Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Malay. English. Mathematics. History. Accounts. EST.
Physics. Chemistry. Biology. Additional Mathematics.

So finally.
We have attended the classes for ALL subjects we have.
It doesn't matter anymore if I am tired, bored or even sick over it.
I mean, I..uhm I should say 'we' do not have the choice :(
I miss you. I am sorry that I couldn't meet you up somewhere.
The exhausting week just stops me from seeing you.
I think__I really need a day to stay at home and r.e.s.t.

So it was Sis' birthdaeee right? =D
I went to tuition classes as usual,
And went to night market with buddiesss at night :)
Surprisingly, I bought nothing!! xD how nice that I didn't waste $$$.
Back quite early at night actually,
waiting for Sis to come back from her celebration with her BoiiBoii__
Finally at 10.30pm she was back =DD
And I had surprise for her =P

At first I wanna buy her this cake
Because of its beauuuuuuuutiful look =D

But finally I bought this for her =DD the taste is better I think =X

*That fella "writing" her name on the cake =)

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