16 August, 2008


Sort of unlucky here T_T

Tuition in the morning, left two of us coz’ she went to Sabah camp already. So nice T_T envy envy~ xD. Nothing special happened during class.

After class, I saw Sir. He asked me to buy him bread from 7-11 downstairs. He wanted Gardenia bread of corn flavour, RM0.70. So I went down, but I couldn’t find any. I then came up and returned him the RM1 note, and got scolded by him T_T. He kept talking about me in front of other teachers, ugh. “How stupid is she isn’t it? She said that there was no such bread there. I ask you lar, got or not?”, he said to them @_@”…

After class, it was raining heavily outside. Hence I went to Popular, reading Meg Cabot’s book for an hour. I could finish the book within 2 days!! XD Then I met BestieFarah at LRT station and *him… We were standing at the same deck of train, and he was heading to Salak Selatan station. Standing beside him, I was busy chatting with her until I didn’t even take a glance at him. Standing for 15 minutes without talking to each other, but finally he said a bye to me when he left (:

I want this!! RM42.90. And... 20% discount for PopClub member~ =D

Stupidity kills you xD

I was forced to go to school, to take photographs of the Pelancaran Sambutan Bulan Kemerdekaan. Then while snapping photographs, I got complaints from #her. #She kept asking me to move away AS IF I am blocking her view =.=” after the assembly, I met #her again, she told me not to take photographs so near to the character. Or else people will get scared. #She also asked me to maximize the zooming to take pictures of people. Ugh. Does #she know that zoomed pictures are NOT pretty at all? Guess #she doesn’t know it. It was soooooooooo boring in school that we have had to play Scrabble and batu seremban in the whole morning to spend our time.

Warning: The following is something rough and full of vulgars. Beware.

During recess, BestieFarah and I were playing Scrabble in the class. And #Bastard came. He tried coming near me again, I thought of fucking him on the spot =.=” so impolite bastard. I was about to shout, “Don’t ya try to touch me again okiee?” You are trying to be bitchy in front of my friend and you are offending me by your awful acts and hence offending her too indirectly. Please fuck off of my way. And don’t ever act as if you are freaking close with me okiee? We are just schoolmates, and we have nothing else in common. Don’t stay near with me, or else one day I will really eat you up. Fuck off, guy.

After school, we changed clothes at the library and then met up Vivi at the bus stop and walked to Carrefour together. We lied that there was loads of homework since Vivi was absent, and this made her wanting to slap us again xD. While Vivi was waiting for her turn at the post office, Keiyan and I went to Garden Café for lunch. Cheap enough. But the taste was so-so onlyyyy… After that, we went to E-Box, I saw Darling there =D. And some girls of our school were just right behind our room. LOL. We sang sang sang. This time we had no 张惠妹 songs, since we had no Spell here xD. And full of Twins songs again, thanks to Keiyan. At 6, Vivi and Keiyan’s parent were so efficient, =.= hence they have had to go home that time. Left me alone there? No… Luckily Mr. Mok accompanies me to sing 错了再错 xD ~as the last song…~Lalala…thanks a lot =D

Congrats Lee Chong Wei for getting into the finals!!
^^Harumkanlah nama negara kita~

Don’t miss the final tomorrow, at 8.30pm!!

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