13 September, 2015

Review: TheFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion

Hiiii~ I am back with another Korean makeup review. Well, although there are so many Korean brands out there, THEFACESHOP, established since 2003, remains one of my favourite beauty labels mainly because of affordable price and quality factors. Who doesn't love putting on light and fresh makeup that makes one look like a K-pop star? 

TheFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion (15g) in #V203 Natural Beige SPF50+PA+++
(Also available in #V201 Apricot Beige) @ RM83.90 (RM88.93 with GST)

The latest addition to my Face Shop collection is the Oil Control Water Cushion that is beautifully packaged in white cover and blue box (on the right of the above picture). I finally got my hands on this new product because I am tired of my existing foundation that gives me thick coverage and oily shine after long hours of application :( 

“Light, fresh and long-lasting Summer Cushion!”

True to its name, the water cushion is definitely lighter than many other brands in the marketplace because it is filled with lightweight liquid foundation that keeps the skin fresh and moist. It is best fitted for those with oily skin, as its sebum control formula helps to reduce shine and keep makeup stay put for long hours.

THEFACESHOP's Innovative LG Patent microfoam™ Cushion

THEFACESHOP brings the water-base liquid foundation into a hard foundation case by using its innovative LG Patent microfoam™ Cushion that has very fine foamy texture with high-density cells. Therefore, the surface itself is really soft and I can easily exert even pressure onto it using the makeup puff. 

Just one light dab, and you'd get plenty of the foundation onto the puff. 

The best part is, this one product allows you to skip several steps in your daily makeup regime because it gives:
Fresh and even coverage
 Clear, moist radiance
 Sebum control
 High SPF50+PA+++ sunscreen feature
 Minimize the appearance of imperfections
 Long-lasting despite of Malaysian humid weather!

As you can see, the open pores on my skin are quite visible. Usually I'd go light with makeups during the day, so what I do is just applying one dab at a time and blending it over the face to create a very light coverage.

I love this cushion because the base coverage is fairly good, as it manages to cover those major imperfections without any cakey look. If you have large pores and slight redness on the skin, I think you can skip the concealer altogether and just go for this water cushion.

Texture wise, it is not sticky or smudgy after few hours. But for a more long-lasting and "flawless" skin effect, I'd touch up with a thin layer of loose powder. Overall, I find it quite good as it is able to create a smooth, healthy complexion without feeling "heavy" on the skin. 

And for a full makeup look, I'd just complete it with the rest of THEFACESHOP products I have.

Freshian Volumizing Mascara (7g) in #02 Volume
Why I love it: Extremely elastic brush that enables effective curling and very minimal clumping.

Ink Graffi Brush Penliner (0.6g) in #01 Ink Black
Why I love it: Bold, defined line all thanks to the ink-jet formula and sharp 0.05mm tip

Dual Baked Shadow (4g) in #OR01 Orange Forest
Why I love it: Comes in duo-toned, fine powder particles that allow easy blending

Ink Lipquid (4g) in #CR01 Coral Chu
Why I love it: All-in-one lipstick, gloss and tint that moisturizes the lips well

Soft Cream Blusher (10ml) in #02 Coral 
Why I love it: Very soft coverage that gives the natural Korean glow on the cheek

1. Lightweight liquid foundation with good oil control feature that minimizes shine especially on T-zone under hot humid weather.
2. Texture wise, I am pretty satisfied with the fine and even coverage without any greasy residue.
3. Reason to purchase: Convenient, practical and reasonably priced 


You can now visit http://oilzerochallenge.thefaceshop.net.my to redeem 10% Discount Code for the purchase of Oil Control Water Cushion....by filling in some personal details, you'll automatically be a member of THEFACESHOP to enjoy discounts, birthday gift, exclusive invitations and more!


All products above are available at 49 THEFACESHOP outlets in East and West Malaysia.
For more information, please visit www.thefaceshop.com.my
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