03 April, 2016

LANCOME Blanc Expert Cushion HIGH Coverage + Cushion Blush

The trend of BB/CC Cushion from Korea seems to be growing, with new brands coming up each day. Honestly, among the many choices out there, I am truly amazed that Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion quickly becomes Number 1 Face Makeup Reference in Asia since its launch in 2015.

Following the success of its very first cushion in Asia, Lancôme, as the Leading Cushion Brand in Asia, recently introduces a revolutionary High Coverage Cushion for the face as well as Cushion Blusher for the cheeks. 

LANCOME Blanc Expert Cushion Compact HIGH Coverage SPF 50+/PA+++ in P-02 shade (RM188)

Like many BB cushions, it comes with separate refills and case. But what makes it special is the availability in 7 shades, specifically formulated for Asian skin. The P-02 shade I choose is light beige with pinkish tone, suitable to give a healthier glow to the skin. 

Look at the mesh topping that is different from the usual spongy cushion we see...

What distinguishes Lancôme's latest cushion compact with the rest is its New Tint Cushion Polar™ Technology which is a double layered system for double performance "sieve" effect. In short, the sponge  has been reinvented and covered with an innovative mesh.

❤ The sponge: Made of intertwined fibres, which offers more space to the formula and stores the product well.  
 The mesh: Acts as a filter on the sponge to ensure a fine, fresh and uniform application.

This is my first time seeing a mesh on the sponge! Amazing indeed, it does not require strong pressure on the puff to push the formula up to the surface. No hard pressing, just lightly dab on the mesh and the thick, creamy formula is absorbed at just the right amount-- neither too much nor not enough. 

When the makeup artist tries the product on me, I am satisfied with its high coverage that can conceal minor flaws. At the first dab, it gives a pleasant cooling effect as the evaporation of a portion of the components of the formula immediately drops the temperature of the surface of the skin by -1.7°C. Totally freshens my skin immediately!

If you love nude makeup or natural look, this Cushion is just perfect for everyday use
to achieve a velvety, long-lasting high coverage lively rosy makeup results

Apart from the formula, the case design is so beautiful and sweet-looking!
The limited edition sleek and chic design further enhances the femininity of the product.

Here's my verdict: What I love about Blanc Expert Cushion High Coverage:
      ❤ High coverage due to its thicker, denser and creamier texture
      ❤ Immediate fresh, moist and cooling sensation
      ❤ Clear, bright and glowing effect with velvety touch 
      ❤ Uniform, natural-looking finish
      ❤ High UV protection (SPF50+/PA+++)

LANCOME Cushion Blush Subtil in Shade 023 Cerise Givree (RM145)
To enhance this rosy complexion, Lancôme has created the first blush pad, the ideal blush touch in perfecting one's 'Lively Rosy Bright Look', which is available in 7 fresh and vibrant shades. It is also the first blusher cushion I've encountered so far. 

The blush cushion comes in a mini compact size, while the formula is highly pigmented, hence a little of the product can go a long way. I'd just dab onto the formula once, and then fold the applicator to spread away the formula. Otherwise, it'd look too bold on the cheeks.

Despite of the highly pigmented rosy cheeks, the result is very subtle and sweet-looking on the cheeks. The effect is totally adjustable according to your needs, and can be conveniently used while you are on the go. 

Here's my verdict: What I love about Cushion Blush Subtil:
      ❤ Easy to apply and blend smoothly
      ❤ Bright, pigmented shade that gives a healthy Korean glow
      ❤ Compact in size, and convenient to carry in the bag everyday 

Both Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion High Coverage and Cushion Blush Subtil are available
in all Lancome counters and stores nationwide.

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