28 March, 2012

Sawasde Thai Kitchen & Cafe @ Subang Jaya

With the sudden change of weather these few days, my body has been feeling cold constantly and I need something to warm me up. Speaking of food, what else can be better than some scrumptious Thai food? 

While on the look-out for some satisfying Thai dishes, I found this Sawasde Thai Restaurant in Subang Jaya looks inviting from its entrance. Look at the attap roof; It gives a really Thai feel there.

Stepping into the warm, friendly atmosphere that Sawasde offers, I feel more than pleased to enjoy my meal there. It is suitable for almost any occasion, be it a celebration, casual gathering, family dinner or co-workers meeting.

With the bamboo, Thai Buddha and the warm bright colors, I truly feel like I am visiting this authentic Thai restaurant outside of Thailand!

During my next visit, I'd probably want to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere under this spacious outdoor patio while indulging in their house specialities!

#1 Smoked Duck @ RM20

To start off, the slices of smoked duck are good to munch on, before we go for the main dishes. The sweet and delicate flavour of the duck is simply irresistible, and that makes me place higher expectation towards other dishes!

#2 Tom Yam Seafood Soup @ RM36

It comes in a large pot, and then is divided into 10 small bowls, with equally generous amount of seafood in each bowl! There I can sense the goodness of the fresh prawns and squids, complementing with the aromatic lemon grass.

 #3 Sawasde Special Fish @ RM40

This is one of the best-selling dish at Sawasde. The Ikan Siakap here is deep-fried before being immersed in Thai-styled soup. Made of blended belacan, dried chillies and lemongrass, the soupbase is a must-try even for non-spicy eaters! You can always request the kitchen for a milder or stronger taste, entirely up to your preference!

#4 Deep Fried Prawn in Thai Chilli Paste @ RM36

Sawasdee has experienced Thai Chefs who use only fresh ingredients and authentic spices. Hence, there's no doubt that the huge prawns are all fresh and succulent, which go along well with the  concoction of creamy coconut milk and chilli paste.

#5 Steamed Lala in Thai Style @ RM25

The clams are freshly flown from Phillipines daily, and I'm glad to sample all the fresh ones without any mud taste. The soup is clear but rich in this seafood flavour, with a hint of sweetness behind the mild taste.

 #6 Green Curry Chicken @ RM30

I've sampled many green curry but this is definitely one of the  best I've ever tried. Beautifully unique and flavor-filled, this dish gives me a great impression with the tantalizing taste. It's also thick in the coconut gravy. 

 #7 Deep Fried Beancurd with Smoked Duck @ RM25

Ducks are uncommonly seen in Thai cuisine, but Sawasde uses them for various dishes to bring out their own uniqueness. Surprisingly, the soft beancurds do complement well with the tender duck cubes. It is of slight spiciness, but then again you can go for more adventurous flavours upon request.

 #8 Crispy Deer Meat @ RM18

Here's another deep-fried dish which caters for carnivorous, and it's addictive! Served piping hot from the kitchen, I am tempted to try out the whole plate because its crispiness is just too good to resist!

#9 Deep Fried Kai Lan with Kai Lan @ RM18

The name itself already caught my attention, and I understand what's behind the name when the platter arrives. The crispy shredded Kai Lan are deep-fried before being stir fried with some uncut, raw Kai Lan. It gives a total different texture, and this combination is best served while hot. 

Sit back and relax for the night while enjoying the beers and even red wines :)

With the nice ambience, outdoor or indoor seating areas and a huge menu to order from, Sawasde Thai will surely tempt your senses and keep you in a good mood, enough to keep you entertained for 2 whole hours of pleasing meal time!

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1. All of the above are Sawasde's signature dishes, and the overall quality is above average.
2. Personally, I love 8 out of the 9 dishes there. A good one indeed!
3. Revisit? I'd definitely come back with a big bunch of people so that I can try out other signature dishes!

Sawasde Thai Restaurant
42 & 42-1,
Jalan 1/1C,
Regalia Business Centre,
47620 Subang Jaya,
Contact: 603-8011 8141
GPS: N 3.05649 ; E 101.604824
Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 12noon - 2.30pm & 5pm - 12am
Sat - Sun: 4pm - 12am

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