30 September, 2015

Review: Philips BikiniGenie Trimmer / Shaver

Note: No, this blog post is not just for ladies, but for men too.

When it comes to body hair removal, hot waxing treatment is often a popular choice for those who want to have beautiful bikini line. But it seems to be a turnoff for me personally as I often find it too pricey and painful. I am glad that Philips has this great little  BikiniGenie Trimmer BRT383 now for a cleaner, safer and easier way to trim and shape body hair. 

BikiniGenie trimmer BRT383 6-in-1 Kit 

Unboxing the product, I find that the body trimmer comes in a set of 6: 0.5mm shaving head, 0mm mini shaving head, 2 comb attachments (3mm and 5mm), storage pouch, cleaning brush and AA battery.

The shaving heads are both detachable from the body of the tool. And I like how it can be used wet or dry, as I can easily shave in the shower, or do a quick "grooming" anytime outside the shower. 

0.5mm Shaving Head

I prefer using the shaving head which trims down the bikini line hair to exactly 0.5 mm for an even groomed look. Although the small cutting teeth look quite sharp, I am surprised that it is able to work smoothly on the skin and cut the hairs while protecting the skin. It is totally painless and no uncomfortable sensation at all

Click-on Combs: 3mm and 5mm attachments

But if you just want a precise trim without removing all the hair, then the 2 click-on combs will be great to trim hair to a 3mm or 5mm length. Great for a quick touch up. 

Mini 0mm Shaving Head

Thumbs up to Philips grooming system, it even includes a micro shaver for the flawless super smooth finish. Although the round trimming teeth operate at quite a speedy motion and effectively removes the hair, but it will not cause accidental nick, scrap and cut on the skin. So, no worries about any skin irritation even on the most sensitive part of the body!

No charging cords needed, and one AA battery can last the trimmer for up to 60 minutes, which amounts to 40-60 time of usage. It does not require any maintenance, just a quick cleaning using the brush will do. So I think it will be in my travel luggage during my next vacation!

Overall, it is a great product. Love everything about it from the design and features
up to its portability and convenience of use!

Gentlemen, don't be disappointed, Philips new Body Groomer BG1024 is specially designed for you!
It offers the similar way of safe and fuss-free body hair grooming for you guys.

#1 Hygienic, convenient and most importantly, it's painless.
#2 Reuseable, cordless and great for travelling.
#3 It feels smooth on the skin-- No nicks, cuts or razor bumps of burn.
#4 It works well in both wet or dry condition.

#1 Price is rather steep (RM129) as compared to the ordinary electric shaver/razor.

Philips Body Groomer and BikiniGenie trimmer BRT381 are priced at RM109 whereas the BikiniGenie trimmer BRT383 is priced at RM129 respectively. Available at the Philips Brand Store at Publika Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores and on www.blipmy.com.

For more information, please visit http://www.philips.com.my.


  1. The design is nice. Price wise it make me sigh. But it does sound like it'll make things easier ;D

  2. i love the design too ^^ Mini 0mm Shaving Head make my eyes bling !!
    can i buy it at Singapore ?

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