30 April, 2009

It was two days ago
when I was told that I got 35 for Biology.

It was yesterday
when people started telling me
not to be upset over it.

It was this morning
when people asked me for my Biology marks
although they already knew it.

Individual A said,
“I get few marks lesser than you niaaa.
You get 35 only right?”
Individual B said,
“Har? 35 meh?
I thought change already?”

20 + 26 + 9 = 35
What a smart calculation.
I was so shocked
that I got such LOW marks.

Luckily there were corrections,
Luckily she counted wrongly.

And my Biology has improved by 3 marks
Compared to the previous Intervensi.

Honestly I hate people spreading news
bout my Biology marks.
Don’t ask me how much did I get
if you just want to tease me.
[although you didn’t get anything better than mine].

“Fong Sze Hui only gets 35 lah,
so we are considered good enough already!”,

they said.
YOU are one of them,
Come ‘on, admit it!

Teachers drive me even sicker,
Some ask me for my Biology marks
Coz’ they know I got low marks
For Intervensi 1.

Some are worse!
They spread it around
as if it is the juiciest gossip in the world
= =

Oh please.
Don’t you have any better thing
to talk about?

I am just a student,
Not the king’s daughter.
So YOU don’t have to
exaggerate over this!

Do you know?
You made me feel like
I am the stupidest one
in the world
when everyone knows
my result except

[that is not only for Biology,
it includes MORE]

I hate this drama,
[P/S: I don’t fucking care if you’re my best friend]


Enough of yelling =X
Thanks BestieFarah for advising,
I know
I should turn deaf ears to THESE

=D and her ajaran agama
seems to work on me!
After all the falsafah agama,
I indeed felt better :)

Heart you!

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