27 May, 2013

ADORE Imagene Contact Lenses Review + Giveaway

 Courtesy to EYEMED Technologies Malaysia, I have two boxes of cosmetic contact lenses for myself and another TWO BOXES for YOU! 

I started wearing ADORE Imagene contact lenses since one month ago, and absolutely loving it! I have really serious shortsightedness, so I can't see without spectacles / lenses. But as a blogger, of course I must look as CHIO (Trendy!) as possible everyday. So cosmetic lens is the best alternative for me :)

ADORE Imagene came to my house like a present!
 It is beautifully packaged in a black box with gold ribbon. 
Looks like an expensive and elegant gift box right? 

Not only that, there is another solid box within the black box! Each box contains one pair (two pieces) of contact lenses of the same color and power. Now I can recycle the box to put my earrings etc :P

There are 2 pieces of lenses and a product guide in a box.

Currently the Imagene series comes in four colours:
Magenta, Grey, Brown, Grey

My favourite is Magenta! It looks pinkish with dark brownish ring. 
It definitely is the best choice to make your eyes look more "awake" and brighter

 ADORE is a relatively new brand in the Malaysian market 
but is reputable and well known all over Europe for Italian Fashion Lenses. :)

I always believe that God has made this cosmetic contact lens specially for small-eyed people like me! If you have met me, you'll see my eye is ultra-tiny and I hardly have double eyelid T_____T 

But with ADORE Imagene, you can significantly notice the difference in my eyeball. 
My eye on the left looks amazingly bigger, brighter and more radiant! 

With flashlight, the magenta color is more obvious but I have to say that it still looks very natural and nobody would notice I'm actually wearing an eye-enlarging cosmetic lens! 

Beauty lenses must go along with cosmetics! 
Put on some makeups to create the eye-catching yet natural-looking self :) 

Magenta is a color that is easy to match with almost any outfit!

You may be afraid that it makes your eyes dry / uncomfortable. No worries, because I am an extreme contact lens wearer--- I can wear the contact lenses up to 24 hours without taking it off! 

You can call me crazy. But yeah...sometimes this is unavoidable especially when I go for trips. 
And  my record of wearing an ADORE Imagene lens was up to 20 hours!

This picture was taken under bright sunlight and breezy wind when I was in Singapore.

Imagine how many hours I had been wearing these lenses--- since 6am I boarded the bus to Singapore, till late night 1am when I finally returned to the hotel for a beauty sleep. It is around 19 hours!! Yet my eyes were feeling very comfortable with the lenses on ;) 

However, I don't recommend you to wear lenses for such long hours. 
It is strenuous for your eyes, please take good care of it :) 

This picture is taken indoors, under natural light because I also wear contact lenses at home! 

This new generation Italian fashion lenses also help protect against harmful UV rays and contain high water content (55% is the highest I have seen!). So your eyes wouldn't feel dry after long hours wearing them :)


Brand: ADORE Imagene Series
Manufacturer: EYEMED Technologies Malaysia
Material: HEMA + MMA + NVP
Moisture Content: 55%
Lens Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Disposable: Monthly
Country of origin: Italy
Price: RM50 per pair
Where to buy: Focus Point, A-Look and Pro-Eyes outlets throughout Malaysia


Now...it's your turn to own these amazing beautiful contact lenses! 

3. Comment here: "Why do you want a pair of IMAGENE contact lens?" 
4. Include your name, Facebook link and email address in the comment.

Contest ends on 31 May 2013, 11.59pm (GMT+8)
Winners will be directly contacted by IMAGENE by 1st of June 2013.
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