21 May, 2012

Comida @ Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara (with FoodPanda.my)

It was a pleasant weekend when I dropped by at FoodPanda.my’s first ever event with the bloggers,
at Comida, the home of giant pizza.

With the latest online food ordering system, FoodPanda.my allows us to do it the simplest way in only 3 steps:
Browse, Order, Check Out!

Courtesy to: Home24.com

FoodPanda's sister company, Home24 joins us for the fun too. Similar to ordering food online, now Home24 enables you to order furniture online and pay only when it arrives at your door!

It’s almost hassle-free, because the menu is so detailed and food arrives at your doorstep within an hour! The best thing is, Comida provides Cash on Delivery (COD) for your orders. Feel free to return to them if you're unsatisfied with the items.

The name, Comida (which loosely translates to 'food' in Spanish) simply reminds me that they offer any type of food I could possibly want in one sitting, from American burgers to Italian pizzas, to Mexican cuisine! I'm not surprised that vegetarian dishes for the non-meat lovers are available too.
#1 Spanish Tapa 

The first thing to snack on is the house Spanish bread, which is freshly served with varieties of warm and cold tapa. The bread may be plain but fluffy, and I prefer the warm ones with a softer texture.

#2 Prawn in Red Sauce @ RM13

Fresh sauteed prawns are served warm in a pot with thick garlic and spicy tomato gravy which tastes rather bland for me. I realise the prawns have lost its flavours when I try having it with the bread.

#3 Sauteed Calamari @ RM13

This pot is no longer warm while served, but the squid, tempura and black olives look fresh in the homemade seasonings and sauce. What makes it special is the tartar sauce and lemon which adds a twist into the seafood and tantalizes the taste buds.

#4 Chicken Burger @ RM20

This American burger, claimed as one of the house specialities, is great for sharing because one moderate eater couldn't possibly finish the entire homemade buns with boneless chicken and iceberg lettuce dressed in Comida mayo. Served hot from the kitchen, I bite on the straight cut fries before sampling on the crispy chicken.

Maybe my stomach is rather empty when this burger is served, but frankly I love the pleasant crispy exterior with the smooth and tender meat inside.

#5 Salmon Tataki @ RM36

One of the Western main courses which is worth trying is this platter of Norwegian Salmon fillet that is quickly seared on the grill and then served with garlic butter, steamed spinach and house chunky tomato sauce. Leaving all but a thin exterior layer uncooked, I can taste the freshest salmon fillet around a non-Japanese restaurant!

#6 Creamy Pesto Prawn @ RM27

The hot homemade pesto sauce fills the plate of pasta sautéed with fresh tiger prawns and olive oil. This pasta is pretty simple but very aromatic with subtle flavours of olive oil, cream and pesto. The homemade sauce is just right in taste, not too pungent in basil for my taste.

#7 Grilled Rib Eye Steak @ RM37

The wonderful grill aroma can be felt upon serving, but unfortunately I find the steak slightly overcooked. Topped with Mizuna Salad, with a choice of mushroom or blackpepper sauce, we opted for the latter one which can cover the flaws of the rib eye.

#8 Smoked Salmon and Egg Pizza (12") @ RM37.80

Like many restaurants, the best thing always comes last! Whenever you drop by at Comida, their famous Mexican pizza is definitely a must-try! Huge chunks of smoked salmon, omega egg, mozarella, oregano, homemade pizza sauce and olive oil beautifully sit onto the crust. And you wouldn't miss the salmon from each bite!

#9 Comida Pizza 24" @ RM79.80

The signature dish, Large Comida Pizza is definitely not a miss! The 24 inches pizza is 60cm long, and there you can find anything you like--- Be it beef pepperoni, turkey ham, homemade tomato sauce, red capsicum, button mushrooms, prawn, squid, mozarella onions or oregano!

A close shot of a piece of the huge pizza shows you how packed the ingredients are arranged onto the crust. And the layer of cheese is able to hold the bits and chunks very firmly! From the crispy crust to the cheesy seafood and ham, it's simply irresistible!

#10 Iced Lemon Tea @ RM6
It's good to have a glass of icy lemonade to wash down the heavy meal. 

#11 Crème Brulee @ RM9

I love something sweet like this one which can turn out so light and fresh for me! The light vanilla custard with caramelized sugar on top has a decadent yet clean caramel flavour. However, it is not as creamy as expected and I'd love a better burnt version.

#12 Comida De Postre @ RM12

The unique dessert at Comida is their signature baked puff which holds a size of 5 usual curry puffs! This baked puff is generously filled with oozing hazelnut chocolate filling, topped with peanut butter spread and colorful rice. The vanilla ice cream accompanying the dessert turns out as chocolate flavoured, and everything is simply too sweet for my taste.

Thanks FoodPanda.my for the invitation to dine with Mr. Panda at such a Mexican heaven.
Hope to see you around in future events with more fun and exciting stories!

1. The house pizza is pretty good as a healthy choice with minimum use of oil and fats; I'd consider this as above normal standard.
2. As for the Western and Italian fares, I enjoy the pesto cream sauce the most. Highly recommended!
3. Revisit? Yes, the menu is so extensive that I'd want to come back to try out other signature flavours of pizza.

Comida- The Way We Like It
Solaris Dutamas,
1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-6211 2662
Email: basil@comida.com.my
Website: www.comida.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/mycomida
Twitter: twitter.com/mycomida

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