08 March, 2009

The LaZy weekend~

*The topic of the week: Locomotion in Animals [including FISH]
Oh this is the FISHmodel I have once seen and loved.

How I'd wish it to be mine (:

And today, the sunny Sunday
turned out to create a history of PTK.
xD The whole block of KL2 had no electricity for two hours
when we had to study with windows and doors open
to allow sunlight to get in.
This has not happen before in KL2, since 10years ago.
(: First experience for teachers and students.
After classes,
our next destination was Mid Valley.
Xing. Szuwah. Yeewen. Fuijinn. Sookkuan. I. =D
Movie we watched: Marley and Me (:
Remarks: An indeed touching story
MUST watch xD!!

I love this scene (:
And all the funny things Marley acted.

After shopping, eating blablabla,

Finally got home at 8pm = =

I need some opinions here.
Due to some unknown misunderstandings and conflicts,
I was not close to him anymore.
But I just remembered that I was still holding a book of his.
Hence to avoid further misunderstandings,
I decided to return it to his doorstep.
But oh God I have returned to the wrong house!
And indirectly, this means that
I have lost his book T_T
And...I searched for it at Mid Valley
[trying to get him a new one]
for the whole day,
but found none.
I have no time to go to Comic House or whatever.
So should I still get him back that not-so-important book?

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