04 August, 2012

Restoran Fu Li Lai (富利来海鲜饭店) @ Bandar Puchong Utama

During my food adventure last week, I'm so proud that I found a hidden gem around Puchong area which serves fresh seafood at a very shockingly affordable price. If you're in the mood to explore the area deep inside Puchong Batu 14, what awaits you is a fleet of Chinese seafood restaurant around the neighbourhood.

Fu Li Lai is a Chinese restaurant, for casual family dining, with plenty of tables indoors and outdoors. Specializing in seafood, the owner explains that their ingredients are of utmost freshness. In just T-shirt and shorts, I can walk in casually and begin my food journey!

#1 Spinach Soup (上汤苋菜) starting from RM8

The basic Chinese spinach soup serves great as a palate opener. I'm delighted to find each spoonful of the clear soup is so flavourful with salted egg, goji berry and bits of century egg. This perfect bowlful of steaming, slurpy goodness is light and moderately salty for my liking.

 #2 Western Butter Fish (西式奶油鱼) starting from RM30 

As we waited patiently, our table is slowly filled up with plenty of piping hot dishes from the kitchen. Crowned with buttery egg floss, the fish comes in a whole and accompanied with generous slices of fillets. Each piece is flaky and moist, bursting in a buttery, milky sweet and savoury flavours.

 #3 Homestyle Chicken  (家乡鸡) - Price unavailable

If you want to try something extraordinary, the chicken platter serves best to tantalize your taste buds with myriad flavours. Presentation wise, I love the cherries and strawberries as an added cheerful element for the dish.

According to the Chef, the yellowish coating of the chicken is not turmeric but this, a special nut from Myanmar. The nut is grounded into powder and then stir-fried with the sliced chicken until fragrant. Coated with just the right amount of spices, the chicken is tender and juicy, not requiring any dip to enhance its flavour.

 #4 Yam Bowl with Salted Egg Prawns (咸蛋虾膏佛钵) starting from RM26

Instead of having mixed vegetables and cashew nuts in the yam ring, the Chef has creatively replaced them with huge salted egg prawns. The yam is rather crispy than mushy, while the prawns retains its moisture with the creamy salted egg coating. Such salty savoury dish goes perfectly with white fluffy rice. 

#5 Twin Pork Ribs (鸳鸯排骨) starting from RM26

After a row of satisfying dishes, I find the next dish even more fulfilling although I'm not a great fan of swine. Comprising of the Chef's signature Marmite Pork Ribs (妈咪排骨), it has a duet with Mango Salsa Pork Ribs (西芒排骨)

This is a true fusion taste. The sweet and sour ribs are greatly appetizing while the marmite, on the other hand, is well-suffused into the ribs, creating a long-lasting taste upon each mouthful.

#6 Assam Three Kingdom (阿三三鲜) starting from RM30

Bored of having seafood in the usual Chinese cooking style? This restaurant also specializes in making piping hot pot of assam seafood! The first spoonful of assam broth brings me into a wonderland of Thailand, so sour and spicy with bracingly fresh mantis prawns, squids and fish fillets. 

 #7 Deep Fried Mango Chicken (芒果鸡) starting from RM14 

To tone down the heat, the crispy chicken cutlets are served in a bed of tangy sauce topped with shredded young mango. Slightly spicy, the combination of crisp and crunchy texture keeps me reaching for more.

#8 Soy Sauce King Prawn (豉油王虾) starting from RM30

The wok seared prawns are huge with fresh crunchy meat. The best way of eating it here is by peeling off the skin with your hands, then munch through the juiciness because it is simply finger licking good!

#9 Honey Chives (青龙菜) starting from RM13

Lastly, there goes a timeless dish which draws the crowd because of the light flavours lying within the crunchy greens. To conclude this enjoyable meal, we opt for Herbal Tea instead of desserts to balance up our palate. Alternatively, this restaurant serves beer and alcoholic drinks for people to savour with the mouth-watering food.

1. The above dishes are recommended for 10-pax big eaters because the portion is really huge. In terms of taste, it suits for those who prefer deeper, heavier taste. 
2. Recommended: Western Butter Fish, Twin Pork Ribs and Assam Three Kingdom
3. Pricewise, it offers a great value for money. No complaints for my pocket at all! 

Restoran Fu Li Lai 
No. 19A, Jalan BPU 2, 
Bandar Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong, 
Contact: 017-390 9866
GPS Coordinate: N 2" 59.67882' E 101" 37.27368'
Operating Hours: 5.00pm - 10.30pm


  1. I realize they love using fruits as decos,so cute :D Mango chicken is real special!

  2. First time seeing butter fish dish, normally it's butter prawns (: and it's real unique especially in chinese restaurants seeing the chef decorating his dishes with strawberries. The assam sure looks very yummy and spicy!

  3. Hmm...that butter fish does look pretty delicious.

  4. The Assam surely very good eating with a bowl of white rice LOL XD

  5. All the dishes look nice (^^) especially the prawns ^^

  6. the assam three kingdom looks really really yummy!

  7. Yum yum! I would love to try their asam dish!

  8. Drool! Drool! But Puchong so far and jammed... Nobody wants to take me there. :(

  9. Lucky you! Found a hidden gem ;)
    I can give it a try next time!

  10. oh i am curious bout the mango chicken look delish!

  11. aww! my all time fav - asam!! SOUR-licious! :D

  12. y izzit got strawberry around the prawn de = = look weird

  13. Wow ! All the food look so delicious ! =D


  14. Wah...everything looks delicious here! Must go and try out!

  15. most of the dishes really triggers my craving and make me wanna go for it immediately but Puchong is too far for me :(

  16. I like spinach soup, but its hard to find a really good hearty bowl.

  17. wow... looks seriously tempting weh.. Especially the yam basket..!xDGONNA TRY THIS PLACE OUT!

  18. I wish I could try out all these places you review my friend, you know obviously the best ones :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. grr....my tummy make noise and protest seeing all the food here. Thanks for sharing it, might try to visit there one fine day.

  20. twin pork ribs looks special. You can have 2 different flavors of ribs...

  21. 哇!流口水了,全部食物看起来都好好吃哟....

  22. the taste is good eh? I think the 卖相没有那么理想

  23. Wow! I want the Assam Three Kingdom!! Sounds and looks yummy! Slurp! : D

  24. Waitress not friendly at all. Order seafood is not fresh & half cook. Try to reason with d waitress, she say this the way & style of cooking. In another word this restaurant selling not fresh & half cook seafood.
    Next dish is broth bayam. D bayam us very old. Totally different from as advertise. Once look at this bayam will made you lose appetite.
    Thirdly two kind pork ribs too salty and already cold when dish is serve.

    Final comment :- not worth for the price, servings very small amount for the price paid.
    I will never visit this restaurant again. NOT RECOMMENDED.


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