PJ Showroom @ Kota Damansara
ZCOVA Johor Bahru Showroom @ SouthKey Mosaic 

Website: www.zcova.com
Instagram: @zcova
Email: service@zcova.com 
Contact: +603 6150 8100 / +6017 367 0666
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