20 January, 2008

20 01 08

So it is now already the third week of school. Everything is going on smoothly, and works are getting more and more. This year, I have got more extra co-curricular jobs such as edi board, photography job and lib stuff. And unbelievably, I have been chosen to be the secretary of Bendahara [=.="really thanks to Ms. Vun]. And because of this, I gotta skip tuition just to attend the latihan sukan on every Tues and Thurs. OmG why this year both guys and girls must go on both days? Chamz.. And I can't imagine those reports that I gotta write soon T_T.

Sadly, I have been so busy that I have totally forgotten bout the 'thing'. LoL i told him about this and he said that got improvement in me and that's a good thing since time can fade it so easily. But actually I wish to take a breath, sit bac kand relax. I start hating tuition and school for it is so tiring and causing me so exhausted, and with all those meetings and activities which cause my schedule to be sooooo packed...

Anyway, I am still glad that I have moved on, and rejected his request of finding the 'someone' LOL =.=" Again, I should say people do grow up as time flies...all in a blink of eyes...

-I am still me-

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