19 November, 2014

Exclusive: Starbucks 2015 Diary Planner

Have you checked out my post on Starbucks latest Christmas beverages, cards and tumblers? Personally, I'm a die-hard Starbucks fans, but what attracts me the most every year is certainly the annual planner! Starbucks Malaysia Planner 2015 comes in a leather form, which looks like what I had back in 2013. So I wanted something different and my dream came true!

....presenting you the latest 2015 Starbucks Planner x Moleskine from Korea. It comes in many colors--- Weekly planner (240 pages) in red, Daily planner (400 pages) in green and Note book (240 pages) in black. 

It is exclusively sold in Korea, thanks to a friend for bringing this surprise all the way to me in Malaysia! The cover is kinda leather-like, which I love very much but at the same time worry that it might get scratched....

If you're hunting for this, you can get it in Philippines too via online shops :)

Hello, December 2014, be prepared for the grand new year!

It comes in different themes every month, but I particularly love the Korean design that is so special and cute! Each monthly divider is very pretty and tastefully decorated according to the 4 seasons in Korea. No doubt I can't read Korean but pictures always speak louder than words!

 April 2015 ❤ ; Cherry Blossom is love!
Just by looking at the picture, I feel like flying there next April!! 

Not only that, every page of the month has little images that fit the theme too!
September 2015 ❤ ; Autumn's Best of Cheer!

October 2015 ❤ ; Red Fall's Foliage!

Love the feature of world's most unique Starbucks outlets in the planner!

Actually I have a secret dream of collecting all Starbucks cards from different locations.
Now you know what to buy for me whenever you go travel overseas :P

At the end of the diary planner, it has a cute pocket for little notes and perhaps your Starbucks card 

If I were in Korea, I'd be able to utilize the "Journey Stamp" section.
How I'd wish Starbucks Malaysia rewards their loyal customers this way too :)

 Spotted 3 Starbucks vouchers in the planner! Not sure if the Red Cup Card (Die-Cut Design) comes
 together with the planner, but really thank you for showering me with such an awesome gift!

 Hopefully I can fly to Korea and enjoy my cup of Starbucks there 

 Starbucks Korea planner is complimentary by purchasing 15 beverages in Korea. 
Same goes to Malaysia...

*Picture credits to Starbucks Malaysia
Starbucks Malaysia 2015 Planner - Green and Dark Brown

Just purchase 15 GRANDE handcrafted beverages (5 of which has to be a Christmas beverages) using Starbucks Card from 15 November 2014 until 5 January 2015. Redemption is only available from 1 December 2014 onwards :)

Start collecting the rewards now! 

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