12 April, 2012

RT Pastry House

Hello readers! I'm recently having a sweet tooth. Just fall deeply in love into all sorts of cakes, ice-creams and pastries! Where else would be my favourite place to go other than a bakery confectionery?

RT Pastry House offers more than 20 flavours of cakes to fulfill each customer's taste :D

#1 French Cheese Stick @ RM4.00

Let's try their ever famous absolutely cheesy cheese stick! :D

To me, this has little bit of New York Cheese,
filled with lots of raisin and rums to enhance the cheese taste.
If you're a 100% CHEESE LOVER, then you'd absolutely LOVE it!
 #2 Green Tea Cheese Stick @ RM4.80

Well, I hope I don't disappoint the non-cheese lovers out there, because there's another version of not-so-cheesy stick here which is more tolerable for those who don't fancy much of dairy products.

Despite of the compact texture, I can only taste the strong green tea flavour which eventually covers up the cheese. Like many Japanese desserts, it is complemented with red beans to bring out the natural flavour of sweetness.

#3 Yam Cake @ RM29.00

This is exclusively for yam lovers :)
It may look ordinary like any other vanilla spongecake,
but trust me, you'd say differently when you try this yourself!

Instead of using yam cream alone, the baker chose to blend yam cubes with the fillings to add textures and better taste into the cake! Thumbs up :D

 #4 Blueberry Cheese Cake @ RM28.00

It was for my 19th Birthdae Celebration last month. 
A must-have for cheese lovers!

#5 New York Cheese Cake @ RM28.00
Especially suitable for birthdae celebrations and special occasions!

#6 Marble Cheese Cake @ RM28.00

This is the most authentic, best cheese cake I've ever eaten!
Believe it or not, half kg of this 100% cheese cake costs less than RM 30,
let me know where else can you find such a bargain?
Very, very reasonably priced :D
 #7 Don't scroll down too fast!
The best thing always come last :)

RT Pastry House's signature dessert is the Hokkaido Cake @ RM16.80 per box.
Soft chiffon cake is filled with sweet custard filling and topped with icing sugar.

At RT, it comes in strawberry and chocolate flavours. But my personal favourite is still the original vanilla custard cream, melting in the mouth with a cold sensation. It's the best temptation ever!

Locate the nearest branch to you and order your cake now! :D

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