15 March, 2012

Food Republic @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre [Part 2]

For the past 20 years, food court has always given me a bad impression for its unhygienic, filthy state. Until I step into the Food Republic at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, its uptrend look gives me a total change to my perception.

It is located at the rainforest, so there is a bridge connecting the food court, now can you imagine how big it is? The 13000 sqft food atrium can seat 550 at maximum capacity! If you are not aware of, my first try for the foodstuff is posted HERE, and now it's my second time visiting. 

#1 Carrot Juice and Apple Juice @ RM3.30 each

Here I am to sample some international cuisine available at the food court. A glass of fresh juice is perfect as a thirst quencher before trying out the main courses, and I'm amazed that fresh juice is priced so reasonably there.

 #2 Teriyaki Salmon Bento Set @ RM16.90

Let's start off with Japanese food. This bento set is served by Shokuji, along with Chawan Mushi and Miso Soup. What a great deal it is, considering the taste that is similar to the major Japanese food franchises around Malaysia. A huge piece of salmon fillet will satiate your gastronomical needs, without burning a hole in your pocket.

The fillet is thick and succulent, and I can say it's fresher than those served in some local Japanese food chains. To add a twist into the mild, original taste of salmon steak, I'd prefer the special Teriyaki Sauce. A hint of sweetness definitely make me salivate.

#3 Chicken Chop Set @ RM13.80

Another type of famous Japanese food includes the Chicken Teppanyaki set from Teppanyaki Express. This sumptuous set comes with Chicken Teppanyaki as the main dish, along with vegetables, bean sprouts, Miso soup and rice. 

Seeing the skilful chef cooking in front of the customers, the aromatic, fresh ingredients attract me to sample some.

The chicken is seasoned with pepper, chilli and special sauce before being stirred and sizzled. 

Then the chicken is cut into bite-sized pieces upon serving. The chicken is fluffy and full of flavours as the Japanese soy sauce mixed with sugar and garlic is immersed into each chicken cutlet.

 #4 Young Mango Salad

Next, here comes the Thai food, from Rama 9. Priced reasonably under a set promotion, it's time to tantalize your taste buds with some refreshing salads. Mild and tangy, it is appetizing just like my favourite Papaya Salad.

#5 Pad Thai @ RM11.90 with the salad / @ RM9.30 without salad

The Thai-styled char kuey teow is less oily as compared to the Chinese version. I also realised that the noodle used is much thinner than the usual ones, combining the fiery chillies with sour lime, a hint of sweetness and a touch of salt with egg adding texture. Hot and spicy, it is more aromatic and goes along well with the lime juice.

 #6 Spaghetti Skillet Salmon @ RM18.90

Here comes the common favourite of all, Western food from the Western Cuisine Express. The business is really flourishing especially during weekends, and its best-selling is a slice of salmon fillet served with a moderate portion of spaghetti. Most importantly, the spaghetti cooked al dente with a  coating of tomato cream sauce with hints of Italian herbs--- It is neither too thick nor creamy, just nice for a hearty meal!

If the above is not up to your preference,  
then stay tuned for other cuisines served in the Food Republic!

A full list of tenants there include:
  • Farmhouse Chicken Rice
  • Serimuka (East Coast Malay food)
  • Little Wok ("Tai Chow" in little wok style)
  • Rama 9 VISITED
  • Pepper Lunch Express [Part 1]
  • Hong Kong Roast [Part 1]
  • Shokuji VISITED
  • Tarbush Express [Part 1]
  • Hot Plate (Fusion and local food on sizzling hot plate)
  • Western Cuisine Express VISITED
  • Teppanyaki Express VISITED

1. In my personal opinion, I enjoy dining at a clean and organized place where I can see how my food is prepared.
2. All international cuisine comes in a fairly huge portion, which suits those who work within the vicinity of 1 Utama. 
3. The taste is acceptable and I'd go for it because of the value for money.

Food Republic 
S346-S347, Second Floor, 
One Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama City Centre, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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