25 April, 2012

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel PJ

Looking for something different in town, I’m tempted to try out the Shumatsu Buffet at Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya. This Japanese buffet is really something to look forward to, because it is really satisfying based on past comments and I have never heard any complaints bout this restaurant. 

Under the perfect dining ambiance, Chef Ricky Hui has prepared us a sumptuous buffet spread. What a weekend treat it is as I can enjoy different Japanese gastronomic fare with the little Japanese table setting and live fishes in the aquarium bowls. 

#1 Sashimi Set

The first and best thing to relish in is definitely an array of sashimi. It is well-presented in thick cuts which reveal its juiciness upon each bite. The preparation from the kitchen is almost never-ending, and we can always savour the freshest slice of sashimi. 

 #2 Marinated White Tuna

I’m totally smitten with this platter of raw fish which is heavily marinated with butter and garlic. As flavourful as it is, the touch of freshness is retained. 

#3 Seafood Soup 

This is unusual in a Japanese buffet selection. It’s Chef Ricky’s specialty seafood soup in a teapot, which is served individually to us. It’s light and flavourful; Simply irresistible!

#4 Cold Starters

Left: Idako (Marinated Baby Octopus)
Middle: Chuka Hotate (Marinated Scallops)
Right: Kim Chi Hasai (Long Cabbage Kim Chi)

 #5 Deep-Fried Prawn Heads 

I rarely see such an unique starter, which tantalizes my taste buds along with its crispiness. Now I can enjoy a twist in the flavour of something which usually disposed into a bin.

 #6 Crispy Crab Stick, Salmon Skin and Seaweed 

#7 Teppanyaki Oysters 

Relish in this freshly shackled oysters with its oozing juice upon each bite. Best for those who don't favour the raw taste.

#8 Cheese Baked Oysters 

#9 Fresh Lobster

#10 Assorted Soba 

The Japanese staple wheat noodle is a must-try, as the bouncy noodle goes along pretty well with its soy sauce, plus the added aroma from the spring onions.

#11 Crispy Tender Tempura

#12 Sizzling Teppanyaki

For some heavier taste, you'd love some piping hot teppanyaki grills, with its taste enhanced with soya dashi sauce.

#13 Robatayaki 

We had our satay in Japanese style as well, with its original healthy barbequed meat. Apart from chicken and beef, we grilled salmon and tuna too. 

#14 Sukiyaki
#15 Assorted Dressings

 #16 Assorted Makimono

#17 Assorted Nigiri Sushi 

#18 Assorted Inari Sushi

 #19 Fresh Fruit Cuts 

#20 Assorted Cakes 

#21 Dorayaki Japanese Pan Cakes 

It is complemented with different flavours of spreads, including Kaya, Strawberry, Peanut, Honey and Chocolate. It is perfectly cooked with crispiness on the outside and soft on the inside; A lovely one to snack on!

#22 Abe Kawa Mochi 

#23 Assorted Omochi 

You may find the red bean filling in a mochi quite common, but surprisingly, it comes with the aromatic Pandan and Black Sesame fillings here, with fluffier skin and better chewiness.

#24 Matcha and Red Beans

I simply love to have warm red bean paste along with two scoops of Green Tea ice cream; A creation I learned from some Japanese Café. 

#25 Ice Kacang 

Despite of the colorful bowl of condiments, what really attracts me is the scoop of Pistachio Almond Ice Cream. Aromatic and flavourfull, a touch of sweetness melts my heart. 

#26 Sweet Endnote 

Finally, the hotel management is kind enough to present us the beautifully decorated dessert comprising of Green Tea Mousse, Lime Ice Cream and a touch of fruits

1. Anything raw here is fresh and succulent. A total enjoyment for Japanese food lover like me.
2. I love the concept whereby it serves more diversified Japanese cuisine which we rarely see.
3. Eyuzu will never let you down with its authentic Japanese flavours and setting; Needless to fly to Tokyo anymore!

Shumatsu Buffet 
Availability: Weekend dinner only
Time: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Price: RM86++ (Adult) and RM43++ (Child)

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine
Level 2,
Eastin Hotel 
13, Jalan 16/11, 
46350 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-7665 1111 ext 203
Website: www.eastin.com

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