20 February, 2008

Tiring skewl~

LoL I guess it will be a shorrrrt post today, just to talk bout something I kept in my heart. So here it goes..

02 19 & 02 20 08”
Really tiring these two days, and I have not enough sleep T_T. And bout the job, sigh at first I don’t wish to mention, but hehe just to share something with you here. [P/S: Spell, don’t cry arh, it’s not that cham anyway]. So these two days I skipped classes just to accomplish my job of … [you should know larh, I don’t wish to tell =X]. And on 02 19 I got complained for many reasons. And they told me, “You should appreciate this golden opportunity because not everyone has the chance like you do. So do your job better please”. Erm I think it’s something like that gua, coz’ it’s translation from Chinese. After listening to this, I feel like I am not doing well, at least not until the quality that they want. Sometimes I feel like it’s their fault for commenting us while they are doing the same like us. However, I feel like I am partly wrong too for not taking this job seriously. Honestly, I enjoy this job [I have interest in it lotz] but not enjoying to work with them. Sigh, anyway I knew I just gotta get used to it and mix with them well, to ensure that I enjoyed my job as well as these friends.
Attention, I am not complaining bout anything on this, and please DO NOT make any silly rumours on it and say something that I actually never mention at all. I have got enough of this, and I hate it. I mean it, really.

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