17 March, 2012

4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Finally the long-awaited fiesta is here! For 4 days, the whole Putrajaya is experiencing a massive traffic jam since early in the morning. Well, when else would it be so crowded?

I had no choice but to be really patient with the slow traffic, then fought for a parking space, and squeeze myself like a sardine along the street! 90% of the people there are holding the bulky cameras, trying their best for some good shots of the day. 

The map is generally useless, because the whole place is kinda small and well-guided by the volunteers.

At only RM10, you can get a ride in the hot air balloon, which brings you up to 4-storey height. I felt being cheated coz' I have always thought it can bring me high up to the sky.

Wanted to try riding on one like this? Then you have to be well-trained and obtain the license. 

Riding on colorful balloons can be interesting, despite of the hot weather. You can overlook the whole Putrajaya from here, which most of the scenery are elegant designs of various mosques and government buildings.

If you cannot stand such a height, then do go for some boat riding sessions. Go around the lake, while,(well, again) enjoying the scenery of the mosque.

Then this really attracts me because it gives me a chance to actually float on the water without getting myself wet. Well, forget this idea since I'm phobic of water.

Along the bazaar, there are lots of good foodstuff including KFC, Pizza Hut, burgers, goat's milk, pastries and my fave cupcakes! But under such scorching sun, I think drinks alone can satisfy me very much.

I see almost every kid there is holding one balloon like this. If they ever have one of Bunny design, then I'd probably get one.

Name keychains are sold @ RM5 each, I have gotten mine as I'd always go crazy with colorful stuff.

The last thing I've bought there is MEME T-SHIRT @ RM25 each! It is printed by Determined Chicken, and the one on the left is of Hobbit size, meaning S size, while the right one is a size of Human, indicating M size. How interesting, eh?

Other designs include:
  • "Forever Alone"
  • "LOL"
  • "Bitch Please"
  • "Me Gusta"

That's all for this year, and I promise I'd go there way earlier in the next year so that I can catch more scenes of beautiful hot air balloons. See you guys next year! :)

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